Native  Village   Media  Library

"Cultural competence is the ability to communicate, live, learn and work in cross-cultural situations. It’s important to have respect for differences, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to accept there are many ways of viewing the world." Terry Bergeson

Documentary film about health disparities facing Native Americans and what a group of indigenous women are doing about it.

**How the Legacy of Native Americans' Forced Assimilation Lingers Today

Creating Original Songs
Seven Eagles Media and N”We Jinan Youth Project with David Hodges -- listen to the music and interviews.

Choctaw Code Talkers
Transports viewers back to World War I to remember these Native Heroes.

*NGOs and Indigenous Peoples
Listen to radio program about NGLs that engage Indigenous Peoples.

*Natives In Ink
Read the online magazine edition for free!

**Indian Ag YouTube Channel
From the Intertribal Agricultural Council


Winds of Change Magazine
Summer edition. From AISES

**Native Oklahoma Magazine
Download the 2015 edition free!

**The Migration
Watch the short eco-fable film ponders the role of Native seeds in the survival of humanity.

Sustainable Heritage Workshops
Online workshops that promote collaborative stewardship, share knowledge, encourage curiosity, and teach preservation.

**Indian Store
A comedy video from the 1491s

**American Indian Living Magazines
Brows through the issues published online!

***Originals First
Culture and Music Network for Natives

*Frederick Johnson Photographs
Explore the collection featuring the Mi'kmaq peoples of Canada

**Winds of Change
Online Winter 2015 edition: expanding opportunities for AI, AN, and NH

**Tunniit - Retracinig the Lines of Inuit Tattoos
A young woman is on a journey to revive the ancient Inuit tradition of face tattooing

Spotlight on Mato Nanji of Indigenous
Find out more about Mato and Indigeous and check out their award winning album “Vanishing Americans”

"Never Alone" Preview
Combines beautiful puzzle-platforming action with the cultural heritage of the Iñupiaq people

Four Winds Literary Magazine
Read the inaugural issue of the first literary magazine featuring all-Native American staff & content creators

**indigenous rights radio programs
Learn about the right of Indigenous Peoples to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in this innovative radio series

**Native Max Magazine
Native Fashion, style, art, culture, and more

October issue of Native Oklahoma Magazine
Available for free download!

**Discovering Our Story Television
From Wisdom of the Elders: watch all shows online for free!

A Shawanosowe Haunting
Watch the film of how new students discover a dark presence in the school on Birch Island, Ontario

How Things Have Changed
Watch the short film about how the standard of life has changed on the Moose Cree First Nation in Ontario

Horse You See
Watch the short film about  Ross, a horse from the Navajo reservation. Hear his thoughts about being a horse. The PBS 2012 Film Festival winner.

**Indigenous Eyes
Check out the winning photos

**American Holocaust of Native American Indians
Watch the full documentary online for free.

**Reservations Not Required
Trailer for new Native cuisine program by Waking Giants Productions

Injunity/Rez Babies/ITVS
A satire that addresses serous issues among Native Peoples.

**Sleeping Giant Films and Waking Giants Production
An Alaska Native/Native American production company based in Anchorage, Alaska

**2013 National Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

*20 Radio Spots on Free, Prior, Informed Consent
Listen: the rights of Indigenous Peoples to Free, Prior and Informed Consent in an innovative radio series.

Watch episodes, free, online

**We Are Still Here
A documentary on Today's Young Native Americans

**Indigenous Peoples Videos
History, actions, interviews, background from Indigenous Peoples across the world

Billy Luther, Filmaker
Watch the podcast about the Laguna Pueblo filmmaker and the celebration of "Grab Day

**Earth Day TV
Select your own video or channel, then watch for free!

**Discovering Our Story TV
Watch the episodes online.

**On Native Ground
Field reporters cover news and events hosted by Native youth

**How the Wild West REALLY Looked
Gorgeous sepia photos show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time.

**Hit the Ice
A tv show where high profile hockey professionals help Aboriginal youth achieve their dreams of making it to the junior level.

**Pow Wow TV
Watch all types of videos - Pow Wows, drum groups, music, humor, news, interviews, and more!

Adobe Youth Voices

Regeneration Festival
A Prayer For The Next Seven Generations

**Our Voices on the Air
Listen to an interview about radio programming in Indigenous languages.

**Buffalo Nation: The Children are Crying
Depicts the tragic way of life for the rural, isolated Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Tikal: A CyArk Case Study  
Online Video: CyArk is preserving Guatemala's Tikal in digital Imagery through laser-scanning technology and the most accurate 3D models possible today.

**The JSC Digital Image Collection
More than 9,000 NASA press release photos from the Mercury program to the STS-79 Shuttle mission.

**FNX - First Nations Experience
The first Native American TV channel in the US went on the air Sept  25, 2011

A Native video and music sharing site

**Aboriginal On the Move
Aboriginal youths' videos from AOMs digital storytelling workshops

**Snag Films
View award winning Native American films online for free.

Navajo Film Themselves Through Navajo Eyes
Excerpts from the film series "Navajo Film Themselves."

**Weengushk Film Institute
Film, video, and multimedia for Aboriginal Youth

**Map of the Internet 2011
View an interactive map of the Internet

**Culture Collective
Online videos of cultures and indigenous topics

** American Indian Film Gallery
Free online films about Native Americans. Sorted by tribes

*NMAI - 5 Years in 4 Minutes

**powwow radio
Listen Now

Click on any part of the world, and that day's newspaper will open up for that area

World Children's Radio Network

* How Teens Use Media
Research by The Nielsen Company

**Indigenous Peoples Pictorial Slideshow
From Glenn Welker, moderator of Indigenous Peoples Literature Listserve.

**2009 NAtive American Film and Video Festival, NYC
A complete list and brief bio of all films

* Dr. Greene's Flesh Wound Reliever
Hilarious "commercial" starring Graham Green

**The Origins TV
The Cultivation of Media Meeting Indigenous Content

Unrecognized Nations: Lakota
Russian correspondent Aleksandr Luchaninov takes a trip to North and South Dakota to meet the Lakota

**The World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN)
Aims to unify television broadcasters worldwide to retain and grow indigenous languages
and cultures.

Indigenous People through Interactive DVDs
A large collection of photos, books and videos about Bolivia’s indigenous peoples in the highlands

Bison, bison: the Haze
Watch the movie about the battle between Montana ranchers and survival of Yellowstone's free roaming buffalo.

American Mystery! Specials: Based on the Novels by Tony Hillerman   
Programs and information about author Tony Hillerman's books featuring Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police,

**Sacred Land Film Project
Produces a variety of media and educational materials about sacred places, indigenous cultures and environmental justice

How Hollywood stereotyped the Native Americans
Online video from NativeBiz

**Natives in Hollywood: How Far Have We Come?
An online video about Native roles in Hollywood,

An Australian production house with a focus on education celebrating Indigenous culture.

**Isuma TV
Full length aboriginal and Native films from across the world to watch -- FREE!

**H2OPI Run
In 2006, Hopi warriors carried water 1500 miles to Mexico City in a historic and prophetic run. Online Video

Warrior Artists Productions.

Columbus Didn't Discover Us
Native people speak about the devastation of their cultures resulting from the "European invasion."

A-Infos Radio Projecct

Wounded Knee
Actual audio from Wounded Knee.  Preceded by "Blood on Your Hands" performed by Aztlan Underground

Aboriginal Photos
From Library and Archives Canada

**Youth Radio
Dedicated to keeping young people up to date on what's going on in the world,

**African-Native Americans : We are still here : A Photo Exhibit
Marvelous photos filled with pride.

Time After Time
An 8 minute preview of a movie honoring Celtic, American, and Australian peoples.

Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries
On-line presentation of a 24 photo-and-text panel exhibit/

Honor Our Ancestors
A video Montage from NDN News

The Last Great Hunt
A hilarious short movie that parodies misconceptions about Native people.

Oliver S. Van Olinda Photos
Native American photos from Puget Sound beginning in  from 1880

*Close to the Flame
An online video of film students learning from Native actor, Nathanial Arcand.

**Smithsonian TV: NMAI Opening Symposium
A panel explores living cultures in the context of the international museum community.

**Videos on American Indian History
From the American Indian Civics Project

Interview with Harvey Arden
Listen to the hour long radio broadcast

Lee Pickett Photographs   
Collection of over 900 photographs documents scenes from Snohomish, King and Chelan Counties in Washington State from the early 1900s to the 1940s.

Native American audio files
Selection of audio files from the Internet archives

Pueblo Heritage (20 min)
1950s movie  traces the history of the Pueblo peoples from the Mesa Verde to the 50s.

Navajo Canyon country
1950s documentary movie of the Navajo Indians that reside in Arizona and New Mexico

Old West, Cowboys and Indians, Arizona and New Mexico
An old 14 minute amateur video from the 1920s including shots in a pueblo.

Indigenius Media
Hip hop culture, indigenous peoples, and writings

Cherokee Exhibit
Eastern Cherokee Tribe

**Sharing Our Pathways Newsletter
The electronic newsletter of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network.

**Indigenous Public Library
An good selection of Indigenous videos by Native Village friend, Glenn Welker.

**The Trail of Tears, A Cherokee Legacy
A photo slideshow of the new Rich-Heape film.

**NAICA online
An online magazine dedicated to promoting contemporary Indigenous cinema and arts the world over

Rebuilding Indian Country
1933 Dept of Interior Video

**Weaving the Future
How the Indians of Otavalo, Ecuador are changing their future, and for that matter, all of the Americas

**The Maya Collapse
Video from the BBC

Wisconsin History
Photocopies of newspaper articles (from early 1880's-current) regarding Native people.

**Reach the Rez Radio
High energy, hip hop, R&B and talk radio program with motivational and Drug and Alcohol Free messages.

**Special Broadcasting Corporation
Australia's multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster.

**The Inuit in the "Global Village"
A study of television's arrival in Canadian Inuit communities

**Native American Indigenous Cinema and Arts
Interactive website featuring bi-monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, screenings, interviews, and more.

Independent Television Services
Use the "Native American" search feature to find quality movies

Early Images of Virginia Indians

** Carol Miller
Audio story from Carol Miller, Wintu, who was 2 when she went with her parents to occupy Alcatraz Island

Audio Interview with Joseph John Moreno
Moreno was raised among the Kumeyaay (Diegeno) and Payoomkachoom (Luiseno) people in the present day Pala, Escondido, and San Diego area

Audio Interview with Carol Niedo
Carol Niedo, Creek, left home to raise a family and return to school.

Audio Interview with Marilyn Robinson
Robinson, a Mohawk-Cayuga woman, was actively involved in promoting American Indian Studies at several campus

Audio Interview with Corinne Saiers
Corinne Saiers is a Navajo woman who was born in a Mission in New Mexico.

** NPR Podcast Directory
Dozens of free podcasts produced by National Public Radio and partner organizations.

** The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder
Free online film about Chief Thunder's artistry which captures the tragedy of his life, his painful isolation, the beauty of his work, and his creative process.,107

Find rare films by independent filmmakers on diverse topics.

** Chiapas Photo Galleries
Indigenous Kids

An educational documentary about the origins/migrations of Mexican-Uto-Nahuatl travels across the world

**Witnessing climate change in Alaska
A four program radio series, reviewed by Huslia Tribal council and available for free online, about Climate Change.

**Chaccoben Ruins
This is raw footage of the Chaccoben Ruins in Mexico.

Students march against dismantling of affirmative action...
African American, Latino Asian, and Native American student groups march at UMass Amherst, 2/27/01 to protest the dismantling of Affirmative Action
**The Invaders
Online 1912 movie about a broken treaty between Native American tribes and the US by encroaching railroad men.

The Navajo Nation's Own 'Trail of Tears'
Listen to NPR radio program about the Navajos and Mescalero Apaches forcibly marched to Bosque Redondo in the 1860s.

Honor the Earth Videos
A voice for the earth...a voice for those not heard 2 3 4 5

Northern California Indian Development Council Photo Galleries
Photography and Descriptions

*Crazy Horse Memorial
Live Webcam    

*The California Indian Educational Network
Presents Native American educational videos "WEBCAST" online.

*Youth Media Reporter
*Documenting the growing role of youth-produced television, radio, film, and print reporting

From several northern Algonquin Tribes

*Oil on Ice
Watch the Short: Award willing film about the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge due to oil drilling.

*NAMAPAHH First People's Radio and News
A service of Skagit Valley College

First Nations Films
Film Clips of several Native American films

Metis and Ojibwa Early Photo Gallery

New France Homesteading Photo Gallery
New France in Quebec Region

*The Sacred Land Film Project
Reflections of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place.

* New World, New Trailer
The teaser trailer for this latest cinematic retelling of the story of John Smith and Pocahontas.

* Native Voices List of Previous Shows
Archives of dozens of radio programs from Native Voices Radio

The Year in Pictures 2004

**Presencia Taina TV
Film, documentaries, and more about the Tiano peple.

***National Geographics Greatest Portraits
NG's 10 greatest portraits of all time.

Redwire Magazine

***Landscape and Artefact
A non-profit organization devoted to fusing new media and anthropology. MUSIC

**Dr. Vine Deloria Jr. denounces Frank Hopkins as a fraud
Sorry, but the movie, 'Hildago", is not true.

*The Archaeology Channel
Short online films about the practice of archaeology including Ohio's mound builders and the ancient city of Machu Picchu,

First Nations Films
Film clips available online from tv broadcast programs.

Indigenous Media
Includes the Pacific Islands News Association and their people who report the stories which matter to them.

Scenarios USA
Giving teenagers an opportunity to tell stories on topics that shape their lives/
Building a national preserve of documentary films about American folk or roots culture

*Bureau of Land Management Historical Photographs
   A database of more than 3,500 black and white digital images, someover 100 years old.

*Message Stick
Indigenous television programming from the Australian Broadcast Network

* Visionmaker
The nations largest collection of Native American videos

Native American Images
A Native American web magazine

*Turtle Island Wars
A feature-length documentary about six Native Americans standing up to the U.S. Government and some of the most powerful corporations in the world.

Red Voices
This publication, for American Indian women and their families, is available free of charge to all California residents

*Photographic Portraiture of Aboriginal Women on Canada's Northwest Coast
Popular and institutional perceptions of Aboriginal women between the years of 1862 and 1880

*Nanook of the North
A 1920 movie about the day-to-day activities Nanook's family in the Arctic.

Bananas Equador
A 1955 British movie of a banana harvest in Equador

National Archives of Canada--Photographs
Over 10,000 digitized images on-line

Knight Center for Journalism of the Americas
A digest of Web-based news and articles on journalism in the Americas

** Me, My Race, and I
Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes by watching and listening to four slideshows.

A documentary about the Struggle For American Indian Religious Freedom

ETribe Network
"The Portal for Aboriginal People"

The information superhighway through Indian Country

*Photo Gallery - People of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

*KTAO AM 590
Students from grades 6-8 on the Gila River Indian Community research, write, interview and announce for the station.

*Smithsonian Magazine's Photo Contest Finalists
View photographs selected as finalists in each of the five categories.

*Ocean World Radio Show
Archive of over 300 Previously aired shows in Real Audio Format.

* Photojourney through a Costa Rican Rainforest

* Youth Radio
Promotes young people's intellectual, creative, and professional growth through training and access to media.

On the Nunavut Campaign Trail.
Tv and radio clips from Nunavut's first political elections in 1999.

It's Your World
Click here to see a beautiful and inspiring 90-second movie

Annual Memory 2002 Video
From the National Council of Culture and Arts, Chile

The Newseum! 
A virtual interactive online museum that highlights the history behind the news that so pervades our lives today.

Fox Diversity:
Opening the door for Native Americans into the entertainment Industry

NASA Videos
Send NASA a blank video tape, they will record a program for you and send it back--free of charge!

The Wayback Maching
Old Web sites, earlier versions of sites, and  information about the people and places of the Web of yore.

High Plains Backpacker, 
A virtual travelogue of one traveler's 1998 trip to Peru and Bolivia.

Daily 5-minute audio broadcast which presents presenting current news about Native Americans.

Bancroft's Images of Native Americans 
An award winning online exhibition covering 400 years of Native American experience.

Almost Home: Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene
The story of the Sayisi Dene people, told in the voices of people who lived through relocation and the restoration of the Dene.

used Deal with us now or suffer the consequences! 
George Erasmus, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, speaks about native land claims, self-government and constitutional questions during the OKA standoff. (Jun. 2, 1988 )

Indian Life Online

Newsletter do the International Youth Parliament 
Reaches over 1500 individuals and organisations in over 150 countries

   National Do Not Call Registry
Register your personal home and cell phone numbers to avoid most telemarketers

San Joaquin Valley & Sierra Foothills Photo Heritage 
Thousands of historic photographs from the nine libraries of the San Joaquin Valley Library System

100 Questions, 500 Nations
An important resource and guideline for those publishing or writing about Native Americans.

Online Educational Catalog for Visionmaker Video
Browse Native American public television's new catalog, and see clips of our fantastic new educational releases:

Whitman Mission National Historic Site - Photo Gallery, Indians. 
Photo Gallery - People of the Umatilla Indian Reservation 

Overview: Images of Indians of North America, Prints & Photographs Division,
Overview of Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division holdings of images of North American Indians 

United Press International: UPI News Pictures
Online archive of over 100,000 images of the most compelling people, places and events  that shape our day.

A 26-part television series is currently production

A Film Produced by the Mohawk Eastern Society of Kahnawkake
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Indigenous Peoples in the Media

Center for History and New Media
Combines digital media with the latest and best historical scholarship

Fascinating variety.

Edward S. Curtis's North American Indian (American Memory, Library of Congress)

 Television News Archive collection at Vanderbilt University
The world's most extensive and complete archive of television news.

A website to assist tribal nations working to bridge the digital divide in their communities.

Maruch Sántiz Gómez
Photos which help keep the Chiapas people and their traditions Alive

NAPT Film and Television 
From Native American Public Communications

Reading Historic Photographs 
The earliest photographs of Pawnees are of a delegation to Washington, D. C., in 1857-58.
See it, and many more Pawnee photos, at this website 

The First Americans, August 2000
Powwatch, Ute Warrior, late 1800's photo 

Photos of a 12th century Pueblo Ruin 

Shoshone Falls, Idaho--1909
The Multimedia Library's Library of Congress Panoramas
Crater Lake, Oregon--1913
The Multimedia Library's Library of Congress Panoramas

American Indians and the Natural World
From the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

American Historical Images on File
Photographs and images arranged by date.

NMAI Navigation Homepage
National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian). A MUST SEE!

Indian Humor
From the National Museum of the American Indian. Listen and enjoy!

Chaco Canyon
Photographs taken at Chaco Canyon

 Film Festival and Media Forum

Canada's Digital Collections
Canada's Digital Collections takes you on an archaeological adventure across the country!


*From Wisconsin with Love: A Gathering
Rebroadcast of  a program about protecting pristine resources from mining, corporate farming proposals and extreme extraction, for future generations.

*Native American Indians -- Old Photos
Thousands of photos at this educational website

**ICWA Resource Guide for reporters
From the Native American Journalists Association

**Meet Native America 
A blog celebrating Native Americans living today from the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

**Children of the Arctic Documentary
Free streaming of the award winning film about Natve Alaska teens striving to be modern American kids while keeping their ancient whaling traditions alive.

**Indigenous Resistance Tour
Listen to activists involved in the Indigenous Peoples Tour that highlighted UNM's complicity in conquest, colonization, and the ongoing erasure of Indigenous Peoples.

Native American Art
A bimonthly publication geared toward the historic and contemporary Native American art market

**Native Music Radio
Free and Online

**PowWow Radio
A source for 24/7 Pow Wow music free!

Say Magazine's Fall, 2015 Issue
Download by November 6
Published by, and for, Canada's aboriginal youth.

**Digitalized Historic Tribal Newspapers
Many issues from seven newspapers beginning in 1880

**The Ways
An ongoing series of  videos and stories exploring native culture and languages around the central Great lakes

**World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network
A global alliance of television broadcasters who are retaining and growing their indigenous languages and cultures.

**Indigenous Voices at the Gathering of Nations
Voices from the 2014 Gathering of Nations discuss stereotypes they face on a daily basis and what they want non-Natives to know

Watch the short film of a  young Hawaiian girl's journey through the use of ancient cultural practices

A service of Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT)

*imagineNATVE 2014 Video Contest winners
Watch online

Lina'la' Lusong
Watch the short film about the history of the Chamorro culture.

Injunuity: Buried
Watch the short film about shell mounds in California.

Honor the Treaties
Watch the short documentary about Aaron Huey's relationship with the Pine Ridge Reservation and how the people changed the way he conveys his stories

Watch the online film from Vision Maker Media

Just Us Radio Network

**National Museum of the American Indian Film & Media Catalog
Consists of works screened since 1995 at the National Museum of the American Indian

**Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny
Inuit people,often treated as “exotic” documentary film subjects, now turn the lens onto the strange behaviours of Qallunaat (the Inuit word for white people).

Indigenous Youth Screen and Digital Media
Watch the online video essays

INDIGItalks video essays available online for viewing.

Study: Indigenous Feature Film Production
From imagineNATIVE: the current state of Indigenous feature film production in Canada and the potential for growth

*NAJA Free Legal Resource Hotline
Provides educational resources for legal and ethical issues surrounding American Indian media.

**The OrigiNative Journal
Bridging Community Thought Between Akwesasne and Kahnawake Youth

*Free, Prior and
Informed Consent Initiative:
Listen to/download radio programs about Indigenous Peoples' Rights to Free, Prior and Informed Consent

*Native American Stand Up Comedians
Video Clips. Have fun!

**Maori Television
New Zealand’s national indigenous broadcasting

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian: Photographic Images
Lesson plan for teachers From the Library of Congress

Capturing Our History
A media project of the American Indian Child Resource Center in Oakland and the Bay Area

Native American Indian -- Old Photos
A collection of public domain photos representing many tribes and nations

Radio Curious
Listen to a recent interview with Mike Mease from Buffalo Field Campaign

National Geographer  Photo Contest Winners
Browse the editors' favorite submissions to the photo contest.

**The First Photograph
An 1826 photo by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Schooling the World - The White Man's Last Burden
Download and view the film for free

The first nationwide television network providing global perspectives on news, events, and cultures by and about the tribal peoples of the world.

Bringing Arctic stories and wisdom to the world

**First Nations films
ward-winning television Aboriginal documentary films and videos for, by and about First Nations people.

**United Nations Radio
Focuses on the work of the United Nations throughout the world

**Digital Drum
A live and online connective space for Aboriginal Youth to express identity and creativity!

**NMAI on Jeopardy

**2011 Native American Film and Video Festival
Celebrates Native American directors, producers, writers, actors, musicians, cultural activists, and those supporting them.

Check out programs hosted by Swinomish tribal member, Robin Carneen

Sands of Time
Aboriginal gods wanted a paradise on Earth. So they created Fraser Island.

**You Are On Indian Land
The film shows confrontation between police and Mohawks during a 1969 demonstration.

**The Galaxy
A clever, MUST SEE musical video with NASA photos and graphics to learn all about our universe. You'll smile!

Connecting the Myaamia Community through Electronic Media
From the 2008 Myaammiaki Conference

**Children Of All Tribes
Marvelous music and photos of Native youth from many tribes

*Columbus with the big Butt
9-year old Koleyna Kohler sings about Columbus and Ornate, two explorers who were very mean to the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

**World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network

*Mesa Verde: A CyArk Case Study 
online video:  How CyArk is preserving Colorado's Mesa Verde site in digital imagery through laser scanning and the most accurate 3D models possible today.

**Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
From the The Nova Scotia Museum

/Video selection
From YouTube, a large selection of Native-themed and educational videos

** NVision_It's photostream
Photos by Native Youth from many Indian Nations.

Indigenous Peoples
UN Video Covers the pressing issues faced by the world's indigenous peoples  and the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

**Library of Congress Webcasts
Hundreds of webcasts and digital lectures relating to American Indian people and country.

*Video in the Villages
Enables the world's indigenous people to express their identity and reflect their vision about themselves and about the world.

**It is the Hour
The Hopi elders say we "must let go of the shore." Video

** Live From the Amazon
Native Radio Program in Peru Connects Indigenous Communities

Indian Country Diaries
From PBS

First Nations
A docudramaof Moses Brings Plenty and Sarah Torelli

**Techqua Ikachi: Aboriginal Warning
Online video dedicated to the Hopi Elders.

*Free Online Broadcast & New Media Courses
Provides anyone with an Internet connection a set of multimedia training exercises and tutorials

*Listening to Nature
A Sound Walk Across California

Media Links - Internet Sources
Highly recommended media links from H-Amindian Listserve (ASU)

   **Growing Up Métis
An online video from Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada
Online video Inspired by Billy Whitefeather

**The Sharing Circle
A documentary series that shares fascinating and poignant stories about Aboriginal people, places and events.

Wounded Knee
Watch an online documentary

**White Fawn's Devotion
Likely the earliest film produced by a Native American.

Incident at Oglala
Watch the entire documentary online, for free. Produced by Robert Redford

The Indian Wars Never Ended
Online video from the Native American Rights Fund

International Initiative for Community Multimedia Centres
Combining community broadcasting with the Internet and related technologies

Resources Database
Over 200 books, articles, and other media devoted to diversity and social justice in education

Hallmark Entertainment: Dreamkeeper
Watch a news clip from the Hallmark miniseries, Dreamkeeper.

Skinwalkers Photos
Photos from party after the screening of Skinwalkers

**The One Minutes Jr.
One-minute videos made by you.

World Link TV
The first nationwide television network providing Americans with global perspectives on news, events and culture

Native film festivals and screenings of Native films 

Kids from Kanata
A national telecommunications project linking urban and rural Native and non-Native students and teachers via the Internet

The future begins now 
Broadcast Mar. 8, 2002. 3rd Annual LaFrontaine-Baldwin Lecture.

Rancho Santa Maria
QuickTime VR panoramas lets you explore its colorful rooms and grounds, which include Mayan ruins.

CBC Archives
The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has assembled about a thousand(!) of its most famous radio and TV news clips.

The Pacific Island Photographs of UCR CMP
Over thirty annotated photographs of Pacific Island life and people (ca. 1870-1930).

American RadioWorks
Online documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet

The Chechahcos, the first feature filmed entirely in Alaska, translates an Inuit word for "tenderfoot" or "newcomer" to the north.

North American Indians: Stereographs from the Keystone-Mast Collection
A collection of over twenty stereographic photographs of North American Indians.

Images of Native Americans
From the Bancroft Library, University of  California, Berkeley. 

When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood
      Dozens of photographs, from the nineteenth century to today, that capture childhood as it is connected across time, cultures, and economics.

The Fast Runner (Atanajuit)
Movie Trailer to the extraordinary Inuit film, winner of Cannes Film Festival and Canadian Film of the Year.

American Indian Film Institute
Founded in 1979, AIFF fosters understanding of the culture, traditions and issues of contemporary Native Americans

Making of Indians, Part I: The Great Movie Massacre 
The first of a five-part series uses film clips and stills to analyze
Hollywood's portrayal of the Indian Warrior.

Cultural Protocol
Assist journalists, filmmakers, producers and documentary makers to
understand the importance of abiding by Indigenous Protocols.

American Native Press Archives
Collecting and archiving the products of the Native press, materials, writers and more.

Magic Lantern Slides: The Berkeley Geography Collection
A collection of glass "magic" lantern slides of California, dating from 1900 through 1915.

Reel American History
Films about American Indians, European Invaders, and more.

La Paz
Online, a 1954 film of the Bolivian Capital

Starting Fire with Gunpowder
A film about the aims and achievements of the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC).

Images of Indians, Part I: The Great Movie Massacre 
The first of a five-part series uses film clips and stills to analyze Hollywood's portrayal of the Indian Warrior.

On and off the rez
This documentary about Native comedian Charlie Hill illustrates how he cracked the facade of the stereotypical stoic Indian.

Haircuts Hurt 
A film about a Native American woman and her young son who encounter racism when they visit a barbershop.

Live 365
A directory of thousands of Internet-only radio stations AND tools for and tutorials on producing your own streaming radio station.

Short film exploring the plight of the indigenous Cucupa living near the dwindling Colorado River

Indian Photos
A wide assortment of photos, including natives serving in WWII.
News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 7, Issue 2)
Newsreel stories which include how a dam ruined a famous Indian fishing hole.

Christmas in the Clouds
Official Selection - 2001 Sundance Film Festival

NCIDC Photo Gallery
Cultural and Historical photographs of California area tribes.

Native American Student Association Radio
REZZ Radio

Native American owned corporation voted "American Indian Chamber of Commerce, Business of The Year".

Training Programs Nurture New Voices
Three multimedia packages produced by native journalism students

Bitter Memories (Amargos recuerdos) 
This documentary contains recollections of two massacres committed by the Guatemalan military in rural areas of the country in the early 1980s

Just for fun: some of Hollywood's more glaring errors in physics.

The Reading Red Report
A 2002 report and content analysis on native news coverage by the largest newspapers in the United States.

Photo of last buffalo killed in North Dakota 
Provides video and print news services and also broadcasts live events such as tribal gatherings, Congressional hearings, and other special events. 

On the Indian reservation, Cherokee, N.C..
Panoramic photo circa 1909

Group photo
Photo of American Indians and Buffalo Bil Cody.

Free pictures from the National Image Library. Many are quite suitable as desktop wallpaper.

Youth vs. Media
A film that examines how traditional media discriminates against youth in their reports on crime. (Also includes an all-youth discussion group.) 

KOLA Action Photographs
14 years of photos of groups and individuals supporting Native and world causes.

 Media Watch Youth 
Created by two female youth designers with assistance from a diversity of youth ranging from 11 to 26 years. The site features educational information, action ideas, images with critique and an on-line discussion board.

Four Directions Talent Search
A portal to the world of American Indian Entertainment

Images of Native Americans
A digital exhibit of rare books, photographs, and visual materials relating to Native Americans.

Richard Throssel: Photographer of the Crows 
A collection of photographs of the Crow (Apsaroke) Indian nation. 

Indigenous Media Network
Brings together indigenous journalists from all parts of the world.

Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American
This documentary by Anne Makepeace weaves the story of Edward Curtis's life and the world he sought to preserve.

Native American Images 
A web "magazine" devoted to the images of Native American People, Places and Land

Welcome to Native American Television Online 
Quality tv programming and video production services in support of American Indians.

Windtalkers: the story behind the movie
This story behind the movie "Windtalkers" is a dynamic and rich learning experience.

Rabbit Proof Fence
The movie "Rabbit Proof Fence" tells the true story of three Aboriginal girls taken from their families, trained as servants, and their escape into the Central Australian desert. 

From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

The Indians
A tribute to the many Native Americans who toiled in the B-western and serial.

The Best Indians I have ever glorified in Pictures
A panoramic photo by H. A. Brooks. June 1916. From the BIA records.

The Peruvians
An exhibition of photographs by Peruvian Photographers

Digital Technology and Indigenous Communities

American Independent Media, Inc.

Teach with Movies 
A searchable list of teaching guides for Hollywood's films which "describe the benefits of the movie, possible problems, and helpful background

The only American Indian Radio show transmitting out of NYC to the TRI State area and on the web. 

Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Arts
Arrange artwork with music or sound effects, thanks to the National Museum of Wildlife Art

Michael Sewell Portfolio of Images
Michael's specialty is attracting wildlife through the Native American art of animal calling.

360 "Flying"
Each episode of this PBS series explores an intriguing theme  and draws  on the e best and brightest independent filmmakers, writers, comedians, musicians, performance artists, and journalists.

Media That Matters Online Film Festival is looking for groundbreaking projects that inspire people to speak out and take action for social change.

The Utah Tribes Image
Photographer Jack Hillers and the John Wesley Powell Expedition of 1872

Edward Curtis Screensavers
Portraits from the Library of Congress taken by famous photographer, Edward Curtis

Can Pix
CanPix is an image base of over 3,500 pictures and audiovisual resources for Canadian Studies.

Interview with Adam Beach about Windtalkers

Listen Up!
Listen Up! has engaged more than 1,000 youth from diverse backgrounds in the creation of their own media. An excellent way for youth to get their work seen and voices heard.

World Premiere: January, 2002, Sundance Film Festival

Portrayals and perceptions
A snapshot of some of the problems commonly associated with media portrayals of aboriginal peoples and visible minorities.

Buffalo Tracks Skits
Visit the skits area were you will have access to three comedy skits videos are available for 56k dial-up and DSL/Cable users in Realplayer and Quicktime formats.

Native America Calling
Native America Calling is a live call-in program, linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together into a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities

Native American Public Communications
Empowering, education, and entertaining through Native Media

Navaho Photographer - Part 1
Photographer Leroy De Jolie was born and raised in Navaho country, and he leads a photography workshop in which he takes students through his homeland.

Navaho Photographer - Part 2
Navaho photographer Leroy De Jolie leads a photography workshop at the annual Navaho Fair to capture the color and energy of his culture.

Barry Goldwater's Photographs of Arizona - Part 1
Senator Barry Goldwater discusses his photographs and efforts to record the landscapes and native peoples of Arizona. Video format :-)

Barry Goldwater's Photographs of Arizona - Part 2
Senator Barry Goldwater's photographs of Arizona's landscapes and native peoples are a chronicle of changing times. Video format :-)

alterNative Voices
Promotes positive excellence and appropriate role models by, and for, American Indian people. Listen LIVE on your computer.

Naturally Native
The first mainstream feature film funded and produced entirely by Native Americans.  Winner: "Special Jury Prize" Dreamspeakers Festival, Canada

An Aboriginal variety television show. 

Third World Newsreel
A nonprofit media arts organization that fosters independent film and video made by and about people of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds

I am Rich Potosi
One photo journalist's picture gallery of Potosí, a forgotten mining town in the barren highlands of Bolivia

The Andes--A Personal Journey
Photographs capturing the essence of the Andes 

Photo Gallery - People of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

The official site for Windtalkers, the upcoming movie about World War II's Navajo Code Talkers.

An documentary of the Wyoming Indian High School Basketball Team.  The film focuses in particular on the lives of two Native American teenagers, their struggles on and off the court.
NativeCelebs TV-listings
Calendar for adding and viewing programs featuring Native American actors:

The Buffalo War 
A documentary about the different cultures in the American West now facing off over the killings of Yellowstone National Park bison. The film weaves the stories of a 500-mile protest march by Lakota Sioux, video activists, and civil disobedience experts.

Blossoms of Fire/Ramo de fuego
The extraordinary lives of the Isthmus Zapotecs ( Oaxaca, Mexico,) whose strong work ethic and fierce independent streak  creates  powerful, influential women involved in progressive politics and understanding of alternative gender roles.

Bougainville - "Our Island, Our Fight" 
A powerful documentary about an indigenous people successfully taking up arms to protect their lands against the ecological devastation of mining and the government that stood to profit from it.

Real Indian
A unique look into the fascinating and complex world of Lumbee Indian culture and makes the viewer question perceptions of Native Americans, as well as the meaning of our own cultural identity.
When the Mountains Tremble
This film has become a classic on social change in Central America's largest country, Guatemala. Told by a 23 year old Indian woman, Rigoberta Menchú, who...

Sun Moon,& Feather 
This is a personal memoir of three Native American sisters growing up in Brooklyn during the 1930s and 40s. Lisa, Gloria and Muriel Miguel have been performing vignettes from their family history for more than a decade as part of their Spiderwoman Theatre.

Imagining Indians 
Examines how Native Americans have been "imagined" in the movies and in popular culture. A bracing look at Native lives and media influences.

The Multimedia Library's Library of Congress Panoramas
Upper Eagle Falls and Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe - 1910
Shoshone Falls, Idaho--1909
The Multimedia Library's Library of Congress Panoramas

Crater Lake, Oregon--1913
The Multimedia Library's Library of Congress Panoramas

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian: Photographic Images"
The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis is one of the most significant and controversial representations of traditional American Indian culture ever produced.

The Right to Be 
Harriet Skye, a 61-year old Lakota woman from the Standing Rock, ND Reservation, graduated N.Y.U. Film School, then filmed her pilgrimmage back to her people.

Black Sheep 
Lou Glover grew up in Western Australia repeating the same homophobic and racist taunts she heard around her.

California Indians Series 
1a. Sir Francis Drake and the Miwok: 
1b. Ishi and 8 Northern Tribes: 
2a. The Missions and 7 Southern Tribes

  Photograph of Little Big Man, Oglala Sioux
The First Americans, February 2001

An 1894 motion picture of a buffalo dance by Last Horse, Parts His Hair, and Hair Coat.

The New Deal Stage:
Selections from the Federal Theatre Project 1935-1939 

Captioned Media Program
The Captioned Media Program  provides free-loan, open-captioned videos to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. More than 4,000 titles including classic movies, educational videos, and special-interest videos are available. Open-captioned videos, like subtitles, provide the viewer all the information contained in the audio track. The Captioned Media Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is administered by the National Association of the Deaf. 
Captioned Media Program .

A photogallery of the Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon Rainforest. 
Gallery of Rainforest Photos - Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon

Browse through thousands of fascinating images in the Virtual Museum of Canada's Image Gallery. 
Image Gallery

The latest information concerning Native American entertainment and celebrities.
Native American Actors - NativeCelebs 

Promoting, preserving and protecting traditional and contemporary arts by Native American Peoples.
Ableza, a Native American Arts and Film Institute

Film Techniques
Cell animation, stop motion animation, computer generation animation--techniques used to make animals walk and talk on the silver screen. 
Film Techniques~ 

A Golden Quiver of Noted Native Americans from the Silent Era 
The first Indian movie star, Princess Red Wing, and other Native American movie stars from the silent film era. Interesting website!

The Return of Navajo Boy

Grand Canyon Photo Gallery 
Rotating photo gallery of the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona.

Peggy Berryhill-Native Media Resource Center 
Interested in web-based Native Media Resources? Check out this website created by an Indian journalist. journalist 

UPRR-Photo Gallery: American Indian
Native American photos, circa 1920s

Sundance Collection at UCLA
Gen-Y, the Sundance Institute's program bringing independent filmmaking resources into the Native American youth filmmaking community.

CMCC - Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic
Take a journey across the lands of the "real human beings." 

Jeri's Hairtonic 1940s

Welcome to Oklahoma
Enjoy your trip through Oklahoma Native America 

General Electric TV: 1950s
Advertisements from the past. Are they politically correct today?

Admiral TV 1950s

 Mattie Looks for Steve Biko
Photocollage © Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, 1990

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