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February 2010 Volume 2

NIEA Founder, Dr. William Demmert, Jr. (1934-2010)
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On January 19, 2010, Dr. William Demmert, passed onto the spirit world. Dr. Demmert was a Tlingit/Oglala Lakota educator and a founder of the National Indian Education Association. Demmert was also the nationís leading researcher on Native language immersion and cultural based education.

Dr. Demmert's many projects and accomplishments include service or work on :

Indian Education Act (P.L. 92-318)
The Bilingual Education Act
Commissioner of Education for the U.S. Office of Indian Education
Director of Education for the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Commissioner of Education for the State of Alaska;
President Clintonís education transition team

National Independent Review Panels
Indian Nations At Risk Task Force
National Study of Indian Education
Co-chair of a coalition of the Ministers of Education in northern nations
Planned and implemented seminars to help educate indigenous youth.
Ministry of Education in Advisor and overseer of Greenland  school reform.

[Editor's note: Please visit the to read the details of Dr. Demmert's accomplishments. Dr. Demmert, you will be sorely missed.]

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