Stephanie M. Schwartz

Stephanie M. Schwartz, D.D. is the editor, a correspondent, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Colorado Non-Profit organization, Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles and its internet Wambli Ho News which specializes in Native American news and special reports. She is also a writer and published author on indigenous issues as well as poetry and philosophical works both on the internet and in hard-copy. Author Harvey Arden credits Stephanie as a contributing editor on his latest book about Leonard Peltier, "Have You Thought of Leonard Peltier Lately?".

     Dr. Schwartz is a retired hotel manager, ordained minister, single parent of a university-student daughter, and a former classical musician who works closely with Traditional leaders and members of the Oglala Lakota Siouxan Nation of the Pine Ridge Reservation.  She is absolutely convinced that by seeing and understanding the oneness and common wisdoms that pervade all societies, people might better develop understanding, acceptance, and respect for each other. With this awareness, peace might even have a chance to erupt into existence. 


Member: Native American Journalists Association


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