Diane Fausel

Diane Fausel is Director of Ready to Learn and Youth Initiatives and Foster Care Initiatives at Mesa United Way in Mesa, Arizona.  She is responsible for advancing community education about the importance of early brain development, foster care, and other youth and family issues.  Diane serves on multiple boards and committees and is currently serving as Chair of City of Scottsdale's Human Services Commission.  Under her leadership a Native American Ready to Learn Advisory Committee was established and has achieved national acclaim for the video production, "What We Have Always Known."  Diane credits Native Village for their support of this effort and for getting the word out.  As a result, multiple tribes across the country have requested information on the topic.  Diane, a native New Yorker, has resided in Arizona for over 30 years.  Her passion is learning from and working with Native peoples. 

Mesa United Way:  http://www.mesaunitedway.org/

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