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messages to Youth from Leonard Peltier
from Leonard Peltier and Toni Ziedan
Inupiaq Culture
by Mary Anniagruk Sage
Zaagkii Wings and Seeds  project
Shared by Greg Peterson
This Month in Native American Historyi
by Phil Konstantin
Native American Music Awards
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America's Dangerous Pipelines

The Veins of America -- Every River Basin in the US

Complete list of federally recognized tribes, Jan. 2014

Squanto's Garden

 Statement by Leonard Peltier about the Leonard Peltier International Tribunal on the Abuse of Indigenous Human Rights

Black History Month: slave Narratives Include Amazing Story of Native American Slave

 Signing Off After More Than 30 Years

The HeaLTh Benefits of Purifying House Plants

State of Emergency for Native American SuicideNative American Leader Dennis Banks on the Overlooked Tragedy of the Nation's Indian Boarding Schools

Gulf Seafood Deformities Alarm Scientists

Blood Quantums for Native Americans

The Polly Cooper Shawl [and Valley Forge]

150-Year-Old Letters Give Voice to Dakota Prisoners [Abe Lincoln]

In November Us Honors Contributors of American Indians, Alaska Natives


Northern Laplanders, reindeer herds, and dogsleds

Free American Indian and Indigenous Books Available Online

How to Spot a Genuine U.S. Census Worker

The World's Healthiest Foods

Tribal Names from Phil Konstatin

American Indians and the 2010 Census

U. S, American Indian Centers

2009 National Indian Education Association Resolutions


Canada's Food Guide for First Nations Metis, and Inuit

2008 NEA Native American Booklist

Words from a Native American Wedding Ceremony

2009 stolen Regalia

Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968

Statement of the International Forum Of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

Native American Night Before Christmas

Zaagkii Wings and Seeds Project

2008 100 Best Communities for Youth

2008 NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDs nominees and winnerS

2008 Results: North American Indigenous Games

North American Native American lanGuages

Regalia Discovered in Dumpster

Their Dreams Will Be Our Future

UN Shadow Report on Natives in U.S.

Diet and Cost of Food Around the world

Merry Christmas from Tlingits Everywhere

Canadian North Cookbook

walking a mile the first step to understanding

Every Child Matters Report.pdf


World Eskimo Indian Olympics 2007

Portrait of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha by Debora Coombs

Student risked life running from residential school abusers

 2007: First Nations Women Leaders issue Strong Statement at Conclusion of Historic Meeting

\2007: The Arrogance of Ignorance

2006 Mantle of Shame Awards

Making your Christmas Green

21st century Poverty Facts and Stats - Global Issues

Hawaiian Book of Days

 Miss Indian Rodeo 2006

 The Seaflower, Native slaves, and King Philip's war


 Indigenous Languages in Mexico

washington monthly's top 100 colleges 2006

 This Month in NA History,  by phil konstantin 

Native American Food Pyramid

2006 Native american awards

2006 INupiaq whale hunt: From Start to Finish, by mary and joseph lum sage

2006 NCAI State of American Indians Address

 Global Warming IS a Fact

100 Native Americans poll

CRabbit and Bear Paws Comic Strip

Mandatory criteria for Federal acknowledgment of an Indian Nation

  Top 100 Native Americans Poll results

Native Food Information

Leonard Peltier: Statement to Supporters June 10, 2005

 A Timeline for Indian Mascots

 How to Avoid Environmental toxins

 Native American Mascot Power Point Presentation

 2005 State of Indian Nations Address

Marlon Brando's Unfinished Oscar Speech

 The World's Healthiest Foods

 Ward Churchill Responds to "Some People Push Back."



2014 State of Indian Nation Address

2014 State of Indian Nations Address (Text version)

Indian Country Sets Priorities With State of Nations Address

Watching The People That Have Landed

March/April 2013 Native American Basketball Tournaments

2012 Annual Native American Music Awards

Unseen Tears: The Impact of Native American Residential Boarding Schools in Western New York

 Voices of Native Youth_Report

 Paintings Created Hundreds of years After Feast Aren't Historically, Factually Accurate

Native American Bigfoot Names

The Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Plants

Global Temperatures (2500 B.C. to 2007 A.D.

2011 state of Indian Nations Address: "Sovereign Indian Nations at the Dawn of a New

14th Annual NIEA Legislation Summit

School Lunches Around Our World

Army Signs Native Hawaiian Covenant

Did You Know The First People Invented...?

It was said by George Catlin

Resolution of Apology to Native American Peoples

Native American Christmas Cookies

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment on the Crime of Genocide

Columbus Discovered America NOT

The Need for Indian School Buildings


hiawatha Insane Asylum

Timeline of the Efforts by Indigenous Nations and Peoples Calling upon the Vatican Revoke the Inter Caetera Papal Bull of 1493

2008 100 Best Communities for

Location of  Mass Graves at former residential schools and hospitals across canada

Native Education 101

2008 Indian Education Address to the Nation

2007 Swinomish Canoe Journey

What Columbus Didn't Find

Corn and the Maya

Native American tribes by States

My Name is Meth


This Halloween Think Green

2007 World Eskimo- Indian Olympic Results

The Team That Invented Football

Don't Let Your Family Go Down the Tube (TV)

Fast Facts for Teachers

Sioux to Illini: Return Regalia

2007 State of Indian Nations Address

 2003 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards

 2003 Native American Music Award Nominations

 Sovereignty: Teacher Background Information

 Talking to Your Children's Teacher about Cultural  Relevance

Celebrating an Indian summerThe Kingdom of Hawaii Announces Secession

 2003 National Native American Day Bill Before Congress

  Affirmative Action Case at the Supreme Court

 Akwesasne Freedom School

: A Lakota Christmas Story

 Hidden Away, in the Land of plenty...

 Native Americans in the Census

Indian Language Usage

50 Bills from the 107th Congress 


   Helen Hunt Jackson

Happy Birthday Song in Cherokee

 A Trip Through Mexico with Phil Konstantin

Time to give Indiana Miami their due



: Native American Statistics

 2001 Native American Music Awards

Columbus day statement by leonard Peltier

 Summit of the Americas Demo

United Nations Commission On Human Rights

 Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island (woman from "Island of the blue dolphins")

 The History of Sherman Indian High School 

 21 Ways to Scalp an Indian

 Global Warming Report Details Impacts on People and Nature

 How did gaming on Indian lands start

 One With Mother Earth

Where is the Honor?

 Bibliography of New Native Books 2000 Dear Friends...Message from Leonard Peltier 

UN Commission on Human Rights Remarks

 the extinction of languages

2004 Anniversary statement from Leonard Peltier

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