**"Together we have a chance to do the right thing. … what a wonderful opportunity you have.”  Winona LaDuke, Chippewa

**“If you shoot for the moon and miss, at least you’ll be among the stars.”
Norma-Chae Isaac, Choctaw

"There are not enough words to give to tell you how important language is to our sacred traditions."
Phil Cash, Umatilla

**"Every hero is somebody else's villain.  Heroism and villainy are just two sides of the same coin." 
Felipe Fernandez-Armesto 

"It's very hard to do things in the right manner, but as long as we do things right, we are in turn with the Great Spirit."
Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

**"There is one God looking down on us all. We are children of the one God. God is listening to me. The sun, the darkness, the winds are all listening to what we now say."
Geronimo, APACHE

**"There's only one thing that separates us from our ancestors, and that's time."
Andrew Abyo, Alutiiq and Aleut

**"The stories are told in the longhouse are a very strict oral tradition.  They are so strict, they have held up in court, even though they were never put down in writing."  Ger
ard Rancourt Tsonakwa, Abenaki

***"There are a lot of things that people in America don't have any idea about. History has been sanitized."' 
Everett "Tall Oak" Weeden, Pequot and Wampanoag ancestry. "

“Navajo believe the laws of the land are written in the sky and the stars. [They are] written in the sky for everyone to see.” 
Tara Chee, Navajo

“It is so easy to sit on the couch and play video games or watch TV. Do something positive that can inspire folks. Our elders expect a lot from future generations." 
Jeremy Marshall, Cherokee

"In my tribe, the Lakota Nation, a man like me is supposed to be a warrior, to himself last. That's what I'm trying to do. I want to help the youth and be a good example to them. I want to teach them what's out there for them. When I was working, I was taking care of myself but how was I helping other people? I wasn't."
Terrance Little Thunder

**"When you sing a song, and learn it, once you understand it, you will feel it.” 
Teresa Harvey

**"...Get an education, graduate and go to college. Then bring what you learned back to us and share it with your community.” 
Teresa Harvey

"And what is there to life if a man cannot hear the lonely cry of a whipporwill or the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night?"
Chief Seattle - 1854

"Because woman lives so close to our first mother, the Earth, she emanates the strength and harmonious nature of all things."
Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA

**" Like the Thunderbird of old I shall rise again out of the sea; I shall grab the instruments of the white man's success - his education, his skills, and with these new tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society." 
Chief Dan George, SALISH

**"Every time we eliminate a defect, we build our soul, our inner temple. We ascend. like going up a stairway."  

"Our true enemies, as well as our true sources of strength, lie within."

"Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood and so it is everything where power moves." 
Black Elk (Hehaka sapa), OGLALA SIOUX

"He [The Great Spirit] only sketches out the path of life roughly for all the creatures on earth, shows them where to go, where to arrive, but leaves them to find their own way to get there. He wants them to act independently according to their nature, to the urges of each of them."
Lame Deer, LAKOTA

**"What you see with your eyes shut is what counts." 
Lame Deer, LAKOTA

"Always remember that the Great Mystery is good; evil can come only from ourselves!" 
Grandmother of Charles Eastman. SANTEE SIOUX

"...if you believe in something, and believe in it long enough, it will come into being."
Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

**"When we become hollow bones there is no limit to what the Higher Powers can do in and through us in spiritual things."
Frank Fools Crow, LAKOTA

"People have to be responsible for their thoughts, so they have to learn to control them. It may not be easy, but it can be done."
Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

**"When we're through with this earth and all these problems, we don't have to come back. But as long as we're here we have a job to do and a purpose to fulfill, and that means dealing with the circumstances around us." 
Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

**“There are many examples of incredible growth in Indian country that people don’t know of, and the majority of it has been non gaming.” 
Dennis Norman, Harvard University


Words from the Circle p. 24
Words from the Circle p. 26

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