Native Village Music and Dance Library

"Listening is the first sense to develop in the womb. It is not surprising, then, that I was conscious of sounds earlier than anything else as an infant. Mainly, these were the sounds of bird wings rising up into the sky, rustling trees, the cry of the mourning dove, and the rippling wind. They were the first nonhuman sounds I heard because my family spent most of the time outdoors. This awareness was followed by other sounds of life embracing me with deep signs and measured breaths. Those human sounds then became syllables, or vocables, and voice patterns with intonations and inflections. Eventually and inexplicably, they turned into words such as Waconda, meaning Creator, or the Great Mystery of LIfe, and waduge, meaning to eat, and Mayah, the Earth. Single words became explosions of sounds and images, and these traveled outward in strings of sentences or melodies and songs."

Artwork: "THE SONG CONTINUES" by Virginia Stroud:


**I Rose Up at the Dawn of Day
Watch the video from Martha Redbone

**Honor Water
An Anishinaabe singing game for healing water

*The Water Song

**Oneida Hymn Singers
Named in 2008 as National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellows.

*Meet the Mariachi!
Explore Mexico's musical gift to the world through maps, video, and interactive instrument demonstrations

**Over the Rainbow
The late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole recorded his  unforgettable rendition of "Over the Rainbow" in just one take.

**Native American Flute Lullabies
Three hours of music

**Maimouna Youssef
Musical artist Maimouna Youssef, of African and Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek heritage is dedicated to the struggle for freedom and human rights.

**Amazing Grace in Choctaw
As sung by the Choctaw School of Language

Throat Singing Performance Ends in Giggles
Watch the 11-year old girls perform in front of the Canadian Prime Minister

PowWow Radio
A source for 24/7 Pow Wow music free!

**Life Is So Great!
12  uplifting hip-hop videos by Native Americans

**Native North America, Vol. 1
Hear long-lost rock 'nroll from the American Heartland

**Native American Music Fund
Introduces music education to Native American children.

**American Indian Recording Collections at the Library of Congress

Powwow Magazine 2015
Indian Country Today's 2015 digital powwow issue and calendar.

**2015 People's Choice Award Winners

Top 10 Canadian Indigenous music Picks for 2014
 The 10 top indigenous albums of 2014 chosen by CBC Radio-Canada

Git Hayetsk Dancers
"Git Hayetsk", which means "People of the Copper Shield" are of the Nisga’a, Tsimshian, and Gitxsan Nations.

**Wodob E-Mskojaanhenswid Waawaashkeshiinhs
Listen and sing along to "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" in the Ojibwe language!

**Día de los Muertos/Day of the Dead 2013
Dance performances from our annual Día de los Muertos celebration.

**The Indigenous Top Three
Several selections of the  three top favorite Native songs of 2013.

Women's and Men's Traditional, Children's and Popular Ojibwe Songs

The Cup Song
LIsten and sing along to "The Cup Song" in the Ojibwe language

 **Introduction to Hoop Dancing
The hoop dance is a storytelling dance that incorporates 1-40 hoops.

iTunes Navajo Keyboard App

**Jake Shimabukuro - Life on Four Strings
Portrait of an inspiring and inventive musician whose ukulele skills transform the instrument’s potential

Cherokee Singer, Paula Nelson
Watch Paula Nelson use music to teach a greeting and farewell in Cherokee.

Yoreme Pajko’ora Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

**Is Sorry Enough?
Canadian First Nations performing artist Murray Porter, performs his song, Is Sorry Enough, at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards in Canada.

Lakota Men’s Northern Traditional Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

Seminole Stomp Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

**California Indian Songs and Stories
Video from UC Berkeley

**Nunavik, A Land, It's People
Included Inuktitut throat-singing recordings that audiences can perform.

**Indigenous Children
Music and photos of indigenous youth across the world.

Listen to a Mexican arpa grande ensemble play traditional Michoacán's Tierra Caliente music

**Sharing Music Across Cultures
Students will identify artistic elements to present music as a cultural collaboration.

**Traditional Passamaquoddy Music From Maine
Wayne Newell and Blanch Sockabasin share music and culture of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

**Meditation No. 1
Video from NMAI from David Yeagley, Comanche composer

**Native Music Awards ceremony Videos
Watch select videos from the NAMMYS 11th Annual awards ceremony.

**Did You Know They Are Native American?
A list of mainstream musicians and actors, including Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and the Jacksons, with Native heritage.

Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac
Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac performs Aztec dance

**Stand By Me
A 10-year project of people performing the same song across the world. Features Twin Eagle Drum Group from Zuni, NM

Inventory of the Odd S. Halseth Collection of Native American Social Songs and Interviews, 1950-1965

John Duncan Collection of California Maidu Oral Histories and Music and Plains Indian Music, 1960-1965

**Song from the Pipil of El Salvador
The Pipil language was outlawed in the 1930s and only a handful of people speak it today. Listen to a guitar song:

Yanomami (Brazil) Song
The Yanomami language is partially endangered. Listen to a song

 **Buffy Sainte-Marie: Creative Native
 Music by, and interview with, Buffy St. Marie about the mistreatment of Natives and Native youth.

Traditional Hawaiian Music from Las Vegas
 Gary Haleamau performs traditional Hawaiian slack-key guitar at the Library of Congress

*Santa Claus is Coming To Town
Brilliant and fun! Bahamian Folk Guitarist Jesse Spence Sings

Online music video of Trevy Felix and Floyd Crow Westerman

Northern Lights
Song and video

**From Little Things Big Things Grow
A new song about Aboriginal minority is now the fourth-biggest-selling recording in Australia. And it's only available on the web!

Maori Jukebox
Select and listen to Maori songs!

First Sounds
Listen to sound files of "the world's earliest sound recordings, including the earliest recording from 1860!

**Celebrating Northern Culture

Cultural events such as throat singing are a crucial component of the Arctic Winter Games

Fancy Feather Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

**The Salt Song Project
The Salt Songs describe the ancient landscapes of the Southern Paiute people

Aniksak and Uyaupiq
Listen to these accomplished performers of Inuit traditional throat singing, drumming and storytelling.

Eskimo Music

**The Cherokee Song Book, 1846
Hymns in the Cherokee Language

The muhusenoi is a deerbone flute played by the tribal peoples of the interior of Venezuela

Brent Michael Davids
Slideshow of the flutist's performance from Indian Country Today

**Tanya Taguq
A must see Inuit throat-singing/fusion artist.

**Aboriginal Fiddles

**Universal Soldier
Buffy St Marie sings "Universal Soldier" on Kids Millions

White Deerskin Dance
One of the most sacred religious ceremonies by California's river tribes.

**Dance Style Locator   
Illustrated descriptions of dance styles from around the world, including a Yup'ik Eskimo dance,

Buckskin Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

Straight Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

Cloth Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

Traditional Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

Jingle Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

\Grass Dance
Video from the NMAI 2005 Powwow

**Traditional Songs of the Mapuche Indians

First Nations Composer Initiative
A virtual gathering place for all interested in American Indian music in all its forms/

Many Blessings
Song samples: an impressive collection with an award-winning cast of Native American musicians

Martin Espino
Song samples:  Music or ancient Mexican and Amazonian instruments

Lila Downs
Song samples:  Lila was singing rancheras at the age of 8

Robert Mirabal
Song samples: Robert Mirabel has taken the music of his Taos Puelbo people to audiences worldwide

R. Carlos Nakai
Song samples: Listen to one of the major players on the Native American music scene.

Brazilian Samba Nose Whistle

Cedar Whistle - N. America

Mayan Bird Whistle -

Deerskin Drum -

Tortoise Rattle

Ohe Hano Ihu
A three-holed nose flute from Hawaii

Snow Mountain Pow wow Las Vegas 97 elders dance

**The Cherokee Grass Dance

Dancing from the Mattaponi Powwow

Amazing Grace
Listen to Amazing Grace sung by Walela

Okodakiciye wakan tadowan kin.
A hymnal, first published in 1874, was written in the Yankton dialect of the Dakota Indians.

**Hula in Hawai'i
Information and video clips of hula dancing

**Throat Singing Music In Inuit Culture
The revival of Inuit throat singing is so popular that conferences are held. See three videos.

**Wicozan Mitawa
The first rap song ever recorded in the Dahkota Language

Mary Ann Sundown
Slideshow of 87-year old Yupik elder, Mary Ann Sundown,  dancing at AFN Convention.

Three Lipan Apache Songs
Music and text from songs recorded in 1910

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii concert
The Rainbow Creek Dancers pay tribute to Bill Reid.

Aboriginal Drums
Learning about Canadian aboriginal drums and music

Hear the Alutiiq Dancers sing Quyanaa

**Hawaiian Lu'au
Listen to recordings of Hawaiian Lu'au music

**Strange and Sacred Noise
A unique musical world grounded in the elemental landscapes and indigenous cultures of the North

**Tribal Vibe
A relaxing, groovy music mix from Indigenous cultures around the globe.

Inuit - things fall apart
Audio of instrumental using Inuit throat singing

Contemporary Native Dance
A vibrant and growing movement in Native dance

Jana's American Indian Christmas
Listen To JANA's interview on National Public Radio

Elizabeth Davis
Grandmother and founder of the Chinley Valley Singers

**Aztec Hymns

**San Diego State University Powwow , 2006
Photos shared by Phil konstantin

Cherokee War Dance
Online Video
he Water Song
Introduced and sung by elder Corbin Harney

**Traditional Karuk songs
Sound clips of Traditional Karuk songs

**Commodity Cheese
Listen to part of this song by  Wade Fernandez

**1997 Waila Festival in Tucson:
Authentic recording of the Tohono O'odham chickenscratch music. Waila.html

**Corbin Harney
Hear Corbin sing “The Water Song,”  learn about his activism and dedication to indigenous people and environmental protection.

**Songs of the O-ho-mah Lodge — Vol. 5
Listen to soundclips of traditional music Kiowa War Dance Society

** Smithsonian.TV: First Americans Festival Live
Relive performances from the Main Music Stage. Enjoy music from Pamyua, Warparty & Joanne Shenandoah.
**Chippewa Songs and Ghost Dance Songs

Red Leaf — Lakota Victory & Veterans Songs
A Tribute to the Elders
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

Southern Thunder — Live at ASU
Listen to soundclips of traditional Pawnee music\

** Bird Songs of the Colorado River
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

Navajo Skip Dance and Two-Step Songs
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

Dry Lake – Live at Indio
Listen to soundclips of traditional music from Northern host drum from Fort Belknap, Montana.

Big Bear — Live at Tempe
Traditional music clips from sung by the Big Bear Singers from Thunderchild, Saskatchewan, Canada

Otoe Warrior Dance Songs
Listen to soundclips of traditional music from

Caddo Tribal Dances
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache Peyote Ritual Songs
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

Kiowa Black-Leg Warriors Society Songs
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

** Indian House
Listen to soundclips of traditional music

** Drum Resources
A reading list for those who would like to increase their knowledge of drums and drumming

** Schools for Chiapas
Photos of Mayan Music

Williche Ceremonial Songs

Movie of Oaxaca, Mexico, dances
Shard by Glen Welker

**Cherokee Peace Prayer
Download and listen to here.

**Dances from The Oaxacan Coast
Part of religious and magic rituals used to placate and dominate the will of the mysterious powers.

*Cherokee Morning Song
By Walela--Download and listen

The importance of the drum to Native music.

Traditional Children's Songs, Proverbs, and Culture From the American Virgin Islands

*Proud to Be Native
A young Native American brings hip-hop culture to a distant reservation

Plenty of photos, songs, dance results, and information at the official Gathering of Nations website: 

Learn more about the Jingle Dance from this marvelous book
JINGLE DANCER by Cynthia Leitich Smith
What does the Drum mean to Natives? Listen to the archived 2/4/97 program of Native America calling.
NAC On Demand

More information for our Pow Wow guests. :-)
"The Pow Wow Trail" by Julia White 

Omaha Indian Music

Arlene Bowman (Navajo) finds a fascinating movement amongst Native American female musicians who are both carrying forward the musical traditions while conducting a gentle but effective rebellion against the male monopoly of the "inner circle" represented by the drum

15-year-old Teka Little Bear, Mohawk, traditional dancer.

The Pow-Wow Poll-
Vote for your Favorite Drums and Dancers!.

The Healing Magic of the Hoop Dance 
Many people have experienced the magical wonder of The Hoop Dance. Hear 
dancer George Bear speak about this ancient dance. 
Aboriginal Spirituality | CBC Manitoba

In the early 1930's, Willie Eason became the first person to play gospel music on the Hawaiian steel guitar. His innovation became the rock-solid foundation for all gospel music within the modern Pentecostal church. American 

Native American Music Awards

Aztlan Underground, Daybi, Midnight, Nightshield, Shadowyze, Warpath, Warclub--red HIPHOP music at its best!

Kuteeya ( Totem ) Alaskan Dance and Theater Association.
Traditional songs, dances of Southeast Alaska, and Western British Columbia
Kuteeya Alaskan Dancers

House of Night: 
The Lost Creation Songs of the Mohave People, a 525 song cycle sung by Emmet Van Fleet, Mohave elder. 
Lost and Found Sound: The Stories

Jim Boyd & Rez Bound is an all-Indian group. Their music is produced by Thunderwolf Productions, an Indian owned music production company. 
Jim Boyd & Thunderwolf Records: Native American Music

Inspiring music of Rita Coolidge, her sister Priscilla Coolidge, and Priscilla's daughter Laura Satterfield.

World Class singing group from White Swan, Washington
Blacklodge Singers

Blackfoot singers and dancers. Beautiful regalia photos.
Special SongsMany times

Native American Flute Music by Charles Littleleaf
Native American Flute Player, Independent Recording Artist, Performer
Littleleaf's Native American Flutes and Music 

Meet talented Mohican-German musician Bill Miller!
The Official Bill Miller Website~ 

A live daily call-in program linking public radio stations and listeners together into a thought-provoking national conversation.
Native America Calling Home Page 

Rita Coolidge--a legend all her own
The WorldWide Rita Coolidge Web Site

Red Vinyl Records/LiteFoot

Strong traditional roots and personal contemporary styles
Ulali Bio Page

Powwow Dances
Different types of dances, and the regalia that is worn for each:

Red Earth~1999~The Gathering of Nations 
Marvelous photos and powwow music

Courting Flutes
3 courting flutes, circa 1900-1925, by Quapaw, Winnegago, and Ute makers.

The Time Has Come
Jim Windwalker, a Cherokee living in Alabama, shares his music on the web.

Barbara McAlister 
American dramatic mezzo-soprano and renowned Native American visual artist.

Learn About Powwow Dancers
Picture and information from the Gathering of Nations Powwow website.
Melodic Contours Arts
"Shape" the contours of a melody, then listen to the results.;

The Strength of Native American Music
How Native American music was repressed, and it's resurgance today.

Inuit Music
Traditional forms such as drum dancing and throat singing to contemporary stars.

Big City Indians
Six musicians cross all boundaries to create an emotional, energetic, sound.

Music from Across America
Chippewa Nation is part of a renaissance of Native American music taking place throughout the United States and Canada

Hopi Song
Listen to a brief audio of a lovely Hopi song.

Drums and Songs
This page features real audio of drums, intertribals, veterans songs, and more.

PowWow Dancing
Pow Wow time is the Native American people's way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and make new ones.

Rig Veda Americanus 
Sacred Songs of the Ancient Mexicans with a Nahuatl Language Glossary.

Club Red featuring Ulali
Charlie Hill chats with the members of the a capella trio, Ulali 

A list and description of several items, words, and terms that are unique to pow wows. Pictures and sound files make this site very interesting.

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
Features musical styles and information about Native North American nations. Included are Northwest coast, Athapaskan, Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Nontraditional music, and Inuit

Each week, Earthsongs gives Public Radio and Net listeners the chance to explore the Native influences that help shape and define contemporary American music.

Flute Song 
A 100-year-old Ute Indian man plays "Grandfather's Song" on a handmade flute.
Schedules and general information about Native American powwows and culture.

Shows by/about/featuring Native Americans and related topics.

*Indian Givers
Listen to the song/watch video by Neil Young supporting the Standing Rock tribes' protest against the pipeline

The Reinvention Of Drezus
Drezus is a First Nations rapper who combines the traditions of his culture with hip hop.

Filmed at the New Zealand Music Awards

Ke Kai O Kahiki
A halau (hula group) from Wai?anae Hawai'i, competing in the 2013 Merrie Monarch Festival.

Service Songs of the Week
From the Youth Service Briefing, listen to a long list of inspiring songs.

**Songs sung in Anishinaabemowin
A selection of traditional, children's, and popular songs sung in Anishinaabemowin

Song Catcher, Frances Densmore of Red Wing
Densmore spent her life trying to gather up scraps and artifacts of the old Indian ways

*Our Songs/Hawaii
Musical performances by indigenous people of Hawaii.

**Native Music Radio
Free and Online

**The Akuntsu’s Last Dance
In a small patch of rainforest in Brazil, the last six survivors of a genocide dance.

**This is What Michael Jackson Sounds Like in Quechuan
Renata Flores Rivera sings "The Way You Make Me Feel"

**Songs of Our Old People
Listen to the old-time round dance songs of Oklahoma

*The Mouthbow: Making Music on a Weapon
As demonstrated by Buffy St. Marie

**Wahzhazhe: An Osage Ballet
The ballet depicts the history of the Osage people

**Mother Earth's Siren Song
As Recorded By NASA

**Dancing In the Sky
By Native musical artists Dani and Lizzie, this song is taking the world by storm

Our Songs
A celebration of Music and Origin From the World's indigenous Peoples

**Australian Aboriginal Fire Dance

Men's Northern Traditional Dance
From the 2014 Gathering of Nations Powwow

Waskewitch Family, Gathering of Nations Hand Drum Singing 
Watch the video.

Smoke Dance Videos
From the 2014 Gathering of Nations Powwow

Ngadju Dancers of the Norseman Ngadju People
Watch the dance group!, artwork, and more.

Cherokee Friendship Dance Song

**Yakama Girl’s Fancy Shawl Dance

**Cubeo Óyne Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

Meeting, Merriment, and Massacre
Musical Encounters between Kikotans and English, 1607-1610

Environmental Song – Mother Nature Needs Us

**Pawnee Wolf Story Songs
Wolf stories as sung by Pawnee storyteller

**Ancestors Talk Through Drums
Watch this fourth grader learn to play various styles of Afro-Caribbean drum music.\

Kiowa Flag Song - History and Words
Kiowa elder, Evans Ray Satepauhoodle, tells the history of the Kiowa Flag Song in Kiowa and English,

**Yup´ik Yurapiaq and the Quyana (Thank You) Song Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

**6-Year-Old Rito Lopez Win World Hoop Dance Contest
Watch the video online!

Rocking Mocs in NYC
Bboy James Jones (Woodlands Cree) and Thosh Collins (Pima/Osage/SenecaCayuga) literally rockin their mocs in NYC-

**Sioux Buffalo Dance
Video includes children dancers

**Indigenous Music
From traditional songs, to rock and hip hop!

Clyde “Kindy” Sproat
Learn about the Native Hawaiian Musician, Singer, Ukulele Player

The Sound of Violence
Music of King Philip's War and Memories of Settler Colonialism in the American Northeast

Mapuche Mütrüm Purun (Dance)
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

Tlingit Ku.éex'  Entrance Dance
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

Quechua Danza de Tijeras (Scissor Dance)
From the Smithsonian's NMAI exhibit

**Gullah Music
Learn about the Gullah/Geechee culture that is kept alive through an annual festival on the island of Sapelo.
Christian Parrish Takes The Gun
The Crow hip-hop artist and dancer talks about the origins of the Fancy Dance and shows off his footwork style.

Git-Hoan Raven Dance
The Git-Hoan Dancers perform the Raven Dance, a celebration of the Raven Clan. T

Apache Dance Performance
The Apache Crown Dancers perform a traditional Crown Dance in full regalia to music sung by Joe Tohonnie, Jr.

 About Navajo Dances
Albert Brent Chase, artistic director of The Pollen Trail Dancers, explains the purposes of dance in Navajo culture.

About Cherokee Dance
John Bullet Standingdeer describes the cultural importance of the Eagle and Beaver Dance.

Cherokee Beaver Dance
The Raven Rock Dancers perform the Beaver Dance, a social dance depicting the actions of a hunting party.

Cherokee Eagle Dance
The Warriors of AniKituhwa perform the Eagle Dance at the 2006 Festival of Native Peoples.

Native American Culture: Navajo Shaker Dance
The Pollen Trail Dancers perform the Navajo Shaker Dance, also called the Buffalo Dance.

Baikal Ice
Siberian percussionists ice drumming on frozen Lake Baikal.

**Led Kaapana
The 2011 National Heritage Fellow talks about making music the Hawaiian way

**Archives of Traditional Music
Several thousand cylinder recordings of Native American music that document the music and language of various cultures

2013 Hunting Moon Videos
From the 2013 Hunting Moon Pow Wow

Pima Girls' Puberty Song
Sung by Charles Whitman with rattle accompaniment. 1938.

Akimel O’odham Pascora dance song
Played on fiddle by Opsi. 1938. Sacaton, Arizona.

**We Are the Music
Explores the contributions of the ethnic and cultural groups that settled in New Mexico and the American Southwest.

**Stephen Kent Music
The composer and musician has played the didgeridoo, a traditional aboriginal instrument, for more than 25 years.

**Flashmob to a Tribe Called Red!
Choreographed by Santee Smith Artistic Director of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre

Michael Heralda's Aztec Stories

**Woodlands Flute

**Smart Songs
Hip-Hop that teaches

**The Awesiiyag (Animals) Song
For the little ones, sing along in the Anishinabe language

Little Drummer Boy in Cree
Sing along in the Cree language!

**Rhythm Sequencer
Discover how musical rhythm can manifest itself in the environment.

**Sweet Home Alabama
Just an example of how time, cultures, mindsets, and languages can work together and create neat music.

**Free NAMA MP3 downloads!
Thanks to the Native artists and the Native American Music Awards!

**Dancing the Spirit Back Into Parched Rivers
Aboriginal elders travel the length of  Australia's Murray-Darling Basin performing the Ringbalin---a pilgrimage  designed to 'dance' the spirit back into the land and heal the rivers. And it appears to work.

**Aniksak and Uyaupiq
Listen to clips from these uniquely talented Inuit Throat Singers

**John Philip Sousa and the Cherokee Songs
From the Smithsonian

**Plains Flute

**Sioux and Mandan Hidatsa storytelling and music from North Dakota
Performed by Mary Louise Defender Wilson and Keith Bear

**Anasazi Flute/Pueblo Flute

**Raiatea Helm (Native Hawaiian)
Performer of leo ki`eki`e and falsetto style of singing, hallmarks of traditional Hawaiian performance.

**Celebrate: Song, Dance, and Story!
Traditional instruments and cultural values from Indigenous peoples.

**Seneca youth recording
Perhaps the oldest recorded song by Seneca youth

A music video showcase of the best First Nations musicians in Canada

**Carlos Nakai: American Indian Flute Music from Arizona
From the Library of Congress

The Native American Ten Commandments
Music by Sacred Spirit

*The Lost Creation Songs of the Mohave People
Listen to online.

**Stuck in the Hole of our Tipi
An Aboriginal Christmas Song by Shoshoni Elder, Oldhands

**Free Nature Sounds
 Create your own nature "music," then listen or save it to your computer. And, it's FREE!

Marce Lacouture: Cajun Music
Online concert from the Library of Congress

**Hoop Dances by Dallas Chief Eagle and Jasmine Pickner
Two first place World Hoop Dance Champions perform at Library of Congress

**Performing "The Walrus Hunt"
Video: Alaskan Native teens create and perform a traditional dance..
The Walrus Hunt

**Awesiiwag (The Animal Song)
Listen to and sing this song in the Anishinaabe Language!

**Pow Wow Radio 

Dineh Tah Navajo Dancers
Performing at the Library of Congress

*Navajo Early Morning Blessing
From the national Dine Student Union

**Lois Suluk-Locke, Inuit Throat Singer
Listen to Lois Suluk-Locke speak about the particular style of throat singing from Arviat, Nunavut

Inventory of the Edith Murphy Collection of Pomo and Yuki Recordings, 1965

**Blackfeet Troubadour Sings Traditions
Jack Gladstone from the Blackfeet  carries on his tribe’s tradition in poetry thorugh music.

**Indian music of the Southwest and Mexico collection

**Enemy Slayer: A Navajo Oratory
The first oratorio based on an indigenous North American creation story

Kawésqar (Chile) Song
Kawésqar is spoken by less than 100 people. Listen to a love song in the language:

 **Yma Sumac
 JAN Listen to the World famous Quechan singer with a 4 (some claim 5) octave range.

 Chicago's 50 years of Powwows /
 Photos from St. Joseph Co. Library

 Skylar Wolf Benefit Concert and Coat Drive
 Online December 26 concert held for the youth of Pine Ridge.
 2008 Benefit Concert fo Fight Native American Teen Suicide
 Watch the video from Michigan's Turtle Island Project

Online video in hip hop that tells our story and inspires spirit within us.

**Musica del Pueblo
A Smithsonian Virtual Exhibition

Shawnee Sioux War Dance
Slideshow, video,  and music

Native American Sioux Dance Video 1894
Dubbed with song

Powwow Time - When American Indian People Celebrate
A K-4 Coloring Book about American Indian Powwows.

"I'm Sorry"
A new song about Aboriginal minority is now the fourth-biggest-selling recording in Australia. And it's only available on the web!

Cha McIntyre
Video of a Nunamta Yup'ik Eskimo Dance Co. member

Haka: Ka Mate!
Students learn the meaning and significance of the Maori dance form of haka, leading up to a video performance.

Nunamta Yup'ik Eskimo Dance Co.
Online Video

**The Enlightened Time
A wonderful online music video by singer Jana Mashonee.

**American Indian Sound Recordings

*Northern California Indian Developmet Council Audio Gallery
Small sound clips of Traditional Karuk songs

A Database of Rare Recorded American Music

Legends and Life of the Inuit

Deerskin Dance
World renewal ceremony held sacred by California Indian People on the rivers

From the National Library of  Australia, the National Film and Sound Archive, and cultural organizations from around the nation.

*Native Voices Hawaii
Native Hawaiian Songs and Stories

* *Native American Music and Video Archive
Committed to preserving the past and promoting the future of Native American music.

*Easter Island Sacred Chants

* Please do not touch the Indians
Arigon Starr performance with lyric to sing along!

* Pu l'afkenche ñi ül
Oral tradition in the Mapuche chants

2nd Festival of Indigenous Music
January 2000, Santiago, Chile

3° Festival of Indigenous Music
February-March of 2001.Santiago, Chile

Magic Easter Island

Williche Music in the Maihue Lake area
Sounds, instruments & oral traditions of indigenous people of southern Chile.

Joline John

American Indian Movement Today and American Indian Life
Two radio programs reaching listeners across the world

Toconao: Folk music group
Dissemination of traditional music of the Lickan Antay ethnic group.

**Creation's Journey
Soundclips in Real Audio from National Museum of American Indian. 

** American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawai'i
Practices and philosophies of some of those at the forefront of hula's  renaissance on the mainland.

 **Lakota Women's Honor Songs
From the Standing Rock Indian Reservation

**Being Indigenous Music
Ceremonial and Traditional songs from Easter Island ,Licken Antay , Williche and other cultures

*Paiute and Shoshone Work Songs
Paiute and Shoshone women's work songs which double as lullabies

*Round Dance Songs
A variety of round dance songs, which are found almost universally among today's tribes

*Our Very Own Songs
The children of Northern Saskatchewan are sharing their stories in the form of on-line songs, art and text.

*Tribal Rhythms
The origin and relevant music segues from the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society

*Brazilian Composers

*Didgeridoo Cultural Hub
A central points in coordinating efforts to preserve the cultural integrity of Australia's didgeridoo.

Crazy Familiar
Oakland Cambodians take their Hip Hop to Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Thinkquest Pow-Wow Page

*Native American Songs online
Printed lyrics and music script for many tribal songs

* Oyate Ta Olowan national radio series
Traditional sound clips from American Indian regions in North America

*Audio Sound Clips
Traditional Native music from Indian House records

Indian House
A 30-year old record company specializing in traditional American Indian music

*The International Native American Flute Association
To encourage the primary preservation and continuation of the traditional and contemporary Native American flute.

*Native American Diva, Arigon Starr!
A full-blood KickapooCreek who brings her love of English and American rock 'n' roll to her music.

*Native American Chant 
Download and listen to a Grass Dance

*Omaha Indian Music

*South American Swing
A world of sultry, sophisticated, South American swing. Listen to samples of songs from CDs
Ghost Dance Songs
Prophesy and healing songs of the Ghost Dance

Forty Niner songs
Songs of social dances, usually taking place after the powwow is over

* Contemporary Native Music
Native artists whose music is infused with jazz, blues, country, rap and classical expression.

Multicultural Song Index
Submit song lyrics which tell of race or racism

used Songs 
Songs from First Nations including Inuit throat singing and Iroquois language and songs.

National Children's Folksong Repository

Afro dance Oro Negro.Chile
Traditional dances of Afrodecendents community in Arica

Music by SKY 
This video shows the faces of many beautiful peole that lost their lives at Wounded Knee SD 1890 & 1973-1976

Music by Tiny Giants
This video explores the similarities in the many murders that have occurred at Wounded Knee SD 1890 & 1973-1976

The Huron Christmas Carol
Listen to the Huron Carol sung by the Eskasoni Trio

Sounds Abound
Discover the world of music in a sound studio with karaoke. You can be the camera operator, conduct an orchestra and learn to identify different styles of music.\

Gathering of Nations PowWow Gallery
Photos from the 2003 gathering now posted

Paul Nabor
Paranda is making a comeback among the Garifuna population of Belize.
* A Tree Spoke To Me ~ - Ishaah's Inspirations
A song for the little ones

Standing Bear, The Opera, Part 1, 
Audio interview with Jane Hill , author of the opera about the trial of Standing Bear.

Rig Veda Americanus (Aztec Hymns)
One of the few public domain translations of an Aztec religous manuscript.

Musical Plates Project
Use real-time earthquake data and use the information to solve real-world problems.

Gathering of Nations Internet Radio 
All Native Music all the time, In Stereo.

Youth Activists who use hip-hop music to furthering movements of social change.

Navaho War Chant
Listen to a midi of Navajo War Chant 

Comanche Peyote Song 
Midi of a Comanche Peyote Song

Native Americans and American Popular Music
A very interesting page which includes directions for making a "Love Flute"
 San Francisco World Music Festival

Lakhota Songs Lyrics 
Song Lyrics translated into English

Native American Sounds

 Recording of the Flute song 
By Jaspar Blow snake, Winnebago Thunder clan
Powwow Songs in the Ojibwa Language
Sung by Fred Lacasse, John Martin, George Brown, and Sam Link

Flute song-Paint song/Winnebago
Sung by Jaspar Blowsnake in the Winnebago language

Recording of the Flute song 
By Jaspar Blow snake, Winnebago Thunder clan

Powwow Songs in the Ojibwa Language
Sung by Fred Lacasse, John Martin, George Brown, and Sam Link

Ghost Dance Religion
The Ghost Dance, was a reaction to the Indians being forced to submit to government authority and reservation life
A painting of "Boskita", a Creek word for the Green Corn Ceremony.

Cycle of Ceremonies of the Kanien'kehaka
A yearly list of dates and traditional dances. 

NCDIC Song Gallery
Sound clips of Traditional Karuk songs.

World Flutes
Featured by the International Native American Flute Association 

 [Click "Kids" button] Listen to the flute music shared by the Powhatan Nation.

The Sunrise Dance
Na'ii'ees, The Apache Woman's Puberty Ceremony

 Ohwejagehka Hadegaenage Earth Songs
Audio songs and descriptions from the Iroquois Nation.

Sioux Ghost Dance
Filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894
Buffalo Dance
Filmed in 1894 by Thomas Edison

Song about the departure of Seminole Indians from Florida for Oklahoma
From Brighton Indian Day School on Florida's Seminole Indian Reservation

Hula Dancing
Hula is a means of transmitting Hawaiian culture and stories not only through dancing, but chanting and music as well. 

An interactive educational web site devoted to sharing the wealth and joys of music with users around the world

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