Native Village Education Library

Haskell Indian Nations University
 Lawrence, Kansas

"From all over the country thousands of little Indian boys and girls were rounded up and shipped hundreds of miles away to government boarding schools, to be recreated and humanized. They were forbidden to speak their native language. They were punished if they did. Parents were subjected to corporal punishment if they objected. The young ones were made to understand that all that “was before” was wrong...How daring is stupidity!!"

"For every $1 invested in high-quality early care and education, society saves $7.16 in welfare, special education and criminal justice costs."   Indiana Education Roundtable

**Indian Country Bonus Educational Issue
Emphasizes culturally accurate and supportive programs for Native youth.

The PhD Project
 An award-winning program to inspire a new generation of diverse business leaders.

Native Education Raising Dedicated Students -- by the youth FOR the youth

Tribal HUD-VASH Homepage
Notices, guidance, training, webcasts and useful links about the Tribal HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Demonstration Program

Canada’s Tribal Colleges
Part 1:
Indigenous Learning in the Pacific Province
Part 2: Knowledge Keepers of the Northern Rockies
Part 3: North Star of the Prairie Provinces
Part 4: Ontario's Northern Lights

**International Repatriation
Resources for indigenous people and Native Nations on international repatriation

**Graduation 2016
First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at the Santa Fe Indian School 2016 graduation.

**American Indian Boarding Schools
A list of boarding schools (not including mission schools)

Wearing Eagle Feathers at Graduation:
Information for Schools

Building Native Communities: Financial Skills for Families
A Curriculum from First Nations

A step-by-step guide for leaders and organizations filled with  assessment tools, ideas and discussion prompts

Workshop on Digital Preservation for Alaska Native Libraries, Archives and Museums
WAtch the workshop presentation online

**Are You Racist?
Check out 28 common racist attitudes and behaviors

**The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition
Supports healing efforts for those affected by the U.S ’ and various Christian denominations’ Indian Boarding School policy.

**Native Stand
Native Students standing together against Negative decisions

What's Your American Indian IQ?
Test your knowledge about American Indian history, education and more

Shows how an Ojibwe immersion school integrates the tradition of sugaring into their curriculum

/**Ready REz  Disaster Preparedness Training
Free disaster and emergency preparedness trainings and kits for Indian Country

**Deconstructing Stereotypes: Top Ten Truths
Specific strategies for teacher education

Nat$ves in the Bank
Empowering Native youth to get a head start on building their financial futures.

**The Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center
Provides training and assistance for effective, culturally responsive services for Native families of children with disabilities, as well as youth with disabilities

Digital POWER Project
Free workshops for information professionals to begin digital preservation

**Standing on Sacred Ground
Download the complete teacher's guide

Libraries and Archives Canada
Aboriginal documentary heritage found in the holdings of Library and Archives Canada

Is your child on track with his/her grade-level expectaions?

**First Nations Inspired Daily Physical Activities
 Free online resource inspires indigenous children and youth to become active, increases their self-esteem and readiness to learn, and creates a healthier school or community environment.

American Indian Law Review
Read the latest issue

Global Oneness Project
Award-winning online platform containing stories in the form of articles, films, and photo

**SSRN Indigenous Nations & Peoples Law eJournal
Scholarly articles on Indian law and policy as well as scholarly papers on Indigenous peoples' law and policy worldwide

**How much do you know about Native American education?
Test your knowledge here!

Winds of Change Magazine Career Guide,  2014
Expanding education and opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Winds of Change Magazine
Expanding Opportunities for AI/AN Natives, this is the 2014-2015 annual special college issue.


**Indian Education Lesson Plans
Free, ready-to-use lesson plans for all teachers of Indian Education

The National Center Edge
A powerful collection of tools and resources for expanding a Native American business

**DMV Drivers License Handbooks
Grab a copy of your state's handbook.

The Indigenous Law Portal
From the Library of Congress: Mapping American Indian constitutions, legal materials, links to tribal websites and more.

Winds of Change Magazine
Read the entire Summer 2014 edition online


Lectures & Symposia
Hear scholars speak on diverse topics relating to Native America. From the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

Haudenosaunee Guide for Educators
From the National Museum of the American Indian

**First In the Family--Your High School and College Years
Videos, facts, planning advice and more shared by first generation students for other first generation students.

American Indian Studies Program Guide
Author provides academicians with an effective guide for an American Indian Studies Program in colleges and universities

Researching American Indian Tribal Law

Lessons of Our Land
Lessons for Pre-K through Grade 12 teachers to incorporate Native American stories, lessons and games into regular classroom instruction.

**Death by Boarding School
The Last Acceptable Racism and the United States’ Genocide of Native Americans

The Educational Journeys of American Indian Women
Forming Aspirations for Higher Education

**Carlisle Indian Industrial School Files Go Digital
 A comprehensive searchable database of Carlisle Indian Industrial School resources.

**American Indian College Fund Videos

**Native Educational Endeavors, INC
Provides educational opportunities and fosters cross-cultural respect for Native people at any stage of life.

**Cultivated Ground: Effective Teaching Practices for Native Students in a Public High School.
A Harvard study commissioned by the National Indian Education Association.

**Best Schools in the US
High Schools, colleges, grad schools, and more

**Tribal Law and Policy Institute
Deliver education, research, training, and technical assistance programs to promote justice and the health, well-being, and culture of Native peoples

**Help Me Tell My Story
For Native youth, a new, holistic approach to assessment that measures oral language development for Pre-K and K children

**Welcome to U.S. Tribal Schools!
A mobile appl with data  on Tribal Grade Schools for students K-12

the successes, progress, and challenges within ribal communities who are preserving, revitalizing, or reclaiming their tribal language

Early Childhood Development Data to Action
From the Touchwood Agency Tribal Council

Distance Learning from CIMCC
Self-paced and Issues-based courses about California Indians--from a Native perspective.

**Native American Encyclopedia
Honor our elders, inspires our youth, documents our history and shares our culture

SBA Native Americans
From the U.S. Small Business Administration

**National Native American Law Students Association
Promotes the study of Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, traditional governance, and  Native Americans in law school

National Indian Education Study, 2011
From the National Center for Education Statistics
National Indian Educaton Study 2011

A stark look at AI/AN Student Achievement

** ARKive
FREE and FUN science and biology resources for
5-18 year olds that include adaptation, endangered species, food chains, conservation and more.

**Non-western Educational Traditions
Read the book online: Indigenous approaches to educational thought and practice.

**Academic Success Center
Help topics and links to help you study more successfully

**The National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems
Offers online educational materials to help to close the achievement gap between students from  diverse backgrounds and their peers.

National consortium for graduate degrees for minorities in engineering and science.

*Woodland Indian Educational Programs--just for kids
For Museums, Schools, powwows, cultural and historical events

**Tribal College Journal
The Voice and Vision of American Indian Higher Education

**Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Resources related to AN Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

*NIEA Magazine Summer Issue 2010
Free and online from National Indian Education Association.

**Math Active
Interactive math lessons in the Navajo language for Grades K-2.

**Young Indigenous Circle
Equips Indigenous youth with entrepreneurial skills through culturally appropriate programs.

**Mission: Science
From NASA,  for teenagers to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

**Andrew Jackson and the “Children of the Forest”
A lesson in which students develop critical literacy skills by responding to Andrew Jackson’s speech on “Indian Removal.”

**Indigenous Peoples and Boarding Schools
A Report by the United Nations

Pathways for Native Students
Reports and Conference on Washington State  Colleges and Universities

Tribal Nations Conference: Education, Health Care and Labor Panel
From the 2009 Tribal Nations Conference

***History of Canada's Indian Residential Schools
Click on the Interactive map to view each province and school

Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge and Practice into ECCE

Online math workshop for teachers of Native American students.

**Learning and Knowing In Indigenous Societies Today
From the United Nations

**Indian Education Address to the Nation, February, 2009
Watch the online video from the February NIEA Legislative Summit in Washington, DC.

Re-inventing Schools Coalition
This is a educational approach proven to work for Native and all students

**Voices of Promise
Online DVD video with teachers guides, plus many more Native resources

Starting Early, Starting Smart
An early learning program from the Tulalip Tribe.

Cradleboard Social Studies -- Free Resource
From Buffy-St. Marie, accurate and enriching Native American curriculum and  materials for K-12 students and teachers.

Tying Math to Culture
A free tribal teacher math workshop online

Our Spirits Don't Speak English
A movie trailer about Native youth forced from their homes to attend government and religious boarding schools.

**National Indian Education Study 2007
Performance of AI/AN students in grades 4 - 8 on reading and math assessments

 **Motivating American Indian Studies in Science and Math
For American Indian Students in Plains Region Schools

A Plan for Success: Communities of Color Define Policy Priorities for High School
The need to invest in high schools and meaningful reform for minority students.

** Harvard@home
Listen to and watch to a number of special lectures, talks, and public addresses

**Campaign for High School Equity
 A diverse coalition of organizations representing communities of color

 Measuring Up: The 2008 Report Card on HIgher Education
 How does your state, or the country as a whole, measure up to education?

**Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions
Extensive records from 1848, 1852-ongoing

Hawaii Social Studies Online --Free Resource
From Buffy-St. Marie, Native American Curriculum and materials for K-12 students and teachers.

Traditional Knowledge and Western Science
An online presentation about the ancient Blackfeet Calendar Stick and modern science.

Includes many indigenous cultures

**American Indian Inclusion Manual
A free guide for all educators seeking to include the Native perspective in their classroom.

The Indian Sentinel
Articles about Native Americans and their evangelization by the Catholic Church featuring many submissions by students in Catholic schools. From 1902-1960.

Where are the Children?
Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools

International Journal of Multicultural Education

Native Education 101
Basic Facts about American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Education

Healing and Reconcilation
Gain an understanding of the residential school experience

**Digital  Workshops for Teachers of Native Americans
Free online workshops designed to help teachers of AI/AN  students in  all grade levels and content areas

**Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas

Textbook revolution
Free textbooks and related materials

The Great Lakes Indian Law Center Tribal Resources Page
Booklets and information on topics that will assist Tribes and Tribal Nations.

**Ethnomathematics Digital Library
Find many lessons and information about math uses among tribes and nations of the Americas

Maximizing Cultural Capacity and Student Achievement in Alaska

Inexcusable Absence
Why 60 million girls still aren’t in school and what to do about it.


**The Kamehemeha School Archives
Aloha kakou. E ‘olu ‘olu, e kipa mai. Welcome!

**Our Bus Ride to School
Online video: Some reservation students have a 3-hour ride to school

**The Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research

Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development
Provides a view of economic development from a uniquely Aboriginal perspective


Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge
Using indigenous knowledge to help poor people in their daily struggle for survival

NASA Student Opportunities Podcasts
Features interviews with students who have received NASA internships, fellowships or scholarships.

Zuni Education and Career Development Center

Canadian Journal of Native Education
Published twice yearly

Education Equity and Social Justice Awareness
Standardized Awareness Quiz

A journal devoted to the study of Inuit societies

**If I Can Read, I Can do Anything
A National Reading Club for Native American Youth

Enables teachers and youth to use technology

Can I Have A Word?
Learn how to create descriptive writing by watching visual presentations

Improving Indigenous Outcomes and Enhancing Indigenous Culture and Knowledge in Australian Higher Education

National study of Indigenous education and support centres
Identifies effective centers and methods to improve educational outcomes.

Indigenous Education Online (INDIGO)

The MIller Early Childhood Initiative of a World of Difference
Help children prepare for our diverse world.

**Money Smart Native Youth:  Sharing Lessons Learned
Power Point Presentations available online

World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium

National Indian Education Study: Part I
The educational experiences of 4th- and 8th- grade American Indian and Alaska Native Students.

National Indian Education Study: Part II
The educational experiences of 4th- and 8th- grade American Indian and Alaska Native Students.

Thousands of resources for students in any area of education.

Best Evidence Website
Learn which educational programs and methods are the most successful.

Preliminary report on No Child Left Behind
From the National Indian Education Association & Center for Indian Education

MN Human Rights Education Curriculum
human rights education lesson plans and community action projects

**Respect Differences
An article sharing how diverse learners can blossom in culturally responsive classrooms.

**An Inuit Education: Honouring a past, creating a future
In the 1950s, Inuit parents were uprooted and their children assimilated into the Canadian education system.

**Mayan Numbers
The Mayan system of writing numbers was very simple.

Bridging the Gap: Achievement for All
Download this free diversity kit.

**Smithsonian TV: Cradleboard Teaching Project
Exciting Native American curricula to incorporate into the classroom.

Looking to the Future
Provides clear and accurate information about sound policies and plans to achieve racial integration in our schools.
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
** Protects the privacy of your education records

** Excellence in Tribal Governance: The Ya Ne Dah Ah School
Ya Ne Dah Ah is Alaska’s only tribally owned and operated full-time primary school and day care facility.

 Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (US Dept. of State)
Provides resources to foster mutual understanding through international education and training.

Looking to the Future: Voluntary K-12 School Integration Manual
A manual for parents, teachers, and advocates to eliminate racial discrimination in American schools.

** Educator's Guide to American Indian Perspectives in Natural Resources
Blends traditional native ecological knowledge with western science

Teacher's against Prejudice
Dedicated to fighting prejudice, intolerance and bigotry through education

Chiapas Photo Galleries
Zapatista Schools

** Education Online Search
A free college and career education portal to learn about careers, schools, and degrees.

New First Nations Governance Centre
A clearinghouse for information and assistance to First Nations who want to improve their institutions

Culturally Responsive Curriculum for Secondary Schools

American Indian Issues
An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators.

Native American Banking Resource Directory

**Center for World Indigenous Studies
Protecting Indigenous peoples' knowledge, ideas rights and more.

**Close Up Foundation
Information and educational activities about American Indian Tribal Sovereignty issues

ACLU: Student Rights
Resources on constitutional rights topics pertaining to students and young people.

"New Buffaloes" - New Ways?
Papers from the of the 26th Internation American Indian Workshop in Germany

*The Museum of Online Museums
Links to unusual online collections and exhibits.

* Native Research Network
AI/AN, Kanaka Maoli, and Canadian Aboriginals promoting integrity and excellence in research.

Civil Rights Project at Harvard University
A study that finds increasing numbers of students are segregated by race, poverty, and educational opportunity.

International Journal on Multicultural Societies
A scholarly and professional journal, published by UNESCO

*Native American Heritage Programs
How American Indians taught their children, the white perspective and the Indian experience at boarding schools

* Prenatal Learning
An article about the ancient Native American Learning

The Curaie Project
Provides Supreme Court records and briefs and other relevant materials free of charge on the Internet

Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War
Rells the story of teenagers involved in various conflicts around the globe

*Beyond The Seventh Generation Project
Lessons, activities, and videos focus on preventing alcohol-related birth defects in Native American youth.

 *Ancient Observatories: Chaco Canyon
Introduction to archeoastronomy, the study of astronomy of ancient cultures.

* Indian Education Org
From the US Department of Education.

Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program
From Humboldt State University

Mending the Circle: A Native American Repatriation Guide
Hard copies are no longer Available.

**Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools
Fighting the theft of language, of culture, and childhood due to forced boarding schools.
Learn about Alaska Native history, education, languages, cultures and more,

Center for Research Libraries
Acquires and preserves traditional and digital resources for research and teaching

**The National Indian Education Study 2005
To assist the U.S. with fulfilling its responsibility to AI/AN peoples with respect to the education of their children

Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum
Information for African Native American (Black Indian) Descendants

**If I can Read, I can Do anything
Ains to assist INdian commjnities with increasing literacy skills

Civics Education Study Questions
See how you compare with students from around the world.

Spring issue of Electornic Magazine of Multicultural Education
Focuses on the theme of "Multicultural Curriculum for Social Studies"

Hawkwing promotes a vision of the world in which Mitakuye Oyasin - We Are All Related

The Voice of the Taíno People

Alaskool Central
Materials about Alaska Native history,  education, languages, and cultures.

Native Child Pre-3 Curriculum
Curriculum Material for Preschools With a Focus on Native American Tribes

*Test Your Native IQ
Test your awareness of racism and American Indian issues

Aboriginal Youth Business
A grass roots organization and resource for youth to learn about business

Institute of Indigenous Government
Canada's First Nations College

Amiskwaciy Academy
A British Columbia high school centered upon Aboriginal cultures.

Voices of Civil Right
Collects and preserves "personal accounts of America's struggle to fulfill the promise of equality for all.  

Virtual Museum of Canada
A collection of high-quality, online cultural content from Canadian museums

*America's Most Literate Cities
A literacy profile of America's top 64 most literate cities.

The Student Guide 2004-2005 (English or Spanish)
The most comprehensive resource on student financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

National Library of Brazil
Assists Native Americans interested in entering the field of Psychology

Center for Educational Technology in Indian America

* Exploratorium
Want something fun to do this summer--or anytime? Find it here!

A Journal of Indigenous Governance

* The Aboriginal Mapping Network
A collection of resource pages for mappers belonging to indigenous peoples

Tribal Education Departments National Assembly

* American Indians and Alaska Native Education Research
Tools for Educational Research and Development

* National Science Digital Library
Provides educational resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education

* Haskell graduates more than 150 students
Watch the TV6 news report

Reverend Eleazar Wheelock Started Dartmouth College
"Education and instruction of Youth and of the Indian Tribes in this Land

*Voices of youth
The voices of the world's youth from UNICEF

*Global Virtual Classroom
Complements the efforts of the world's governments and education departments to integrate technology into their classroom studies.

PBS for kids

Parents Declaration of Rights
Learn more about PARENTS rights under the No Child Left Behind 

used Development Gateway

used GVC Contest 2003/04
Students from 77 schools around the world unveiled 26 websites as part of the Global Virtual Classroom Contest 2003/04.

used The National Science , Mathematic,  Engineering and Technology Ed Digital Library
Will strongly affect education at alllevels, including preK-12, undergraduate, graduate, and life-long learning

used APDL
Collection of Internet resources reviewed for their educational merit in an Advanced Placement classroom.

The Way We Learn: Separate and Unequal in Metropolitan Detroit Schools
Slideshow presentation on segregation and unequal public school educational facilities

The School Information Partnership is
Designed to empower parents, educators and policymakers to use the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) data

School Results
access to information about public school performance.

National Science Digital Library
Provides educational resources for science, technology,engineering and mathematics education

American Indians and Alaska Native Education Research
Tools for Educational Research and Development

Global Gateway
Enables educators, students, families and others across the world to engage in creative partnerships.

Learn In Beauty
Indigenous Education for a New Century

Council on Legal Education Opportunity
Expand opportunitiess for minorities and low-income students to attend law school

The Labriola National American Indian Data Center
Information about Native tribes and Peoples from the U.S.  Canada, Sonora, and Chihuahua, Mexico.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
A review of activities during 2003, the first session of the 108th Congress.

International Indian Treaty Council
Working for the sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples .

Alaska Native Science Commission
Created to bring together research and science in partnership with the Native community.

Southern California Indian Center
Many media opportunities.

First Nations Law Research Guide
 Law-related information on First Nations

The Centre for the Study of Global Governance
inquires and informs about the origins and nature of urgent problems facing the globe

Education--A Critical Link in Reducing Global Poverty 
An indepth look

World Summit Award
Check out some of the best websites across the world.

Native American Quiz
How much do you know about people?

Oneida Nation: Shako:wi Cultural Center  

Native American Project View 
Brings hiring managers and candidates together for a one-and-a-half day recruiting event 

Student Aid on the Web
For grades K-Grad School, estimate accurately the cost of college tuition 

Center for Educational Technology in Indian America 
Increases Indian students' achievement by supporting educators, schools, and communities.

Open CourseWare
Publishing its course materials, for free, online

used Indian EduResearch
Tools for Educational Research and Development

Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center 
Bibliography on the Pequot War

American Indian Resources 
A wide selection of research links

Moor’s Indian Charity School 
In 1754, Moor’s Indian Charity School is established in Connecticut

Dedicated to helping people understand and value diversity

Indigenous Cultural Advocacy in Resources and Education

Taking it Global
Travel and learn about life around the world!

Study Stack
Designed to help people memorize information   about various subjects

Financial Education in Native Communities
Read the report

Funding for Native peoples
Over 500 potential sources of funding

Native American: Destroying Cultures 
Feature presentation for teachers on the history of Native American treatment in the U.S.

A Century of Genocide, The Residential School Experience"
Won a best documentary feature in San Francisco at the American Indian Film Festival.

Making the Grade
New tool to assess how your school measures up to racial equity standards

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
Federally supported teaching and learning resources.

Making the Grade: A Racial Justice Report Card 
Assess how your schools measure up to racial equity standards.

Spirit of Sovereignty Foundation
Founded by the National Indian Gaming Association

University of Oklahoma Law Center - Native American Legal Resources

Alternative Schools Research Project. This
Gathers information about the policies and practices of alternative schools across the nation.

American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) 
Includes cluding economics, population , maps, and more.

Audio of the University of Michigan Supreme Court hearing on Affirmative Action 

Museums of the World

SCHOOL: The PBS Series
An unprecedented portrait of America's "great " education experiment.


Education in Resistance
Educational system that the Mexican government provides indigenous people in Chiapas.

Financial Aid for Native American Students

White Man's Ways 
 A glimpse of an Indian culture force-fed a steady diet of white values and discipline in federal government boarding schools.

Big Foot Museum
A collaboration of the bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti research community.

Teaching about Culture: Culture Matters Workbook
Examines cultural assumptions, communication,  behavior patterns and social interactions.

National Indian Education Association
The NIEA, founded in 1969, represents all levels of American Indian education.

College Confidential
College Admissions, School Search, and Financial Aid Resources

What Kids Can Do
Powerful Learning with Public Purpose

Inaugural Issue of the National Tribal Justice Resource Center Newsletter

A Community Guide to Protecting Indigenous Knowledge
Helps Indigenous communities preserve and protect their Indigenous knowledge.

The Alaska Native Curriculum and Teacher Development Project
Curricula on Alaska Native studies and language  available to all schools.

Schools/College Admissions & Financial Aid Application Forms, email addresses, listings,

American Indian Student Union 
At the University of Mississippi

The Educational Foundation of America
 Awards to Native Americans, arts, education, medicine, and human services. 

State of Freedom of Information

The National Tribal Justice Resource Center is the central national clearinghouse of information for Native American and Alaska Native tribal justice systems.

Huntington Free Library and Reading Room
Extensive collection of Native American materials, and the former library of the Museum of the American Indian.

Mayan Date Calculator 
This calculator will give a long count, calendar round, and night god

 Inuit, Intercultural, Native, and Bilingual education

Best Practices Database on After-School Programs
Academic enrichment opportunities that supplement the learning during the school day,1348,133,00.html 

Learn about schools which use Native American traditions
Peninsula Village (Residential Treatment Center)
Program Details

Three Springs of North Carolina Outdoor Therapeutic Program 
Program Details

Saving Our Schools: Crisis Prevention Videos
helping to prevent school crises by building communication among students, teachers, counselors and parents. 






A 16-year-old Alaskan Native leaves his tiny village to compete in a basketball tournament hundreds of miles across the frozen tundra. Lesson plans included.

"Kill the Indian, Save the Man"
Daniella Zalcman explores the painful history and legacy of Native residential schools and similar institutions across the globe

Signs of Your Identity Curriculum Resources
Examines  the legacy of the residential school system as it looks forward to the future and the revitalization of First Nations culture in Canada.

Native Peoples of North America
Textbook free for use written by Dr. Susan Stebbans, the 2016 Educator of the Year winner by NY's Native American Indian Association


**Bioneers Indigenous Knowledge Program
Promotes Indigenous environmental and social justice leaders by creating a cultural bridge and public education outlets through special initiatives

7 Priorities Areas for Native Youth
The historical, cultural and social determinants and protective facotrs for the optimal development of Native youth.

Project Ignition
Teen driver safety best practices toolkit

**Overview of Special Education and Influence on Native Learners
A short video about research on Special Education, with particular focus on Native students and families.*Tribal Nations Maps
Last homes defended by Indigenous Nations while they were free.

Wearing Eagle Feathers at Graduation:
A Guide for Students and Families

Billy Frank Day Curriculum
Educational resources about the life and accomplishments of Billy Frank Jr. and his fight for the salmon and treaties

Native American Heritage Month: 6 Ways to Learn More About American Indian Culture
From the U.S. Dept of Education

**Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Library & Archives
Learn about the culture and history of the nineteen Pueblo sovereign nations of New Mexico and Ysleta del Sur in El Paso, Texas -- and more!

Sípnuuk Digital Resource Library
A digital collection of native and indigenous resources from the Karuk tribe

**Truth and reconciliation in the U.S.A.
Read the Report: Calling for the U.S. to reconcile with American Indians over mistreatment of Indian children in boarding schools

American Indian Boarding Schools List
A list by the NNABSHC

Native American Heritage Month
A video honoring indigenous people living in the U.S. before European invasion.

Tribal Nations Maps
Last homes defended by Indigenous Nations while they were free.

School Environment Listening Sessions Final Report
Results from the first-ever tribal listening tour about ways to improve educational and cultural academic needs of Native students.

**Indigenous Government Database
A wealth of information from the Native Nations Institute

50 of the Most Diverse Colleges in the U.S.
From data compiled by the National Center for Education Statistics

 Learning to Lead
The impact of youth Organizing on the Educational and Civic Trajectories of Low-Income Youth

Higher Education & Workforce Development in Tribal Communities & the Role of Tribal HPOG
Read about the grants issued to tribal colleges.

California Tribal-State Judicial Forum

A Guide for Drafting or Revising Tribal Juvenile Delinquency and Status Offense Laws

The Learning Circle
Classroom Activity on First Nations in Canada

Online Driving Resources

The Reservation Boarding School System in the United States, 1870 -1928

**The Princeton Review’s 2015 Colleges That Pay You Back
 200 colleges that will offer students the best value now and in the future

*Project Implicit
Tests that measure measure attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report

National Native American Bar Association Study
The first comprehensive picture of the issues confronting Native American attorneys.

*Math in a Cultural Context
Yup’ik elders, teachers, and Alaskan school district develop culturally based curricular materials and  supplemental math curriculum for elementary school students.

Level Up Motion Comic
Staying in School / Dropping Out

**American Indian Gateway
University of Montana's web portal to AI communities, faculty and staff, student programs and more.

Tribal Justice: 25 Years As a Tribal Appellate Justice
Professor Frank Pommersheim publishes a library guide available for all

Ancestors Unknown
Provides educators with access to a unique curriculum that introduces students to untold histories and family history research

**American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving
For teachers in grades 4-8

The Business of Indian Agriculture
An online curriculum designed to help farmers and ranchers succeed in managing their businesses

Telling Our Story: A Living History of the Myaamia
A curriculum for teaching Myaamia (Miami Tribe) history for grades 3-12.

Vision Maker Media Educational Tools
Helps  teachers, middle-school through college, to use Native films in classrooms.

ic Tac Toe Game for Adding Fractions
Snare a rabbit for dinner in this free game by 7 Generations Games

**NMAI Family Guide
A resource for those visiting the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC

National Report on the Bureau of Indian Affairs
The latest report points to systemic failure and proposes a massive overhaul for the federal agency in charge of some 180 schools for Native American students in the U.S

Draft Report on Reorganization of Bureau of Indian Education
Working Draft for Purposes of Tribal Consultation (April, 20140

The Divide
A short film about the divide between non-native and native students at Parry Sound High School
Short video about the transition and adaption of moving from a native school, to a non-native school, to a mixed school

/**Physical Activity Booklet for First Nation, Inuit and Métis
The Benefits of Physical Activity for First Nation, Inuit, and Metis Communities

**A Tribal College Education
From the Native American College Fund

*InvestNative Online Financial Education Challenge
Provides concise, interactive and youth-focus financial literacy lessons

Up Heartbreak Hill: Factors in a Successful College Experience
Film clips from the documentary that follows two Navajo high school seniors struggling to form their identities and manage family relationships.

**Lessons of our land
Native American curriculum PreK-12 from the Indian land

*Summer Melt
A study that shows 20% of low-income high school seniors plan to attend college, then don't.

*Welcome to First Nations Canadian Tribes!
A mobile appl with data  on Canadian First Nations schools  Grade Schools for students K-12

**Native Learning Center
FREE courses and training to Native Americans and Indigenous people with an emphasis on the educational needs of tribal members and their communities

**Bridging Silos in Aboriginal Communities
Explore a model where all departments work together for the greater good of their youth community.

**The Native CLASS ACT
A step in the right direction to improve the status of Native education.

International Journal of Multicultural Education
Read the Latest Issue

**Does My Teacher Really Hate Me?
Do you know the smart things to do when you think your teacher hates you?

American Indian Service Learning
Rationale and support for integrating service learning in American Indian Education

University of Antartica
Free open courses!

Indigenous Women in Science

The JHBA Grant Writing and Management Academy
Useful online resource for tribes interested in seeking funding to help establish Tribal Courts

Administration for Native Americans
Training and technical assistance for two regions: Western and Alaska

Tribal College Timeline
33 fully accredited tribal colleges and universities (TCUs educate the minds and spirits of Native students

**Native Wiki
Free, open-to-the-public library of information about indigenous nations and peoples of the world

**American Indian Scouting Association
For American Indian youth in association with Girl Scout and Boy Scout Councils across the country.

**10 of the best apps for education
New ways to apply iPhones, iPads, and iPod in classrooms and education.

**Voice of NAtive Youth Report
From the Aspen Institute, a roundtable discussion by Native Youth
Voices of Native Youth_Report

**2011 AISES National Conference and Career Fair Research Presentations
Browse through the student presentations during the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.


**Native American Geometry
Indigenous tribes for students in grades 4-9

"Refresh Education"
Kevin Gover speaks at this Af/Am conference about refreshing education for the American Indian

**Nobel e-Museum -
Research and academic information from a variety of disciplines, all contributed by Nobel Prize Laureates

**The Cherokee/Seminole Roll Play
A teaching activity

**New Moon Moving Learning Center
From the Omaha Tribal Historical Research Project

Education Resources, music videos and more from Canada

*NMAI Audio Recordings
Audio programs, products, and services that are informative, educational, and entertaining

**Indigenous Student Life
Online community provides academic resources, school monies, and mentorship to Indigenous students

**Mathematics Used by American Indians North of Mexico

Indigenous Education Presentation Slides
From the 2009 Indigenous Education Conference at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

"Grant Writing for Indigenous Languages" Handbook
Available free within limits of copyright. From University of Arizona.

Video: Cultural Resource Management and its Role in Tribal Education
From the 2008 Myaammiaki Conference

The Dropout/Graduation Crisis Among American Indian and Alaska Native Students

**Early Childhood Development Virtual University
For youth from many cultures

**Do All Indians Live in Tipis?
From the Library of Congress: compelling questions for education

*Reading and Writing Indians
Accounts about the education of Samson Occum, Mohegan, and other natives at Eleazar Wheelocks school in the 1700s.

Podcast on education and minority and indigenous groups
UNICEF Radio podcast discussion on education and indigenous and minority groups.

**World Digital Library
From UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization)

** Tleix, Deex, Has'k
Tying math to Native American Culture

Cradleboard Geography -- Free Resource
From Buffy-St. Marie, accurate and enriching Native American Curriculum and materials for K-12 students and teachers.

Indian Boarding Schools: Civilizing the Native Spirit
Explore the forced acculturation of American Indians through government-run boarding schools.

Red Lake youth attend National Indian Youth Police Academy
Online Video

Indigeous People's Listing of Issues and Resources
Journals Focusing on Indigenous Peoples Resource Guide

NACDI Research and Publications
Research and Publications from the Native American Community Development Institute

**Pathways to Possibilities
Supporting the Transition of American Indian High School Youth

World cultures in the mathematics class
by Claudia Zaslavsky (1991)

**Indigenous Education Institute
Created for the preservation and contemporary application of ancient Indigenous traditional knowledge.

List of Native American studies programs across the country

*Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Fun Page
Educational games and activities for all, including math, science, and guitar.

American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators
Provides tools for High school educators regarding characteristics of tribal nations.

* College Search
Listings of 6,000+  colleges/universities with information about admissions, financial aid & tuition, and more.

Watch the full length documentary about Canadians who suffered in residential schools.

American Indian Education Syllabi Collections
Gathered by H-Amindian Listserve thru ASU

H-AmIndian Bibliography Index
A list of marvelous resources from the H-Amindian Listserve at ASU

2007 World Environmental Education Congress
Held in South Africa

American's First Nations Collection
American Indian Social Studies Curricula

The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

What Did You Just Say?
Offers strategies for educating others about the effects of bigoted languages, attitudes, and behaviors.

The Shingwauk Project
A Power Point presentations of Indian Residential Schools near Spanish, Ontario

Ayaangwaamizin: International Journal of Indigenous Philosophy
Devoted to the examination of Indifenous philosophy

The Journey
Helps Native American use computer technology to enrich  their daily lives

Homeland Insecurity …American Children at Risk
Download it FREE

Changing Winds
A deeper understanding of the Native experience both in education, in the workplace.

**National Indian Education Study
National survey results about the educational experiences of AI/AN students in grades 4- 8.

Native American Family Technology Journey

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

**Welcome to RAIN!
An integrated curriculum developed by the Heard Museum for use in grades K through 3.

National Indian Law Library
Winner of the 2006 Public Access to Government Information Award

Birch Bark Basket Early Ed. Program
Among the best of the best programs for Early aboriginal learning.

**American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators
Educational discussions ,resources, and lesson plans made possible by the American Indian Civics Project.

A radio essay about a city teacher moving to an isolated  Eskimo Village in Alaska.

The Economic Promise of Investing in High-Quality Preschool
Reports on the measurable benefits of investing in high-quality pre-kindergarten

**National Indian Education Study
How are Indian kids doing in school?

California Department of Education: American Indian
Includes early childhood education, programs and  and resources for American Indian education.

**Residential School Diary
Lesson Plans for teachers from the Canadian Broadcasting System

**Peer Search Tool
Compare  school district information with its peers

Native Nations Institute's Research Report: February, 2006
Sharing research and information on indigenous governance, development, and policy

** 14th inuit studies conference
This 410 page volume contains abstracts and 23 full papers.

**Native American Youth Council
Written and created by North High School Native American Youth Council

**Reach the Rez
Programs  designed to effectively reach American Indian people, especially the youth.

**Carlisle Indian Industrial School Research Pages
Offers glimpses  into the Carlisle Indian School and its history.

Improving Academic Performance among Native American Students
Educational approaches and program that improve academic performance of Native American students
From the ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural and Small Schools

Reach the Rez
Programs and outreach designed to reach American Indian people, especially the youth.

The Journal of American Indian Education
Publishes papers specifically related to the education of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Helps improve education for American Indian and Alaska Native children and adults.

Miktohseenionki Teacher Resource Guide
From the Eiteljorg museum, lesson plans and more about Indiana's Native Peoples, past and present.
**The 1000 Best High Schools in America, 2004
From Newsweek

**The American Indian I.Q. Quiz
Take this quiz to test your "American Indian I.Q."

An Inuit Education: Honouring a past, creating a future
Videos from the CBC archives

**Condition of Education 2005
The progress of American education

Indian Residential Schools in Canada
The effect these schools have had on First Nations people then and now!

Leave my Child Alone
 Opt Out your child from military recruiting in schools required by the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Red Road
Addresses the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental needs of Native Americans.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians
Articles, maps, and topical information on subjects relating to American Indians.

Native Networking Policy Center (NNPC)
Dedicated to advancing equitable and affordable access and appropriate use of information technology in Indian Country.

National Institute for Native Leadership in Higher Education
Helps Native students to achieve their academic goals while strengthening their cultural identities

* Red Roots Educational Project
Dedicated to building an understanding between Native and non-Native people through education and activism support.

* A Native American Worldview/Hawk and Eagle are Both Singing
Oneida ancient understanding/comparison of western and indigenous science.

American Indians on Reservations: A Data Book
Census data on 15 key socioeconomic indicators -- including income and poverty, unemployment, education, and housing conditions

Native American Mailing Lists
Everything from American INdian forts to Wyoming's Wind River Reservation.

The Carlisle Indian School Research Pages
One on-line introductory site about the Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Indian Industrial School and additional resources.

National Youth Development Information Center Library
Offers abstracts of youth development reports, journal articles, and other helpful documents.
Native American Family Technology Journey Technology
Preserving the languages and traditions

**Library of Congress--Webcasts
An archive of webcasts from the Library of Congress

*Indian Boarding Schools: Civilizing the Native Spirit
Invites students to explore the forced acculturation of American Indians through government-run boarding schools.

Streaming Futures
Career choices shared in Internet-based video interviews with career professionals.

*College Opportunities Online
Choose the college that meets your needs

Loan Calculator
Figure out how much to borrow for school and what it will cost to pay back

Free Public Records Online
 FREE government searchable sites along with some important non-government sites

*Cultural Awareness Seminars
Videos of Seminars held for the Staff at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Cradleboard Teaching Project
An inside look at one of the most exciting Native American curricula available.

Claudio Calapucha
A Kichwa student activist from Arajuno in Pastaza, Ecuador.

Jose Nunez
An interview with a Yanomami student activist from Venezuela.
Rafael Ankuash
An interview with an Ecuadorian student and member of the Shuar tribe

Robert Guimaraes Vazquez
Interview with a Shipibo student activist Peru
Jorge Fachin
Interview with an Achaur student activist and leader from Peru

Carmen Moreno
Interview with a student activist from San Isidro, Sucumbíos, Ecuador.

  Indian Boarding School lesson plans on the web at:

American Association of Colleges and Universities 
A great resource for diversity in education.

College Opportunities On-Line
Find information about them all here.

Coalition for the Advancement of Aboriginal Studies
Exposes all K-12 Canadian students to Aboriginal-perspective content.

Scholarship Experts 
Submit specific information for a free scholarship search.

Understanding Prejudice
Prejudice-related links, social justice organizations and prejudice researchers

Take It Back: A Manual for Fighting Slurs on Campus 
Walks youth through the steps for planning and implementing a campaign against slurs at your school.

United Nations Literacy Decade 2003-2012
 100,000,000 children have no access to school, and countless children, youth and adults fall short of required levels to be considered literate.

Young Inventors
A leading advocate for invention and innovation among American youth

Website: Native American Resources

“I Just Loved that School”
 Henrietta Chief Recalls an Indian Boarding School in the Early 20th century

Tribal College Website
An updated website with links to most tribal colleges.

The world's premier career development organization for students of color

   Geometry From the Land of the Incas
Sound, science, and Incan history Includes geometry problems, quizzes, quotations, scientific   speculation, and more.

Educational Resources on Wisconsin Indian Nations 
From the University of Wisconsin.

 Website for 2003 D'Arcy McNickle Center Summer Institute
A rich and valued resource for Native American educational resources.

Website for the American Indian Studies Consortium
Offers workshops, conferences, seminars, and fellowships to CIC graduate students and faculty.

School Bells and Haircuts
The first step in boarding school was to cut the children's hair and take away their native clothes.

  The Zero Saga & Confusions with Numbers
The history, concept, and  symbol of zero, and its role in mathematics.

Diversity within Unity: Essential Principles for Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Society
Download the entire publication and see descriptions of successful K12 programs on diversity.

Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Individual "voyages of discovery" using the artifacts and specimens of the National Collections.

Teaching Diversity with Multimedia

American Indian Studies Program
From the University of Arizona.

Native American Student Services (NASS)
Supports Northern Arizona University's mission to be a National Leader in helping American Indian Peoples.

Indigenous Law Journal
From the University of Toronto

Indian Boarding Schools--Civilizing the Native Spirit
An online lesson xploring the forced acculturation of American Indians in government-run boarding schools.

Native American Documents Project

Healing the Hurts:
The effects on Native American children removed from their homes and put into residential boarding school

 100 words HS students should know for the SATs
From National Public Radio

Columbus and Celestial Navigation
Learn how Columbus tried to determine his latitude using celestial navigation on his first voyage across the Atlantic.

The PhD Project
Utilizes a holistic approach to improve workforce diversity by diversifying business school faculties.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Aboriginal Youth Bursaries and Scholarships 
A scholarship program encouraging Aboriginal students to stay in school and pursue advanced education.

Blue Ribbon Middle and High Schools
The most exemplary middle and high schools in the country.

Tribal Enrollment and Degrees
Enrollment and degrees conferred in tribally controlled institutions, by 

The Milagro Foundation
focuses on serving at-risk, underrepresented and disadvantaged youth

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
Provides parents with a one-stop center of information to increase college knowledge. and

Expectations for Culture-Based Education 
From the Department of Education in the NorthWest Territories
National History Day Curriculum Book 2003

Native Americans and the United States Government: A Guide to Sources

For all new and beginning teachers in the North West Territories Induction program [in Canada’s far north].

Brain: The World Inside Your Head"
A virtual tour inside your head.

Tune back into math education

Ecuador Country Programme -
From UNICDF, outlines the well-being and education of indigenous children in Ecuador

 Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
A cooperative effort among the University of Oklahoma Law Center, the National Indian Law Library, and Native American tribes 

Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest
Includes detailed maps, Web cams, topographic maps, and search and rescue telephone numbers.

The Blue Marble | Global Imagery 
The "blue marble" image is the most detailed true-color representation of the entire earth to date. 

American Indian Social Studies Curricula
Featuring classroom-tested curricula on Native Americans with reproducible copies

ALA Office of Literacy and Outreach Services
 Subcommittee on
Library Services to American Indians

Library of Congress Chat
Ask-a-librarian services now offers live chat sessions in several areas!

Education Week Glossary
An excellent glossary of key terms in education and education reform.

Developed by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools.

Academic Info
Your Gateway to Quality Educational Resources

Chugach School
Smallest school system to ever win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
Hundreds of Federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find.

The Student Council of Inter-Tribal nations
Recounts the forming of the Student Council of American Natives at San Francisco State University

*Public School Student, Staff and Graduate Counts 
Data on students enrolled in elementary and secondary public schools in 2000-01 by grade and race/ethnicity.

Education Finance Database
How does the U.S. and each state spend the estimated $350 billion earmarked each year for education?

Indian School Report Cards, BIA 
From 1997-2001 

New Media for Native Studies from Arizona State and H-Net.

National Congress of American Indians College Prep guide for American Indian Students

Center for Indigenous Nations Studies
From the University of Kansas

Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society
Seeks to increase the number of Aboriginal people in the science and technology careers.

Yukon Native Teacher Education Program 
Earn their B.Ed. and become fully qualified teaching professionals.

Verde Valley School
Foster an environment that promotes the mission of learning to live and think as world citizens.

Ready for Reference Virtual Reference Desk
Ask a question or "Chat" privately with library reference staff members

The Student Financial Assistance programs 
The largest source of student aid in America.

Digital Library of Georgia
Southeastern Native American Documents--2,000 images and documents r.

Hieros Gamos: Law and Legal Research Center
Legal information for over 230 countries and the U.N.  in more than fifty languages.

The Student Guide
A comprehensive resource on student financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

Campus Tours
Campus Tours lists colleges by state; links can lead to VR tours (Virtual Reality), streamed video, or a website.

Freedom Forum
Information on colleges with significant populations of students of color.

 Links Aboriginal, French and English high school students in Canada and with peers internationally.

Online College Applications and FreeFinancial Aid Search

AmericanIndian Scholarship Fund

Absolutely Scholarships
Free College Scholarship Search

Office of Indian Education Programs
Create a preeminent school system for American Indian children

Tribal Court Clearinghouse.
Court cases, law review,  treaty ino, alcohol and substance abuse programs, and more .

An online database of over 260 minority institutions.

Grants and Funding Information for American Indian/Alaska Native Researchers

2001 Survey of Faculty Diversity in "Top 50" Departments

The Children's Partnership Online
Informs leaders and the public about the needs of America's 70 million children

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
One of the oldest museums in the world devoted to anthropology.

Raising Minority Academic Achievement

Teachers on Mission to Save Heritage
Part of a continuing Education World series Lessons from Our Nation's Schools.

Information on the public schools in the DOE's 1999-2000 school year database.

Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development Using Research to Improve Education for Low-Income and Minority Students

If I Can Read, I can Do anything
This project aims to assist Indian communities with increasing literacy skills while preserving Native American identity

Diné College -
Located in Tsaile, AZ. The first tribally controlled college in the United States. 

The Rural School and Community Trust
Rural Schools and Communities Working as Partners for the Future of Rural America

\Young Canadians In A Wired World
A nationwide investigation of Internet use among Canadian youth.

School District Demographics System
 School district geographic and demographic data u

 Oksale Virtual Education Library 
Created for Northwest Indian College

Dan Wildcat speaks on American Indian education

Friendship Through Education
Dedicated to global education and increasing cross-cultural understanding.

National Medical Fellowships
minority medical students to address the special needs of their communities.

ERIC Information
Free info including Standards-Based Reform and American Indian/Alaska Native Education 

The New Mexico Database of Cultural Holdings Museums, Parks, and Monuments

A Guide to Native American Studies Programs in the United States and Canada
Majors, minors, and certification programs

Connecting Youth Through Telecommunications for Global Educational Development 
People of all ages and backgrounds in a cross-cultural project

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum 

Community Guide to Multicultural Education Programs 

First American Education Project,
A group of Native Educators reaching out to the general public

 ABC Children First: Native American Teen Voices
Students at The Native American Prepatory School.

Akitsiraq Newsletter, Summer 2001
From the University of Vancouver Faculty of Law

"Home Schooling in the United States: Trends and Characteristics" 
US Census Bureau [.pdf, Excel]

Aboriginal Law on the Internet

Fifteen Hard Questions to Ask School Board Members

A 1997 report
Detailing Native America's reasons for attending charter schools.

Native Tribal Court Resource Center
Numerous resources including databases, publications and  much more. 

Thomas Indian School Records
New York Historical Records

 Indian Control of Indian Education

 Services and assistance to  improve the quality of education to Indian learners... 
    American Indian Research and Development Inc.

 Teaching and learning strategies using  American Indian Tribal ways

 U.S. BIA--Office of Indian Education Projects

Turtle Mountain School

Zia School
Wingate School
4 Directions School
Sac and Fox Settlement School
Kayenta School
Holbrook Dorm
Polacca Day School

Santa Fe Indian School

Fon Du Lac School
Paschal Sherman School
Breadsprings Day
Mariano Lake Schools
To-hajiiilee-He (Canoncito) School'hajiiilee-he.htm

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