Native Village Clothes, Food, and Shelter Library

Artwork by Noah Billie, Copyright Seminole Tribe

       "Children were encouraged to develop strict discipline and a high regard for sharing . When a girl picked her first berries and dug her first roots, they were given away to an elder so she would share her future success. When a child carried water for the home, an elder would give compliments, pretending to taste meat in water carried by a boy or berries in that of a girl . The child was encouraged not to be lazy and to grow straight like a sapling."
                                                                       Mourning Dove"  


**Exploring the Foods of the Amazon Rainforest
Building Bolivian Identity with Psychedelic Architecture
Borrowing from indigenous Aymara culture, these buildings combine bright colors and striking spaceship-like geometry.
Native American Cuisine: Chef Nephi Craig
Executive Chef Nephi Craig, describes Native American Cuisine and The Native American Culinary Association.
**Native Food Systems Resource Center
An initiative of First Nations Development Institute, under our Native Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative

Intertribal Agriculture Council
 Provides a unified effort to promote change in Indian Agriculture for the benefit of Indian People.

How Native Americans Are Saving Vegetables from Extinction
Rare strains of corn, beans, squash and other native crops might have been lost forever if not for the protection efforts of the Potawatomi and Ojibwe tribes.
**Structures No Longer Seen
An overview of Native American structures that once existed where Strawtown Koteewi Park (IN) is now,
Alaska Native Recipes
Native Recipes
A compilation of articles and recipes from ICTMN
Five Food Group Quiz
Dairy, Fruits, Proteins, Veggies, Grains... how much do you know?
What foods, flavors, and recipes is your area known for?

*The Artistry and History of Aleutian Islands Bentwood Hats
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

An alcoholic drink made in ancient Mesoamerica

**Powhatan's Mantle
Photo from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

**National Indigenous Culinary Institute
 Offers  training and experience for aspiring Indigenous chefs in Australia
The 7 Warrior Foods
Information and recipes
**Foraging for Beginners
Identifying and using edible wild plants

**Six Indigenous Cookbooks to Cheer You Up!
Featuring recipes from Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island

**The Athabascan Snowshoe Makers Residence
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

**Recipes from the Choctaw Nation
Blue grape dumplings, hunters stew, crackling bread and more!
**Traditional Foods in Native America Part III
A compendium of traditional foods stories  from American Indian and Alaska Native communities
Foods of the New World
Vanilla!  Chocolate!! Blueberries! And more!!!
American Indian Foods
A platform for American Indian food businesses to showcase their products and share tribal cultures with the world.
**How to Build an Igloo
Scroll to the bottom for an Inuit style igloo
Traditional Food Systems: The Changing Landscape of Native American Food Sources
Features insights from elders and others involved in food-systems at pueblos in New Mexico
**Native Eats: The Cookbook
A collaboration between First Peoples worldwide and the American Indian College Fund
Feeding Ourselves: Food Access, Health Disparities, and the Pathways to Healthy Native American Communities
A report commissioned by the American Heart Association
**10 Things You Didn't Know About Chocolate
The ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations introduced us to the cacoa bean, a healthy, delicious food-source

Material Traditions - Sewing Salmon
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

St. Lawrence Island Yupik Traditions: Sanightaaq (Ceremonial Gut Parka)
A video from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history

Smoking Salmon With Gilbert King George
Watch the video

**Indian Ag YouTube Channel
From the Intertribal Agricultural Council
**Test your Native American fashion knowledge
Take the quiz!
Running Strong's organic gardens and food program
Bringing nutritious meals as well as fruits and vegetables to poverty stricken, remote parts of Indian Country.
*Americans Try Native American Food For The First Time
**Kah San Chako Haws
Recognized as a case study in sustainable construction in Indian Country by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

**The Sustainable Molokai organization
Native Hawaiian sustainable program on the big island.

**Making Regalia: Straight Dress Making
The fundamentals of straight dress making

The Organic Effect
What happens to a family who suddenly begins eating organic foods.

Seeds of Native Health 
A campaign for Indigenous Nutrition

Native Food  Health Fact Sheets
**The History of Native Fashion at IAIA
This online exhibition explores the textile and fashion program that emerged at IAIA in Santa Fe in the 1960s
**Wild Grain Bars Recipe
Chewy Native American-inspired snack bars

**Winter Food Fun for Kids of All Ages
You’re never too old to play with your food!

“Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool” (FSAT) for Native American communities
Helps Native communities in reclaiming their local food systems.

National Good Food Network
Resources and community dedicated to scaling up good food sourcing and access.
Our Harvests -
An international Indigenous culinary e-newsletter covering Indigenous cuisine, restaurant openings, conferences, announcements from food producers and more
**Native American Heritage Month Recipes
From the American Indian College Fund

The Indigenous Maori Fashion Apparel Board

**The Three Sisters
Corn, beans, and squash

**Native Max Magazine
Native Fashion, style, art, culture, and more

Ancient America: Northwest Coast Woodworking Tools
Their woodworking tradition included houses, canoes, bent boxes, totem poles, and household utensils.

**Healthy Eating on a Budget

USDA National Farmers Market Directory

**Native Food Sovereignty Summit
**Native American Contemporary Jewelry
Explore the online collection from the National Museum of the American Indian
The health Benefits of Chocolate
Understanding ancient wisdom through modern science
**Making a Ladies Shawl
A basic how to video about how to tied a woman's shawl for powwows and other events
A Life in Beads
The stories that a Plains Dress can tell
**Feeding America -- What does Hunger Look Like in Your Community?
View your area on an interactive map

\Reclaiming Native Food Systems Part II: Indigenous Knowledge and Innovation for Supporting Senior Health and Wellness\

Food Systems and Implications for Economic Development
An overview of Native food systems as an asset and how traditional food systems can be an engine for economic development.

Mercury Rising
A safety chart so you can enjoy eating fish without the risk

The Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations 
Provides USDA foods to low-income households, including the elderly, living on Indian reservations,
**Cooking Healthy in Indian Country
A series of videos on how to prepare delicious, healthy recipes!
Traditional Native Foods and Health
How traditional foods are an integral part Native cultural practices, values and belief systems
History of Native Food Systems
A brief history of Native food systems.

**My Plate Kids' Place
Games, songs, activities, exercise and more. So much fun!

Eating Healthy in Native Communities
The value of traditional foods for optimal health in Native Communities

Adopting Sustainable Food Practices
A video (United Tribes Technical College) looks at how traditional indigenous subsistence practices were once sustainable, unlike today.
**Earth Lodges
Learn about the matriarchal culture and agricultural lifestyle of the native Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara people who encountered by Lewis and Clark.

**Lewis Henry Morgan Collection at New York State Museum
A mid-nineteenth century display of Iroquois materials

**Celebrate with Authentic American Indian Dishes
From the American Indian College Fund

**Traditional Foods Project
Traditional foods and sustainable ecology for good health and diabetes prevention among AI/AN communities.

American Native Foods

**Reclaiming Native Food Systems
Reclaiming Native food systems and addressing  complex factors.

**American Indian Moccasins

Healthy Foods for Navajo Schools
Discoveries from the first year of a Navajo Farm-to-School program

**Native Max Magazine
The only online Native American fashion magazine

**N7 Fund
Nike footwear designed specifically for Native Americans

Native Food Systems Resource Center
For Communities, producers, and consumers
**Interactive Fast Food Menu
Select a restaurant and menu item to learn about the nutritional content.

**Food Composition
From the U.S. Dept of Agriculture

**First Nations Farm to School Guide
For Creating a Farm to School Program in an Indigenous community

**Native American Food Recipes
From the American Indian College Fund
**Indigenous Foods First
Aboriginal youth share what they know about indigenous foods and learning how to harvest and cook them
**The United State of GMOs - Keeping Us in the Dark
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in 90% of our processed food
ERC Trailer Project August 2012
Video of donated home transported to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
**Two Farms Journal
"Exactly one year ago Robert Mirabal and I dreamed a dream to start farming corn at Taos Pueblo. It came true. Here's how it happened."
DDP Recipes
Traditional Great Lakes indigeous food recipes.

Nunavut Food Guide
From the Nunavut government: tips, ideas, recipes!

Native Diet 101
Watch the show on Maori Television
Atna:slahu:we Good Food for Life
Indigenous Healthy Eating
Real Food
Uniting Students for just and sustainable food

**Nunavut Food Guide Coloring Book!
From the Nunavut government and in the national language!

**Trading Ideas
Play a trading game through the Virtual Museum of Canada

Mercury Calculator
Type in your weight, select a fish and how much you'll eat to calculate your mercury exposure

**American Indian Foods: Introduction
Produced by the Intertribal Agricultural Council.

Museum of Chocolate
The mysterious history of cocoa and its intimate relationship with the Mayan culture

**Traditional native Farmers Association
"Revitalizing traditional agriculture for spiritual and human need"

**Trading Ideas
Play a trading game through the Virtual Museum of Canada

Seasoned With Spirit Series
Celebrates Native America's history and culture with delicious, healthy recipes inspired by indigenous foods

American Indian Foods
Program of the Intertribal Agriculture Council

As described by Roanoke Colonists
*Solar Cooking
Make your own solar cooker and recipes with items from home.

**How to build a longhouse
Animated assembly of a historically accurate longhouse

**The Center for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development
From Iowa State University

**The Nuu-chah-nulth Traditional Foods Toolkit
The six-booklet online collection teaches that food security begins at home.

**Foods indigenous to the Western Hemisphere
From the American Indian Health and Diet Project. Includes Geographic areas

**Food Sovereignty Assessment in Native American Communities
Participate in a brief survey

Tohono O'odham Community Action
Dedicated to creating cultural revitalization, community health and sustainable development

**American Indian Health and Diet Project
Recipes using mostly traditional indigenous ingredients to improve our health

*Waste Free Lunch
Information for enjoying a waste-free lunch at school work.

**Bowhead Whaling
Interactive activity of history of Indigenous Whaling

 ** The Pollinator Frocks Project
Clothing that actually feeds butterflies and moths!

**North American Clothing after 1500

**Ways to the Heart: Food and Foodways in Hawai'i
**Native American Housing
**Mi'kmaq Family (Migmaoei Otjiosog)
Online documentary:  Journey into the extended family of Nova Scotia’s Mi'kmaq community
**eating  Well with Canada's Food Guide - First Nations, Inuit and Métis
A food guide tailored specifically for Canada's indigenous peoples.*

**Intertribal Agriculture Council
Pursues and promotes Native agricultural resources to help the people.

**Dream of Wild Health
We teach the old ways of growing food and living healthy liv

**Native Women and Youth in Agriculture

**The Hunters of Greenland
A slideshow of Inuit hunters.

**Buffalo Nutrition Facts and Recipe Collection
From the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Health Services

Inupiaq Whale Hunt
Video: An amazing story about this historical and traditional Inupiaq search for food
Inupiaq Whale Hunt
**Barbecue: A History
The World's Oldest Culinary Art given to us by the Taino Indians
*Native American Food and Recipes

Fernando and Marlene Divina
Owners of Divina Restaurant Concepts

Tribal Nations Conference: Public Safety and Housing Panel
From the 2009 Tribal Nations Conference

**Making Palanqueta de Cacahuate Candy
From the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2010
*History of Pumpkin Pie
Settlers weren't impressed by the Indians' squash or pumpkins until their first harsh winter in America.
**Online Video: SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park
Go back to that time to experience how a group of Ohio's early farmers lived.

**Suquamish Virtual Longhouse

**Traditional native food
4 CBC radio interview with traditional Native elders about traditional Native Foods. Don't miss!

*America by Food
Travel through 500 years  and from coast to coast as you explore how Americans grow, prepare, and serve foods.
**Chocolate, the Exhibition
Online interactive event about one of our favorite (and indigenous) foods!
Genetically Modified Food: A Growing Debate
From the CBC
Hopi Fires   
online video: Why is the burning at the 14th Century Chevelon Ruin of the Homol'ovi village in northeastern Arizona so extensive?
**Gila Cliff Dwellings
Online video: New Mexico's Mongollan's Gila Cliff Dwellings were more than cold stone walls. Small children played and families laughed together.
Masterworks and science of Yupik tools and life in an interactive format.
eating  Well with Canada's Food Guide - First Nations, Inuit and Métis
A food guide tailored specifically for Canada's indigenous peoples.

** New World Foods
New World foods changed the eating habits of the entire world.

**Conquests of Chocolate
Listen to radio program or read about Europeans' introduction to cacao by the Mesoamericans

**Native People and the Land: the A:shiwi (Zuni) People
How the A:shiwi  adapt to the semi-arid climate of New Mexico through a centuries-old farming technique known as a “waffle garden.”

**Beauty, Identity, Pride:  Native North American Footwear
Online exhibit of footwear from North America, including the North American Indian and Circumpolar region.

**Right Bite Card
A pocket-sized list of the right fish to buy that are healthier for the environment and sustainability.

**A River of Recipes
Native American recipes using commodity foods.

**Tortilla al rescoldo
Cooked in the ashes of a fire

**SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park
**Lu'au Foods
The lu'au is a celebration that brings together an entire family and community.
As described by Roanoke Colonists
*Dorothy Grant
Fashions from reknown Haida designer, Dorothy Grant.
American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers
A listing of Native architects for design and construction projects
**North American Clothing Before 1500
**I Can't Believe It's Vegan  
Listings of brand name food items that do not contain animal products

Makah Whaling, WA

Nutrition Insight: The Diet Quality of American Indians
A 1999 report from the USDA
**"Eat It to Save It"
First-ever field guide to Northwest food traditions
**Yaxuná: Archaeology of an Ancient Maya City
**Healthy Native Foods and Commodity Food Items Cookbooks
Recipes, food banks, and more for those in California.
Indian Agriculture in Eastern North Carolina
As described by Roanoke Colonists
Native Men and Nutrition

Canadian Aboriginal Creations
A photo collection of items from many Canadian aboriginal nations.

**Native People and the Land: the A:shiwi (Zuni) People
How the A:shiwi  adapt to the semi-arid climate of New Mexico through a centuries-old farming technique known as a “waffle garden.”

**International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Concerned with the viability of crops across the world

All Hawaiians practice the making and giving of leis

**Native American Students Association Salmon Bake
A podcast from Southern Oregon University about the Native Students' annual salmon bake.

**Fishing Trip to Old John Lake
Media presentation by Neets'gaii Gwichen elementary student about this seasonal subsistence activity.
California Food and Nutrition Program
food and nutrition newsletters and information to California Tribes and community based organizations
Sustaining the Future
Series of articles on sustainable cuisine (or "green cuisine"),

As described by Roanoke Colonists

*Snowshoes and Sled Dogs: Wintering in the Yukon
A look at the fun side of winter life in the Yukon, Canada

**Genetically Modified Food: A Growing Debate
From CBC, 8 TV clips and 9 radio clips on the topic

**Mayan home
Photo and floor plans of a Pre-Hispanic Maya houses.

**The Caribou Skin Lodge Project
A photo gallery of the creation of a Dogrib shelter.
**GMO European Map
An interactive map showing areas in Europe free of Genetically Modified Organisms
**Pine Nut Blessing songs
Four traditional Pine Nut Blessing songs stories of the Pine Nut Blessing Ceremonies
**Seminole Food
Taal-holelke (Boiled Swamp Cabbage) and other recipes
** Smithsonian TV: Building a Native Place
Explore the architectural design of the National Museum of the American Indian.
** Native American Culinary Association
The research, development, refinement and Preservation of Native American cuisine 
** Curanto
Must be prepared outside of the house in a pit, in contact with "the warm mother earth," stones, and leaves of nalca.
Made primarily of a long, pointed chili pepper called "aji", or "cacho de cabra" in local dialect.
** Empanadas de Horno de Digüeñes
A dough with filling made from an edible fungus of the oak tree
**Kwakuitl Recipes circa 1914
How to cook a whale, salmon guts, sea slugs, halibut heads, and fresh salmon.
** Alfish Iyagel (toasted peas)
Only two ingredients needed for this dish
Is that where they live?
The Powhatans lived in homes called yi-hakans
**What did they look like? What did they wear?
Precontact information about the Powhatans
**Map of North America and Native American Moccasins
The wide variety of styles on display here
Mesa Verde Mug
Partially restored from Mesda Verde National Park
Thunderbird Chilkat Robe
Woven by Dorica Jackson at the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center.
Beaded Leather Vest
An example of early reservation beadwork
* Quecha Cooking
Recipes for La Chichade Jora and Quiwilla
**Vanilla Beans
The Aztecs shared their belief that the vanilla bean was the food of the gods.
*What Is the Recipe for the Tortilla?
The traditional process for making tortillas from scratch.
*Native Pre-Contact Housing Types map
The map shows distributions of housing types in the pre-contact eras.
Ghost Dance Dress
The Ghost Dance was the vision of a Paiute prophet, Wovoka
**Arviat Iglu Web Site
Details different aspects of traditional shelters such as the iglu
*Kitchen Gadgets
Includes household items used by Native Alaskans and other indigenous peoples for thousands of years.
The latest government food pyramid customized for you.
*Greenroofs 101
"vegetated roof covers, with growing plants taking the place of bare membrane, gravel ballast, shingles or tiles.
*Grand Village of the Natchez indians
The Grand Village was a main ceremonial center for the Natchez Indians in Mississippi ca. between 700-1730
NCIDC Community Food and Nutrition newsletters
Available to download.
* Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes ... the community's farm
* Potatoes
The natives of Peru began cultivating the earliest forms of potatoes 4500 years ago.
CALifornia  Indian Foods
Video Archive from the Tillie Hardwick Lecture Series
* Make and Taste Pataska
The Atacameo make this spicy stew from mote (boiled maize) with charqui (salted/dried meat) and potatoes
**Mapuche Cooking
Make your own catutos
Dance Regalia
Worn by a tribal member on the Lower Klamath River
Prepare Poe from bananas, pumpkin, coconut, and other ingredients using a Papa Nui recipe.
**Ricing Time: Harvesting on the Lakes of White Earth
**The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse
Explore an Iroquoian village clicking anywhere on the picture
*Stone Age Toolkit
Would you know what to use an ancient stone tool for if you unearthed one?
The Fenn Cache
Ten exquisite Clovis stone tools reveal the artistry and skill of America's early flintknappers
**Native American food Guide
A tribal food pyramid from the Yakama Tribal WIC Program
*Taking Stock of Indian Ranching
Native Californians in the cattle industry
  International Year of Rice: 2004   
The vital role that rice plays in agriculture, food security, the environment, culture and science
*food cycle in action
It may be how we survive, but eating can be brutal. A photo series of the
*How Much Water Do You Use?
Take this quiz to see how much water you use around the house.
*Cicada Recipes
Cicada Rhubarb Pie, El Chirper Tacos, Soft-Shelled Cicadas
*Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment
A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity
All across the country, Drinking Water Week brings attention to our most precious Natural resource: water
*Search for Native Tourism Destinations
Travelling this summer? Check it out!
*Indian Dwelling Mix & Match
*Cajun Jambalaya
For the little ones.
*Gifting and Feasting in the Northwest Coast Potlatch
An On-Line Exhibition from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
*Pemmican, boiled corn, wild green salad...
* Chewing Gum
For thousands of years Indians throughout the Americas chewed the sap of plants to relieve hunger and thirst and to freshen breath. Indian people also relied on chewing gum for routine dental hygiene.
*Ketoh (Wrist Guard)
Navajo archers wore ketohs (GAY-toe) to protect their forearms from the snap of their bowstrings
* Harvest Songs
Songs from several cultures and how the people gave thanks to Creator for the harvest.
**Wild Rice and Ojibwe People
Watch the 23-minute Video
* Search To Feed
SearchToFeed is the first Meta Search Engine on the Internet dedicated to fighting world hunger
From the Alaska Native Science Commission
The Aboriginal Mapping Network
A collection of resource pages for mappers belonging to indigenous peoples
Waste Free Lunches
Learn how you can pack waste-free lunch while saving the environment AND money.
Putting Fishers' Knowledge to Work
 Three Sisters Cookbook
   Includes dishes featuring the Iroquois "three sisters," corn, beans, and  squash
*Weapons of HAWAI’I
Rapa Nui Cooking
From Easter Island, a recipe for POE
Salt Institute
The world's foremost source of authoritative information about salt (sodium chloride) and its more than 14,000 known uses
Indigenous Peoples traditional food systems 
Results of a questionnaire from the International Indian Treaty Council
Native American Ethnobotany Database~
 Native foods, dyes, and fibers of Native North American Peoples.
Subsidized Apartment Search
Assists very low-income   families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market
Native American Holiday feast
Inspired by Loretta Barrett Oden. Her mother is a daughter of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation in Oklahoma. And her father is part Irish with Mayflower connections.
Cherokee Dyes
Yellow, brown and red were the main Cherokee colors.
The Coffee Connection 
Find out how you can make a positive difference by drinking bird-friendly coffee. 
  A Mohawk Iroquois Village: An Exhibit at the New York State Museum
Sketches and photographs from three museum dioramas: the village, an agricultural scene, and  longhouse. There are also photographs of artifacts.
Cultivating Canadian Gardens
Begins with the earliest recorded information on the plantings of the Hurons who had been tending their crops long before Europeans arrived in North America
Recipe Source
32 Native recipes, from acorn bread to Zuni Indian Bread
Early Popcorn History Native Homes
The oldest ears of popcorn ever found in New Mexico range in size from smaller than a penny to about 2 inches. They are about 4,000 years old.
Excellent Dishes, Great Experiences
History, Poetry, and Recipes from the Pascua Yaqui
Excellent Dishes, Great Experiences
History, Poetry, and Recipes from the Pascua Yaqui
"Noche de Rábanos" (Radishes Night)
Celebrated in Oaxaca, Mexico, to honor the tradition datong back to colonial  times, when missionaries taught natives how to cultivate radishes.
Historic Photos of Tipis
Oldest known Photo of a tipi 1847c.
Native Homes
Includes Haida House models, Iroquoian longhouse, tipi
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Moccasin Quiz
How much do YOU know about Native American moccasins?
The Tipi
The Museum of Western Expansion offers a brief history of the tepee at
CAS Anthropology--Native Watercraft
Photos of two models of Native American canoes.
The history of chocolate and activities  for children (including a recipe for chocolate modeling clay)/
Moccason Collection
A photo gallery of moccasins.
CAS Anthropology--Tools and Implements
A variety of photos and descriptions of Native tools and implements.
Sipapu: Chetro Ketl Great Kiva
This site presents a three-dimensional reconstruction of a Great Kiva found in many prehistoric Anasazi communities in the Southwestern United States.
Fire on the Prairie
Centuries ago, Native Americans living on the tallgrass prairie would set fires near their villages. They knew that after a fire, nutritious shoots of new grass would appear, and bison would come to graze.
Niitoy-yiss: The Blackfoot Tipi 
A photographic essay on Niitoy-yiss (the tipi) about Blackfeet traditional homes.
Machu Picchu
Learn more about machu Picchu, built near Cuzco, Peru, among the world's great buildings.
How to Build an Igloo
Igloos are houses made of blocks of snow and ice used by the Inuit peoples of Canada. They are still in use today, by many people for different reasons. Build your own from a step-by-step guide.
North American Wild Edibles
Wild foods like cattails and dandelions are edible. But with today's pollution, be sure to read the disclaimer.
Enjoy it like the Maya and Aztecs
immerse yourself in the story of chocolate
Oliver Christian Herold
Named a "Rising Star"in the fashion industry, protesting the exploitation of Native American symbolism drives his fashion endeavors to this day.
Digging Ditches
In the late 1500s, Spanish colonizers marveled in their diaries at the pueblos' fairly advanced irrigation systems

Chocolate: A Mesoamerican Luxury

 American Foods
Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College presents this Web site all about Native American foods, native herbs, and Native American cultures.
Homes of the Past: The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse
The Royal Ontario Museum presents introductory information about the longhouse and allows you to tour a virtual site as an "archaeologist".

The Gathering Song
How an Alaskan Yup'ik village survived starvation by singing and dancing an ancient Yup'ik song.

California Native Food and Nutrition Program
List of useful programs and information
Built in 200-800 AD in Mexico, these cut stone masonry buildings are among the greatest in the world.
Made from cut stone masonry, Guatemala's Tikal is among the world's greatest group of buildings.
The Tipi
The nomadic lifestyle of the People of the Plains required portable dwellings. The tipi was an ideal answer.
Chocolate’s History at a Glance
Pueblo Photo
The Taos Pueblo in New Mexicoo is over 700 years old, and people havem lived here all that time.
Igloo, the Traditional Arctic Snow Dome.
Native American Shelters
What Native Homes were built where you live?
Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development 
Knife River Indian Village site
The 1,758 acre site preserves historic and archaeological remnants of the culture and agricultural lifestyle of the Northern Plains Indians
Navajo Hogan Photo
Food & Recipes 
From Nativetech, one of the best Native American websites on the Internet
The True Food Shopping List
The True Food Shopping List: dividing thousands of common foods into genetically engineered (GE) and GE-free categories.
Take a virtual tour of a longhouse 
 Second Harvest
The nation's largest hunger-relief organization with over 200 food banks and food rescue programs.
*Gifting and Feasting in the Northwest Coast Potlatch
An On-Line Exhibition from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Join Starbucks, Conservation International, and coffee farmers
*Pemmican, boiled corn, wild green salad...
 Native American Recipes~

NativeTech: Virtual Paper Dolls

Drag the eight articles of late 17th century clothing to dress the Indian girl.
**The Future of Food
A must-see documentary that exposes the biotech threat to life on our planet
Future of Food  part 1
Future of Food  part 2
Future of Food  part 3
Future of Food part 4
Future of Food  part 5
Future of Food   part 6
 Future of Food part 7
The Aboriginal Housing Management Association
Develop a self management organization that meets the needs of native communities.

Code Talk 
Code Talk is a federal inter-agency Native American website that provides information for Native American communities. Code Talk is hosted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Native American Programs.

Wild Peppermint Tea, Beaver Ball Soup, Blueberry Wojapi...almost 100 authentic Native recipes 
NativeTech: Food and Recipes

*Tradition, Change and Celebration in Native Women's Dresses
From the National Museum of the American Indian

**Sustainable Table
Introduces you to the exciting and hugely popular sustainable food movement.

Hopi, Navajo, Sinagua...
Photos from Northern Arizona, its pueblos, and historic regions.

Enjoy a slideshow or simply enjoy pictures of Aztec, Inca, Olmec, Mayan, Toltec architecture through the ages

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