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The 9th Grandmothers' Council Gathering in Anchorage, Alaska ~ May 18-21, 2011


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The 13 Grandmothers travel once again from the four corners of the world, calling upon the love and light of the Creator for the healing of the Earth and all beings. They will circle around their Council table to offer their ancient wisdom, stories, prophecies insights and dreams. As in each of their Councils, they honor the children, the local tribal elders and special guests. Three times daily at the sacred fire they will gather to offer prayers. For the ninth time, their fire of peace will burn for seven days and nights.


Join us for the Grandmothers' 9th Council Gathering, as we honor our beloved and cherished Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein and her Yup'ik people in majestic Alaska.


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"Healing is truth, sickness is hiding, it splits life. Creation is selfless.  

Selfish possession kills it." Rita Pitka Blumenstein    


"Grandmother Rita's psychic eagle-eye pierces the darkness, revealing Spirit's euphoric light. With the medicine of both baby and elder, she is kissing each of us, and we remember who we really are. We are babies again, pure and sweet; Creator's precious ones." -Anonymous Grandmother Rita

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