Worship of Indians and native Estonians
Maavalla Koda

In February 2005, a joint worship of Indians and native Estonians took place in Rapla Parish on the Paluküla sacred grove hill. The holy performance was lead by a Lakota worship leader Aloysius Weasel Bear. For the protection of the sacred grove hill and to clarify the minds of the people the gods and protective spirits of both the Native Americans and native Estonians were addressed in chanting and in speaking. Also some moderate gifts were presented to them. The customs of different nations were twined in prayer for the joint aim.

The Lakota worship leader chose an ancient place of a fire for this important performance. Here the local people have burnt the sacred leedofires (an Estonian traditional summer solstice celebration) until the present day.

The Indians shared our concern about the fate of the sacred grove of Paluküla because in their homeland they have been forced to protect their ancestors’ sacred hills against people who want to establish recreation- and ski centres there. The concerns of the native nature worshippers in their fight against the rootless mass culture are the same all over the world. A Hopi woman Mona Polacca who participated in the worship recalled her folk wisdom: „Before every major decision you have to think forward seven generations. We exist thanks to the fact that we were thought about seven generations ago. “

The Paluküla sacred grove hill is one of the grandest historical natural sacred places in Estonia. About this highest hill in the north-west of Estonia a lot of stories have preserved telling us about sanctity, worshipping and sacrifices. According to folklorists it is the proof that the hill was widely known and as important.

Though the hill is located in Kõnnumaa Wild-Life Preserve the local Kehtna municipality is still planning to establish a grand recreation- and sports centre on its slope and next to the hill. In autumn, last year, the friends of the sacred grove prevented the illegal earthwork by putting up a camp at the foot of the hill. At the present moment the Administrative Court of Tallinn is proceeding the action of the local people against the planned ski centre.

The Lakota worship leader Aloysius Weasel Bear and Hopi Mona Polacca Paluküla sacred grove hill

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