The Longest Walk 3 (Reversing Diabetes)
 Feb 14 - July 8, 2011
Condensed by Native Village

From February 14 - July 8, 2011, the Long Walk 3 will take place across America. The 5,000+ mile walk is to raise awareness of diabetes, which is at epidemic levels across America. Hardest hit are Native Americans.

The Long Walkers will leave La Jolla, California on February 14, 2011 (Valentine's Day - Heart Day) and arrive in Washington DC on July 8th. Walkers will split into two routes: North and South.  Along the way, they will hold community talks about reversing diabetes and heart disease through diet and exercise.

The walkers will also launch a CLEAN UP MOTHER EARTH campaign by picking up trash along both routes.  This task is  a global, grassroots effort to promote harmony with our delicate environment.

(see map)
Oregon: Feb 14 - Mar 4
Idaho: Mar 4 - Mar 14
Montana: Mar 14 - Mar 30
South Dakota: Mar 30 - Apr 14
North Dakota: Apr 14 - Apr 28
Minnesota: Apr 28 - May 8
Wisconsin: May 8 - May 22
Illinois: May 22 - June 1
Indiana: June 1 - June 12
Ohio: June 12 - June 22
West Virginia: June 22 - June 30
Virginia: June 30 - July 8
see map

California: Feb 14 - Feb 24
Arizona: Feb 24 - March 16
New Mexico: March 16 - April 6
Texas (panhandle): April 6 - April 8
Oklahoma: April 8 - April 28
Arkansas: April 28 - May 1
Louisiana: May 1 - May 17
Mississippi: May 17 - May 20
Alabama: May 20 - May 22
Florida: May 22 - June 12
Georgia: June 12 - June 19
South Carolina: June 19 - June 25
North Carolina: June 25 - July 2
Virginia: July 2 - July 8

Walkers will have a break from May 11 - 17 to travel back home or help the communities in that state.

A Link Run will be held from Rapid City, South Dakota, to meet walkers in Oklahoma. For more info on this, please contact Tokala Banks through one of our National Coordinators.

Each day the walkers will cover 15 - 25 miles. Runners will run  50 - 100 miles. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on DRUGS/ALCOHOL.

Diabetics are also invited to participate. (Letter to Diabetics:

Nutritional experts will be present to monitor each walker's daily progress. Glucose readings will be taken, then discussed with medical experts who will also assist in the forums.

Each diabetic will pledge a daily walking distance. Medical professionals will monitor blood pressure, glucose readings, and temperatures every 10 - 15 minute during severely hot or cold days.  You may be asked to curtail your walking.

Walkers with wheelchairs are welcomed and encouraged to join.

The Longest Walk needs local event planners, volunteers, supporters, and musicians to play benefit concerts along the route. If you are interested please contact :

Goodie Cloud
National Coordinator
The Longest Walk 3/Reversing Diabetes 2011
(218) 209-0232
Tatanka Banks
President, Dennis Banks Co.
(952) 220-9046
Northern Route:
Chris Francisco
(503) 515-6239

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