AND YOU ARE INVITED!!!!!!!!              

        August 20th marks the 9th birthday of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo. Her importance to Indian people, as well as all the world's people, cannot be understated. She is the manifestation of prophecy. If you are not familiar with her story, please visit her official website. Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo.  

         Once again Miracle's guardians, Dave and Valerie Heider, invite all to join in prayers and celebrations on Miracle's special day.   If you cannot attend the ceremonies in person, Miracle's official webmistress, Stephanie Schwartz, and Native Village invite you to join us in sending birthday prayers or messages to Miracle.    We will compile your writings into a special birthday book and forward it to the Heiders.  The book will be held during the morning ceremonies and prayer circle, then displayed in Miracle's little gift shop.

          Your messages to Miracle will appear only in her birthday book.  They will not be reposted on the web.    We are grateful to the Heiders for accepting and supporting our plans for this birthday card.

Happy Birthday Miracle ... 
and thank you! 
 Sign Miracle's Birthday Book  2003
(Deadline: August 14, 2003)


Schedule of birthday Events for Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
Janesville, WI
August 20, 2003

Sunrise Ceremonies  Diane Wetsit, Nakota
 Women are requested to wear shawls and long skirts of your own people. If possible wear a braid on left side of your hair in a traditional manner. Gifts from your heart to honor Miracle are welcome.

Morning Pipe Ceremony offered by Chuck Browneagle,  Ho-Chunk

An early afternoon pot luck luncheon is open to all. Food contributions and your own traditional dinnerware are welcome!

 Miracle's Museum  will be open all day.

The Heider's gift shop  will also be open all day.  Proceeds help the Heiders maintain Miracle's home. 

*Dave and Valerie Heider request cars be parked in the reserved lot beside their home.
*Please bring lawn chairs marked with your names. Seating is very limited.
*Additions/changes to the schedule are possible. :-)

The Dave and Valerie Heider Farm is located  in Janesville, WI.  Directions, lodging  and other information can be found at: 

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