Here is a picture of Miss Onawa Lacey, Miss Indian World 03-04 joining the Keep the Circle Strong Program of the National Marrow Donor Program at Dakota's birthday celebration in Window Rock, AZ which was sponsored by the Navajo Nation. Miss Lacey is half Navajo and half Caucasian like Dakota.  Approximately one hundred Native Americans joined the Registry over a period of two days at the Fairgrounds in Window Rock.  Vice President of the Navajo Nation, Frank Dayis, Jr.  led a bike run to the Fairgrounds and closed the streets of Window Rock to celebrate Dakota's third birthday and encourage local citizens to join the Registry.  Government employees were given an extended lunch period on that day, Aug. 1st, 03 to join the Registry.  The next day Native American entertainers from the surrounding area entertained people all day and into the night who came to join the Registry.  The Apache Crown Dancers who performed at The Salt Lake Olympics were there.  Top names such as Nate BeGay and Vincent Graig were there.  A variety of musical performers ranging from young women singing traditional Navajo songs to rap music to gospel and rock and roll joined in to entertain the people who came from as far away as Las Cruches, NM to become potential donors.  It was a day to remember.


Dakota's photo album with comments by his grandmother, Kathleen Holmes.

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