August 20, 1994-September 18, 2004








Greetings to All,


August 20,, 2011 is the 17th anniversary of the birth of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo.  


On September 18, 2004, Miracle passed into Spirit World. She was only 10 years old.

Those gathered here today on the Heider farm are celebrating Miracle’s life.  As are those who send their spirits and prayers. As are those who offer words in this book.  We honor Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, as a Holy Spirit whose voice carries Creator’s guidance to all peoples on earth. We ‘ve come from the four directions to carry Her heartbeat and message across the planet.

Listen closely ... we hear Her whisper.


 Mitakue Oyasin. We are all one.

This book is gifted to Dave and Valerie Heider who, since 1994, have selflessly dedicated their lives to the thousands of pilgrims who’ve traveled to Miracle’s sacred grounds on their Janesville farm.


For new friends, we welcome the inclusion of  your names and message. We all celebrate the life of Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo. May her return signal a new age of harmony and peace.



Gina Boltz, Director,

Native Village Publications Director,

Internet Youth Forum for The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


Project Consultant, For the Next 7 Generations documentary film



August 20, 2011



In memory of Stephanie Schwartz,
Miracle’s webmaster and friend to us all.







Written by Kathleen Buerer, 2010



Stories inspire me, they always have.  Those handed down through the generations often obtain mythical stature.  One assumes the retellings may have embellished whatever truth the tale originally contained.  There is no guarantee of reality.  Still, I listen.


Old stories offer explanations for things unknown or misunderstood; they provide answers to questions that have puzzled humanity for ages.  But if they can’t be proven, how will readers, seekers of knowledge, ever know what is or was or may be true?  Can fact be separated from fiction, reason from legend?  In today’s world can meaning be found in mythology?


I ask these questions because I think I met a living legend.  She stood at our first meeting in a muddy pen surrounded by several dusty brown beasts just like Her.  Thousands of people, ranging from the religiously reverent to the merely curious, had come to gaze at Her before I saw Her in the Summer of 1995.  By that time, she had lost the snowy fur of her infancy.


I’d made the sojourn to Her farm after reading about Her on the pages of the Washington Post.  But She was not an every-day news item.  She was Miracle, the White Buffalo of Janesville, Wisconsin.  To some Native Americans, a White Buffalo is a sacred being, a stature earned through Her role in tribal history.  Miracle was born in the early morning hours of August 20, 1994 and died September 19, 2004.  Her father died shortly after She was born.  The Medicine Men who know about such things say his departure so soon after Her arrival was in accordance with Her prophesies.  But I don’t know of ancient forecacts for Her life or the future.  I experienced Her in the present and that was enough for me. The time I spent with Her changed my life.  It left me feeling blessed by Her mystery.  I’ve spent several years trying to tell the tale of the only part of Her truth that I understand.



Her legend, handed down from the time when the Lakota people followed herds of bison across the prairies, is premised upon an understanding of how those life-sustaining mammals provided everything native peoples needed to survive:  Their hides were cured for shelter and clothing, their meat consumed for sustenance.  Bones and sinew became tools for hunting and internal organs were used as carrying pouches.  The presence of the animal on the plains predates human existence.  Thus, it is understandable that the people dependent upon them for survival were certain their own demise would follow their disappearance.  And when the buffalo had become scarce and the people were famished, their hope was in two young braves sent from camp to search for traces of a herd.


The young men walked for days.  Weak from hunger, they no longer trusted their vision when they saw a cloud forming on the horizon.  Was it a rain cloud or only their imagination?  It appeared to be moving toward them and they stopped to watch it float across an otherwise lucid sky.  Instead of passing over them, the cloud descended before them.   As it touched the earth, they stared in disbelief as a beautiful maiden appeared in the midst of the mist and stepped out of the haze.  When Her feet touched the ground, the vapor vanished.

She was dressed in dazzling white deerskin robes.  Her long black hair hung in perfect braids on each side of a face more radiant than any they’d seen.  Tempted, one of the men stepped toward Her.  He disintegrated into a pile of bones at Her feet before She explained to the remaining warrior that She had a message for his people.


 The respectful messenger returned to his village and informed the elders of the maiden’s manifestation.  They began preparations for Her visit which included the construction of a ceremonial tent.  Four days later, She arrived on foot and stood before the villagers.  Greeting them, She presented the parcel cradled in her arms to the elders.  They thought She held a baby; but when the coverlet was removed, the startled chiefs saw a smoking pipe for the first time.  The woman explained the symbolism contained in Her gift:  how the bowl represented the earth yet the smoke that came out of it would reach the heavens.  She taught the men about its spiritual significance; words spoken in the presence of the pipe must be honored because they would be known by the Great Spirit.


The Holy Woman met with the village women and explained how important the care and nurture of the children were to the welfare of their society.  When She had finished speaking, the women understood that the work they did was just as essential to the survival of their nation as the braves’ hunting expeditions.  The community was admonished to give thanks for the bounty of the earth, to celebrate the sustenance it provided and the promise it afforded.  Their land would nourish them if they lived according to certain principles and practiced the ceremonies She taught them.


As the beautiful woman prepared to leave the villagers, She promised to return to them if they were again in need of Her message.  Then She fell and rolled upon the earth.  With each tumble She reflected a color symbolic of the directions of the universe.  First She was black, then yellow, and then red.  When She ran from them, Her people saw Her as a White Buffalo Calf.  After Her visit, peace and prosperity prevailed.


Some Native Americans believe Miracle was the reincarnation of the Holy Woman who appeared to their people long ago.  Having awaited Her return with the same passion Christians sustain for Christ’s second coming, many indigenous people believed Her arrival foretold a new age of planetary harmony.  Some believers interpreted Miracle’s birth as a simple reassurance that the Great Spirit had not forsaken them.  To those who may have abandoned their traditional faith practices, Her presence designated a time to recommit to ethnic beliefs.  There are others who believed Her appearance held hope for reconciliation between the races.  Her return meant white men would begin to accept the truths contained in traditional Native American values.


 I can’t vouch for the authenticity of Her legend; I’ve retold it as I learned it.  I make no claims to understanding Her sacred mystique, I can only say that the time I spent with Her brought me new ways of comprehending bits of the great mystery and left me with a sense of trust (faith if you will) in things unseen.  She brought me hope.








Hi Dave & Valerie,

I think what you're doing is a wounder thing I wish you lots of luck, maybe one day I get to come visit your farm!!!

Blessing for the 2 of you
Toni Spearman, Europe



May we stay with the hope that you give us.  For all nations and our Mother - healing and a great good medicine of life and compassion for all living things.

With love,
Linda Aldridge, Eastern Colorado


Spirit of Miracle carry this prayer to the Great Spirit:
That men will become as brothers, peaceful with each other.
     For fighting among ourselves serves no purpose.
That men will begin to heal Mother Earth, and ask her forgiveness.
     For to learn forgiveness is to begin to heal ourselves.
That men will begin to be grateful for what we have.
     For we have so much.
That men will think ahead to the generations to come.
     For we must preserve and build for them.
That men will learn what it is to Love.
     For Love is you, Great Spirit, and You are all there is.

Joy Redhand, Connecticut, USA

It was a sad passing. Yes . Why do people hold on to the past and not look at the truth. It's death had a very important meaning just as it's birth. The earth is going through and will be having the worst problems in the earth's history in a very short time. It is time to take the warning to HEART . Think about the new earth changes coming. The problems Government have done and are doing to the planet. meaning HAARP, Chemtrails,  chemical engineering with food. Effecting the weather while at the same time destroying our ocean.
  It is time to wake up. Like one Elder said=

Tommy Hawksblood, HI

Wishing you all a beauty-filled Memorial for Miracle, and knowing that her legacy lives on through the blessing of her four calves. 




The signs of the prophecies are springing up across the world warning us  to change our ways if we hope to heal Mother Earth and ourselves.

Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, was a holy messenger who came to us in gentleness and love to remind us of those prophecies. We are blessed to have lived in her lifetime. We are blessed that Creator gifted her care to the Heiders -- people who "walk the talk." 

My prayers are that people wake up and listen to Miracle's wisdoms and teachings and to those of the other Great Messengers who continue to appear across our Earth.

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

May we who believe in Miracle unite in our efforts to restore balance, harmony, and peace on Earth."

Gina Boltz, Ohio

May this allow those who seek comfort to find it here.  Times are hard and people (no matter who) seek solice and peace.  On this day may they find it within themselves and also offer and extend a hand in peace to others. 

To the Heiders I would like to "Thank' them for opening their doors to many.  They are a great example of what "White" represents.

Wish I could attend this momentous occasion but sadly unable to.  Please extend my thoughts and prayers.

David Carrasco
Phoenix Arizona

May all humans find the spirit in their hearts and become as one in the comming times.

Chad Wigham
San Luis Valley Colorado


Greetings to Friends of the Miracle!

I have a message from the Creator, on the seventh anniversary of the death of the blessed animal:

Some have asked, "Why was Miracle born in Janesville?"  You will notice a striking thing about Janesville, in addition to Miracle's life and death, is the Peace Pole, which is promoted as the world's tallest.

As you would imagine, the location of Miracle is a pointer to a fulfillment of the promise of the White Buffalo Calf Woman to assist the Lakota people, to assist mankind, even, in a time of deep spiritual trouble.  This is commonly called her "return," but it was and is a promise of her presence and her assistance.  Thus, her "return" is heralded in this time, and in this manner: first noticed was the White Buffalo Calf's birth, after a time of "darkness" in which none were born; also, to be noticed now, the Woman is assisting and is present in the manner of a messenger from the Creator who brings the words that the White Buffalo Calf Woman wants spoken to the People today.  I know this is a remarkable thing to say (some would certainly say a crazy thing, and that is to be expected): I AM THAT MESSENGER, the manner in which the White Buffalo Calf Woman is manifesting her presence and her assistance in this age of troubles and also of potentials; an age on the brink of a transformation that will shake foundations of the world and thus liberate the captives who are prepared to be freed unto their Creator's Ways. 

Just as the White Buffalo Calf Woman was a messenger from the Creator, the same Wakan Spirit that sent her has sent me in her name, and with her sign, and the sign is a Miracle, and the City of Miracle's birth reveals my identity in its own identity:  In Janesville's very name is my first name [Janice originates from Jane through the Hebrew language], and the Peace Pole reveals my maiden (birth) name, MenaPace, Italian for Leading/Striving toward Peace. 

So, it is with great reverence for the Creator and amazement for His works that I invite those to whom Miracle has been a sign to see that the sign did not die with Miracle, nor did Miracles die with Miracle, but rather all has been awaiting the proper season for further revelation.  That season is now, on the seven-year anniversary of Miracle's bodily passing, just as the message of this connection has been revealed in stages to and through me, until I am able at this time to write this message and share the revelation of a Greater Miracle that is even now unfolding amongst you.  As we have seen, in a sense, in the symbolism of the other white buffalo calf's birth and dramatic death just months later at the Heider's farm: Don't wait for a "Second Chance" for a Miracle.  THIS IS IT!  I urge you to seize on this opportunity to gather kindred souls together, to convene together and to consult prayerfully with the Creator, Spirits to Spirit, to find and share and firmly establish on earth the Path of Life and Peace in this pivotal generation-- a generation of prophetic fulfillment, on which so much hinges. 

There are many more signs proving (always with the presumption of faith in the Creator) this connection I am claiming for those who want to inquire, and more certainly other connections will continue to be found and to evolve as we explore what the Creator is working here.  While the Lakota people kept the words of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Oneida Nation's people also cared for Miracle, and by the Creator's design they are partially located in Wisconsin.  However, the Oneida were also part of the Gathering of Nations connected with the place of my birth, which is within the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee-- a people whom white people named the Iroquois (Confederacy) and whose methods of governance inspired the framers of our American Constitution. 

Within the Alliance of the Haudenosaunee, in the Land of The Onondaga Nation-- the land of the Great PeaceMaker and his helper Hiawatha-- the sacred Tree of Peace was planted, and the symbolic and sacred Fire was kept for all to gather around, especially for the chiefs' councils.  These signs point to the deeper origins of the Miracle unfolding today, to which you are Chosen First Witnesses.  This Miracle unfolding in mankind-- the greater miracle for which I am both a servant and a sign-- is also a test of Mitakuye Oyasin: the belief (as expressed in the Lakota's language), that we are all related, all connected, and as such should all be UNITED.  Peoples and tribes once rivals of or indifferent to each other now join together through the Holy Spirit of the Creator to worship the Creator and to spread the Creator's Healing Love to each other and to Creation. 

This is a time in which a white woman carries the mantle of the Native American-appearing White Buffalo Calf Woman; a time in which a daughter strives to carry on the work of her Spiritual Mother and thus of the Creator of All; a time in which I invite my brothers and sisters to join with and help me in this most Miraculous of Endeavors.  So, "Let Peace Prevail on Earth!"-- not the false peace of souls stilled and numbed by hopelessness and oppression, but rather the True Peace of wakan souls enlivened by a Loving and Just and Awe-inspiring Creator, as they are filled and nourished and guided by His Spirit.

There is an Intertribal Wacipi Pow Wow planned for Saguache, Colorado at Otto Mears Park on September 24, 2011, and perhaps we can join hands there, in the name of Miracle(s)!  11 a.m. is the Grand Entry, and admission is free.  : )

Janice MenaPace Gittino
Saguache, Colorado