For the women - one of the important messages that Miracle brings is for the women:

    Remember the Ways of our own Grandmothers. Whether one is Nakota, Lakota, Cherokee, French, German - Grandmothers wore the dress, a shawl or covering of some kind & generally braids of some kind.  Coming into a circle of prayer as those will on the Sunrise ceremony of Miracle's Birthday - will be an opportunity for the women to honor their own heritage by dressing in the manner of their Grandmothers (& Grandfathers for the men).  For those of us who have been given boys to raise, this is also an opportunity to teach them the Grandmother ways - of compassion, understanding, & tenderness. If one does not know of what descent they come from, now is the time to do the search & find out.  If one looks at the People of this hemisphere today - it is hard to distinguish who belongs to who or what.  Hence, we have so many LOST People - our young have taken to the drugs/alcohol in their confusion of who they are. By knowing who your People are & remembering them on occasion - it lets others know you know who you belong to. It is each & everyone's responsibility to encourage & support those who have the courage to take the steps to do this.

Peace, Love, & Harmony to all the People of Color.  PiNaMiYa (Nakota, thank you)
Diane Wetsit, Nakota