Why Youth should get involved in FCC issues, especially Native Youth!
By Robin Carneen

Starting with the youth presence I saw in Seattle speaking up in unison at the FCC and working my way back to a series of Friday nights spent doing radio on the Pinoleville Reservation in Ukiah CA, I will stress why radio is crucial in the lives of youth.

I have learned as a young person once myself, that youth often feel invisible and voiceless, in general.For example,you have to wait until your 18 to vote and are not considered an adult really, until then. Then if you are Native American like I am, then you already know as a race of people we have little representation in the main stream media. Unless we really push and dive into the multi-media realm ourselves,  we are going to have to settle for Disney and others telling our stories, every which way we turn.

I decided to do something about it myself, in my adult years. In the process, I am reaching back to the youth to mentor them and encourage them not to wait.

In Pinoleville, we had a chance to teach and learn some public radio and actually stream it on the internet,courtsey of my friend Govinda Dalton. We were both doing radio for KZYX & Z at the time. He loves Native Americans and whenever possible, gives airtime on location at different gatherings and events. He generously donated his time and skills, along with his equipment and we did some Rez Radio with a AAY program on this little Rez, in the middle of a big city. It was highly successful, though short lived. We were only able to offer this workshop for several Friday nights but it planted a seed and lots of teens showed up. So, on their Rez for a short time, they were heard loud and clear! They loved it and it gave them a positive outlet and pride!

This greatly inspired me and I continue to offer the same opportunities an support to others wherever I go. I have seen some results of my mentoring. My nephew Jerome Edge(Upper SKagit and mentioned in the FCC report) has his own show. Youth from Tulalip Tribes Reservation have been on my show often in the past. I will continue to make myself available, time and funding permitting to do workshops, if invited.

In the meantime, we have to inundate the FCC with letters and phone calls, letting them know we exist and do not want to have our airtime taken away by anyone. Especially Corporate Media.

Information is provided and if you go to some of the sites, you can hear other young people testifying for the right to keep airtime free and public. There was no age limit, as you will read, two 12 year olds stood up to the FCC. If they can, we all can! So, don't wait!

Your voice is your best tool for change, I encourage you to use it. Do a surf for youth radio. Do a surf for Native Media, call me or email me anytime, I will gladly tell you how to get involved; how to be your own storyteller, for yourself, your family and your community!

This article is dedicated to :(K-AYY Rez Radio)  AAY-WE JUST SAY!

Alliance of Adults and Youth
Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority 694
Pinoleville Dr.
 Ukiah, CA 95482

I have not forgotten about you! Now let me hear you again!