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Native Village has been very busy during the past few months, and we'd like to share our progress with you!

Native Village is honored to join the Native Web Internet Community. Native Web is a project of many people whose vision touches ancient teachings and modern technology. Their purpose is providing a cyber-place for Earth's indigenous peoples. Native Web has been called "the premiere website on native peoples" and was named by the National Endowment for the Humanities as one of their original 21 top Humanities sites on the Internet.

     The National Heritage Foundation has taken Native Village under its wing.   The National Heritage Foundation promotes project activities that help restore, maintain and extend national heritages in the U.S. and cooperating countries throughout the world.  Native Village's acceptance into the NHF is truly wonderful, and we thank them for this opportunity. Their assistance empowers us in finding grants and funding to help us grow.

    Gina Boltz, Native Village Director, has been named one of the Top Ten Online Educators 2004 by Surfaquarium. The award is given to educators singled out by their peers as being an inspiration to educators both locally and across the online community. Walter McKenzie and his first-rate Surfaquarium website are being praised by educators, universities, and educational institutions across the country.

    Mrs. Boltz has also joined the Board of Advisors for the Ready to Learn for Infants Initiative. This project, supported and created by Mesa, AZ, United Way,  educates  parents, grandparents, caregivers, and others about the importance of proper brain development for children from pre-birth to age six.  R2L also offers a wonderful free video called "What We Have Always Known." The video focuses upon Native American communities, their youth, and the wealth of learning experiences within Native cultures.
For a free video of What We Have Always Known, contact Diane Fausel at:

     Native Village would not be possible without the support from our readers, family, friends, and online volunteers who generously share time and research. To each and every one of you:  Thank you for your help, Thank you for your kindness, and Thank you for reading Native Village News and visiting our website.                                                

  Gina Boltz
Director, Native Village Publications

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