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April 1, 2013

The Tribal College Journal 19th annual student creative writing contest Winners
TCJ is now soliciting artwork from tribal college students:

AIHEC Student Conference Art Contest

Deadline: April 13, 2013

The Tribal College Journal has named the winners of its 19th annual student creative writing contest. The categories are fiction, poetry, and memoir/narrative. Three award recipients were honored in each writing category along with honorable mentions.

The students were recognized last month at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium's annual student awards banquet in Wisconsin.

Winning entries will be published in the fall edition of Tribal College Journal. In August, they will be posted on TCJ's new student creative writing website, TCJ Student.

Entries earning an honorable mention will be published online in the fall.

TCJ's award winners for 2013

Best Memoir/Narrative:

Marcus Hamley (Turtle Mountain Community College) "The Blaspheme of Joshua"
James Lindgren (Turtle Mountain Community College) "Fast Shoes"
Tom Swift Bird (Oglala Lakota College) "Man the World Forgot"
Honorable Mention
Jamie Ball (Blackfeet Community College) "Crossing the Mountains"  
Misty Daniels (Fort Peck Community College) "What I Deserve"  
Byron Faspaas (Institute of American Indian Arts) "The Craft"  
Michael Kittson (Blackfeet Community College) "Impact of Education in Indian Country"  
Koby Sommer (Sitting Bull College) "Between a Drum and a Heart"  
Tom Swift Bird (Oglala Lakota College) "Remembering in a World of Forgetting"

Best Fiction:

Kaylene Jay Big Knife (Institute of American Indian Arts) "Today, Caribou"  

Josh Cunningham (Haskell Indian Nations University) "Happy, Hopeful"  
Katrina Montoya (Institute of American Indian Arts) "Daughter"
Honorable Mention
Kaylene Jay Big Knife (Institute of American Indian Arts) "A Dragon's Epilogue"  
Free Dubois (Cankdeska Cikana Community College) "John Broken Rib"  
Eileen John (Haskell Indian Nations University) "Desert Life"  
Tom Swift Bird (Oglala Lakota College) "Journey of a Dime Store Rose"  
Tom Swift Bird (Oglala Lakota College) "Wanderer of the Wastes"  
Jennifer Whitewolf (Comanche Nation College) "Champion Fancy Dancer"  
Wayne Thomas Yandell (Haskell Indian Nations University) "Goodbye Missouri"

Best Poetry:

Eileen John (Haskell Indian Nations University) "Lost Traditions"  
Anna Nelson (Institute of American Indian Arts) "To the Child Born in the Age of Technology"  
Tom Swift Bird (Oglala Lakota College) "Hymn From Beneath the Empire's Heel"
Honorable Mention
Roderick Bruce, Jr. (Turtle Mountain Community College) "A Frozen People"  
Lisa Jones (Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute) "Paradox"  
Douglas Karaszewski (Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College)
"The Mad River Flows"  
   Katrina Montoya (Institute of American Indian Arts) "How These Levees Broke"  
Desiree Pulido (Northwest Indian College) "We are Red and Vibrant"

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