Gujarat's indigenous tribes to get brand registration for tribal medicines
Condensed by Native Village

India: Indigenous tribes from Gujarat will be India's first tribal communities whose age-old medicinal knowledge will be branded and registered by the state government.

The tribal branding project includes a trademark and geographic indicator on all sales of these products. It will help protect tribal communities' knowledge and bring income back to their region.

The State Forest Department forest will create a pool of brands for local herbs found in Dangs. The Dangs has more than 350 species of medicinal plants scattered over 311 villages and has 60 Bhagats (tribal healers).

"Currently, middle-men collect herbs from the locals who in turn end up getting exploited. We will create a dedicated marketplace for processed hubs that could be bought by ayurvedic pharma companies," said S K Chaturvedi, a forest conservator.

Registration enables tribes to restrict others from using similar intellectual property, says advocate Aayush Modi from Nanavati Associates. His firm, along with the State Forest Development Agency, is applying for trademark registrations for products manufactured or sold by the tribals.

So far, over 12 medicinal products have been introduced. They include the herbal cattlefeed DudhNahar, vitality capsules Teranta, and StonOff, for removal of kidney stones.