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November, 2012

'Lady Snake Lord' Tomb Discovered: Mayan Warrior Queen Believed Found In Guatemala
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Guatemala: All hail Lady Snake Lord. Archeologists believe they have finally discovered the tomb of the great Mayan warrior queen, Lady Ka'bel.

Lady Ka'bel ruled the Wak kingdom for her family, the Kan or "Snake" dynasty, between 672 - 692 A.D. She was a supreme war lord and among the most powerful rulers of the Classic Maya civilization. In fact, Lady Snake Lord's power can be compared to Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba.

The dig at El Peru-Waka produced a critical clue to the bones' identity: a stone alabaster jar in the tomb with a the carved head of an old woman poking out of it. The lined, stern face matches historical accounts of the queen, and the carved hieroglyphics on the other side of the jar list her known nicknames, including Lady Snake Lord.

"It's as close as to a smoking gun as we can get in archeology," said archeologist David Freidel from Washington University in St. Louis.

Other ceramic vessels in the tomb and stone carvings on the outside also suggest the skeleton belongs to Lady Snake Lord. But it's also possible that she handed down the jar as an heirloom to another royal who was ascending to the great beyond, Freidel said

David Stuart, a professor of Mesoamerican art and writing at the University of Texas said there's a "fair chance" it was Lady Snake Lord.

In any case, Lady Snake Lord was one commanding potentate -- even at home. Her husband was king, but she alone carried the title of "Supreme Warrior," meaning she ruled over him, too.

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