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Native America Calling features most censored Native newsmakers 2011

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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Native America Calling is an award-winning live radio show hosted by Harlan McKosato, Sac and Fox. Recently, NAC hosted a program about the most censored Native American news and newsmakers of 2011. Content assistance came from Brenda Norrell, award-winning journalist of Censored News.

This Native American Calling program is archived at the NAC website.

Scheduled guests included: 

Debra White Plume
White Plume, a Lakota from Pine Ridge, S.D., fought the Tarsands Keystone XL pipeline. The activist and grandmother was among those arrested at the White House in September. Debra also fights uranium mining on Lakota lands.
  Klee Benally, Navajo.
The protests to protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Arizona, and the lockdowns to heavy equipment, were the most accessed articles at Censored News in 2011. Native photographers and Youths of the Peak, provided photos of the lockdowns and protests as those happened.


The Indigenous Environmental Network.
IEN members were arrested at the White House protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. Two IEN newsmakers are Native American youths: Kandi Mossett, who hosted the IEN conference at the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations in North Dakota, and Mohawk photographer Ben Powless.

More from Censored News:
  2011's major Censored News topics and exposés    Top Censored News Stories from 2011

Environmental Genocide
The Americas' Indigenous peoples continue to fight coal-fired power plants, uranium mining, silver and gold mining, and oil and gas drilling.
Wikaritari (Huicholes) battle silver mining on their sacred lands in Mexico.
On the Blood Reserve in Canada, women stood in front of oil and gas trucks to stop the destruction.
Wikileaks exposed US spying on Indigenous Peoples from Mapuche in South America to the Mohawks in Canada.
Wikileaks exposed America's role in Peru to promote mining as Indigenous Peoples were dying to protect their lands.
Both Venezuela's and Bolivia's presidents were targets of US State Department spying.
Throughout Indian lands, the battle continues for clean drinking water, the protection of the aquifers and to halt the theft of Indian water rights.
Traditional Arts
Northern Paiute Wesley Dick battled the Nevada Game and Fish Department -- and won -- after he was charged while gathering (tules) cattails for traditional crafts.
Border Issues
In the US, Hacktivists Anonymous exposed Arizona police files to show that white supremacists and off duty Marines are patrolling the Arizona border with assault weapons.
Meanwhile, the militarization of the US/Mexico border continues. Drones fly overhead, and Border Patrol agents abuse Indian people in their homelands.
Censored News published a diagram of $1,500,000,000 spy towers being planned for the Tohono O'odham Nation. Spytowers on the Arizona border ($1,000,000,000 each) didn't work. 
Project Gunrunner began in 2005 under the Bush administration. An ATF brochure was published that shows which assault weapons were allowed to "walk" to drug cartels in Mexico.
In Phoenix, Navajo and O'odham led protests against the American Legislative Exchange Council. Among other things, the ALEC enables companies to make profits by packing jails with migrants, American Indians and other people of color.
ALEC protests included action at the Salt River Project, which operates a Navajo Nation's coal-fired power plants. Protesters were pepper sprayed by police. O'odham veteran David Ortega was hospitalized.
Racism continued, from violent beatings of Indian people by white supremacists, to the censorship of their voices in the newsrooms.

Also among Censored News major 2011 stories:

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#2: Lakotas to Diane Sawyer: Let Lakotas tell their story
Updated with video from Lakota teens: ‘We are more than that’

#3: Hacked data reveals US Marines as contract killers

#4: Video: Who shot Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland?

#5: Neo Nazis and militia show up armed at Occupy Phoenix

#6: Video: Police beating Berkeley students, young women:

#7: Tucson: Hackers reveal data targeting ethnic studies
School cop reports ethnic studies

#8: Flagstaff police attack and arrest Protect the Peaks marchers
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