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Volume 3, January 2012

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Approves SAVE Native Women Act
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Washington D.C.: The US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has approved S.1763, the SAVE Native Women Act.   [Stand Against Violence and Empower Native Women Act]

According to the Department of Justice an epidemic of brutality is plaguing American Indian women. 40% of women in Native communities will suffer domestic violence. 33% will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

80% of those who commit the crimes are non-natives.  Under current law, they cannot be prosecuted by tribal governments.

If enacted, the SAVE Native Women Act would give tribes criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians who commit crimes of violence on tribal lands. It would also give them civil authority to issue and enforce protection orders, strengthen tribal coalition programs, and fight the trafficking of Native women.

"Tribal governments are in the best position to protect Native women and children from violent predators. This legislation is a critical step in the right direction," said Sarah Deer from Amnesty International.

Senator Daniel K. Akaka, Native Hawaiian

"I would like to offer my sincerest appreciation to Senators Franken, Udall, Inouye, Johnson, and Tester, who co-sponsored this bill, to Senator Murkowski who was added as a co-sponsor today, and to my fellow members on the [Indian Affairs]Committee for approving this important piece of legislation.

"The SAVE Native Women Act will work to prevent violent crimes against Native women and will hold perpetrators accountable for their criminal behavior," said Senator Akaka. "Although we cannot change the past or right the wrongs for those who have been victimized, we can change their futures by passing legislation to better protect Native women, children and families, and by putting a stop to this cycle of violence."

Senator Akaka's SAVE Native Women Act Floor Introduction  

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