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78 successful natural alternative cancer treatments commonly used worldwide

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Plant extracts combined with antioxidants help regulate the body's physiology to repair, regenerate and restore normal cell functions.


A liquid combination of five natural cancer inhibitors documented to be effective.

Oxygen therapies

Oxygen may be a cancer cell's worst enemy. Oxygen treatments are used overseas. The FDA does not approve oxygen cancer therapy in the U.S.


Has a growing reputation for effectively fighting chancer when taken daily as a tea over three months time.

pH Balancing

Excessive acid conditions drive oxygen from the body


Research demonstrates its remarkable ability to kill tumor cells without toxic side effects.

Proteolytic enzymes

Has long been used to treat cancer and is promoted by numerous alternative cancer practitioners.


Early studies shows that taking PMGs for a specific cancer initiated a healing of that organ.


Does not cure cancer but may help  improve a patient's quality of life.


A safe, new, and effective alternative to conventional radiation treatment


Inhibits enzymes used by cancer cells for  duplication and growth.  Science Magazine devoted an entire article to its effectiveness in treating cancer.

Optimized vitamin D levels will work synergistically with virtually every other cancer treatment. There are showing its effectiveness in the treatment of cancer! You'll

In the 1930s, Royal Rife identified a tiny virus as the basic cause of all cancers. While most Most doctors discredit it, many scientists and doctors have since confirmed Rife's discovery of the cancer virus.


People taking selenium for 10 years had 41% less total cancer than those taking a placebo.


Shark Cartilage

The National Cancer Institute says it's shown to "have some value" in cancer therapy.

Skin Cancers

Curaderm BEC5 and PDQ has successfully treated  dangerous skin lesions.

Stabilized Aloe Vera

Inhibits the production of new blood vessels to feed tumors. Active substances in aloe leaf extracts may have  anti-cancer effects.

Tian Xian

The active herbal ingredients of 15 plant extracts aims to control, inhibit and destroy cancer cells. It has won many awards in China

Transfer Factor Plus

Clinical studies can increase Natural Killer cell activity up to 437% above baseline. Natural Killer cells provide a crucial first defense againscancerous cells. Many studies show effectiveness of this product.

Turmeric (See Curcumin)  Numerous articles have been written about its remarkable effectiveness in the treatment of cancer.


Early tests on 60 cancers at the National Cancer Institute showed it inhibited cancer growth by 100%. Although highly toxic to cancer, it shows little or no toxicity to healthy cells.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI)

UVBI is an inexpensive 3-step treatment that exposes  exposes blood to ultraviolet light (UV). UVBII has been effective against a variety of serious illnesses.  It's used successfully in Europe. 

Virginia Livingston Therapy

A vaccine and nutrition-based cancer therapy assumes that cancer is caused by bacteria that's only active when the immune system is weak.. 



A  vaccine that undermines a cancer cells defense mechanisms. It may be a first-line treatment for persons with recently diagnosed cancers. A

Vitamin C (high dose)


The Nat. Institutes of Health is actively sponsoring studies on intravenous Vitamin C therapy, It has already shown successful in the natural health care community.

Vitamin D


Optimized vitamin D levels will work synergistically with virtually every other cancer treatment. It has shown  effective in the treatment of cancer!




VIBE Machine

. The Vibe Machine gives off frequencies of energy that restores our cells to healthy operational potential when used over time. Certain universities and federal government agencies are studying it's unique ability to restore health. It has been effectively for animals.



Wigmore therapy (Anne Wigmore 1909-1993)

Wheatgrass juice and sprouts are the basis for the Anne Wigmore regimen, which she originally devised to cure her own cancer. For decades thereafter, she was successful in helping others using the same approach.



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