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Mountain lion killed in Conn. had walked from S. Dakota
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Connecticut:  A mountain lion killed this summer on a Milford, CT highway had walked 1,500 miles from South Dakota. The epic journey was the longest ever recorded for a mountain lion.


Same Mountain Lion in Wisconsin, January 2010

DNA tests show that the 140-pound cat traveled from the Black Hills, SD area.

"The confirmation of a wild mountain lion in our state was the first recorded in more than 100 years," said Daniel Esty from Conn.'s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

He added that Connecticut does not have its own native mountain lion population.

DNA tests show that tissue from Milford's mountain lion matches the genetic structure of mountain lions in the Black Hills area. It also matched DNA collected from an animal who crossed Minnesota and Wisconsin in late 2009 - early 2010.

The Midwestern DNA samples were obtained by collecting scat (droppings), blood and hair found while tracking the mountain lion.

At least a half dozen confirmed sightings of a mountain lion in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan are believed to be the same animal. The distance from the first documented sighting in MN and the spot where it was killed by a car is almost 1,000 miles. This nearly doubles the longest distance on record for a dispersing mountain lion.

Male mountain lions normally "disperse" in search of females, but usually travel only about 100 miles.

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