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Environmental law violations found at scores of tribal schools run by Interior Department
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A settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], the Department of the Interior [DOI] must pay a $234,844 civil penalty for violations in 160 schools across the country.

Thousands of Native students attend schools overseen by the Department of Indian Affairs (part of the DOI). Between 2008-2009, the EPA investigated 100 OIE schools. They found a vast number of federal violations in 72 schools and 27 water systems on or near the lands of 60 tribes including:

not properly disposing of hazardous waste,
not containing asbestos in heating systems,
having tap water that far exceeds maximum arsenic levels

The violations include waste, water, air, toxics and community right-to-know laws. 

“Children are more vulnerable to environmental exposures than adults, which is why ensuring that schools provide safe, healthy learning environments for our children, particularly in tribal communities, is a top priority,” said Cynthia Giles from the EPA.

The settlement will go, in part, to correcting violations of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act. The DOI must also undergo audits to check for environmental compliance at the schools.

The The EPA Web site states: “Pollution of the air, water and land in Indian country and in other tribal areas may pose significant threats to the health and environment of members of the 564 federally-recognized Indian tribes. Pollution may seriously damage ecosystems and tribal members can face increased risk from pollution because of subsistence hunting, fishing, and gathering practices.

Bureau of Indian Education Owned hazardous Schools

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EPA Region 1

1. Beatrice Rafferty School
2. Indian Island School
3. Indian Township School

EPA Region 4

4. Ahafachkee Indian School
5. Choctaw Central High School
6. Choctaw Central Middle School
7. Pearl River Elementary School

EPA Region 7

35. Haskell Indian Nation University
36. Kickapoo Nation School

epa Region 10

159. Chemawa Indian School
160. Coeur d’ Alene Tribal School
161. Muckleshoot Tribal School
162. Quileute Tribal School
163. Yakama Tribal School
164. Shoshone Bannock School

EPA Region 5

8. Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa School
9. Bahweting Anishnabe School (JKL)
10. Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School / Gym / H.S.
11. Circle of Life Survival School
12. Fond du Lac Ojibwe School
13. Menominee Tribal School
14. Nay-Ah-Shing School
15. Oneida Nation Elementary School

EPA Region 6

16. Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI)
17. Jicarilla Dormitory
18. Ohkay Owingeh Community School
19. San Ildelfonso Day School
20. Santa Clara Day School
21. Te Tsu Geh Oweenge Day School (Tesuque)
22. Taos Day School
23. Isleta Elementary School
24. Jemez Day School
25. Laguna Elementary School
26. Laguna Middle School
27. San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School
28. Sky City Community School
29. T’siya (Zia) Day School
30. Eufaula Dormitory
31. Jones Academy
32. Riverside Indian School
33. Sequoyah High School
34. Chitimacha Day School

EPA Region 8

37. Northern Cheyenne Tribal School
38. St. Stephens Indian School
39. Blackfeet Dormitory
40. Two Eagle River School
41. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School
42. Pierre Indian Learning Center
 43. Takini School
44. Tiospaye Topa School
45. Crow Creek Reservation High School
46. Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Elementary School
47. Lower Brule Day School
48. Circle of Nations-Wahpeton Indian Boarding School
49. Flandreau Indian Boarding School
50. American Horse School
51. Crazy Horse School
52. Little Wound School
53. Loneman Day School
54. Pine Ridge School
55. Porcupine Day School
56. Wounded Knee District School
57. Marty Indian School
58. Sicangu Owaye Oti (Rosebud Dormitory)
59. St. Francis School
60. Sitting Bull Day School (Tatanka Wakanyeja Oti)
61. Rock Creek Grant School
62. Standing Rock Community School
63. Tate Topa Tribal School (Four Winds)
64. Dunseith Day School
65. Mandaree Day School
66. Ojibwa Indian School
67. Turtle Mountain Community Elementary School
68. Turtle Mountain High School
69. Turtle Mountain Community Middle School
70. Twin Buttes Day School
71. White Shield School

EPA Region 9

72. Blackwater Community School
73. Casa Blanca Community School
74. Cibecue Community School
75. Gila Crossing Day School
76. John F. Kennedy Day School
77. Salt River Elementary School
78. Santa Rosa Boarding School
79. Santa Rosa Ranch School
80. San Simon School
81. Theodore Roosevelt School
82. Tohono O’odham High School
83. Black Mesa Community School
84. Chinle Boarding School
85. Cottonwood Day School
86. Jeehdeez’a Academy Inc. (Low Mountain)

87. Lukachukai Community School
88. Many Farms High School
89. Nazlini Community School
90. Pinon Community School
91. Rock Point Community School
92. Rough Rock Community School
93. Alamo Navajo Community School
94. Baca/Dio’ay Azhi Community School
95. Bread Springs Day School
96. Chi-Chil-tah (Jones Ranch Community School)
97. Dibe Yazhi Habltin’ O’lta’, Inc. (Borrego Pass Day School)
 98. Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School
99. Hanaa’dli (Huerfano) Community School
100. Lake Valley Navajo School
101. Mariano Lake Community School
102. Na’Neelzhiin Ji’Olta (Torreon)
103. Ojo Encino Day School
104. Pueblo Pintado Community School
105. T’iists’oozi’bi’olta (Crownpoint)
106. To’Hajilee (Canoncito)
107. Tse’ii’ahi Community School (Standing Rock)
108. Wingate Elementary School
109. Wingate High School
110. Ch’ooshgai Community School (Chuska)
 111. Crystal Boarding School
112. Dilcon Community School
113. Greasewood Springs Community School, Inc.
114. Tiisyaatin Residential Hall (Holbrook)
115. Hunters Point Boarding School
116. Kin Dah Lich’i Olta

117. Pine Springs Day School
118. Seba Dalkai Boarding School
119. Wide Ruins Community School
120. Winslow Residential Hall
121. First Mesa Elementary School
122. Second Mesa Day School
123. Havasupai Elementary School
124. Hopi Day School
125. Hopi High School
126. Hotevilla Bacavi Community School
127. Keams Canyon Elementary School
128. Moencopi Day School
129. Aneth Community School
130. Atsa’Biya azh Community School

131. Aztec Dormitory
132. Beclabito Day School
133. Cove Day School
134. Nenahnezad Community School
135. Red Rock Day School
136. Sanostee Day School
137. Shiprock Reservation Dormitory
138. Shiprock Northwest High School
139. T’iis Nazbas Community School (Teecnospos)
140. Tohaali’ Community School (Toadlena)
141. Duckwater Shoshone Elementary School
142. Pyramid Lake High School
143. Sherman High School

144. Chilchinbeto Community School
145. Dennehotso Boarding School
146. Greyhills Academy High School
147. Kaibeto Boarding School
148. Kayenta Community School
149. KinLani Bordertown Dormitory (Flagstaff)
150. Leupp School, Inc.
151. Little Singer Community School
152. Naa Tsis’ Ana Community School (Navajo Mountain)
153. Richfield Residential Hall
154. Rocky Ridge Boarding School
155. Shonto Preparatory School
156. Tonalea School (Red Lake)
157. Tuba City Boarding School
158. Pine Hills School


BIA-Owned hazardous Water Systems

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EPA Region 5
Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School / Gym / H.S.

EPA Region 6
Taos Day School
San Felipe Pueblo Elementary School
Santa Clara Day School

epa Region 10
Chemawa Indian School
Indian School District 512 (Shoshone-Bannock)

EPA Region 8
American Horse School
Crazy Horse School
Flandreau BIA School
Porcupine Day School
St. Stephens Indian School
Wounded Knee District School
Little Wound (Kyle) School
Pine Ridge Community School (Oglala)
Crow Creek High School
Northern Cheyenne Tribal School
St. Francis Indian School
Dunseith Day School


EPA Region 9

Baca/Dio’ay Azhi Community Schoo
Bread Springs Day School
Chi-Chil-tah Boarding School
Cibecue School
T’iists’ooz’bi’olta (Crownpoint)
Dibe Yazhi Habltin’ O’lta’, Inc. (Borrego Pass)
Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School
Hanaa’dli (Huerfano) Community School
Hopi High School 
Hotevilla Bacavi Community School
John F. Kennedy Day School
BIA Hopi Agency (Keams Canyon)
Lake Valley Navajo School
Mariano Lake Community School
Na’Neelzlin Ji’Olta (Torreon)
Ojo Encino Day School
Pine Hills School
Pueblo Pintado Community School
Rough Rock Community School
San Simon School
Second Mesa Day School
Standing Rock Community School (Tse’ii’ahi)
Theodore Roosevelt School
Wingate Elementary School
Wingate High School
Sherman Indian High School
Ch’ooshgai Community School (Chuska)
Shonto Preparatory School
T’iis’Nazbas Community School (Teecnospos)
Sanostee Day School

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