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NEW Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws Vol.5: Bear Walker
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Ontario: Little Spirit Publishers has just released BEAR WALKER, the 5th volume in the Rabbit and Bear Paws [RBP] graphic novels series.

A winterís day full of fun and excitement takes an unexpected turn when our young heroes, RABBIT and BEAR PAWS, cross paths with a mysterious and powerful healer known as the BEAR WALKER.

What does this man want from our boys, and what secret is he hiding?

 Discover the bear walkerís surprising true identity in this hilarious and heart warming all-new adventure!

The RBP series is written by Chad Solomon and illustrated by Christopher Meyer. The books are set in 1750ís colonized North America and features the comical adventures of two brothers, Rabbit and Bear Paws. Each story uses traditional native teachings and humour based on the seven fires prophecies and the Seven Grandfathers of the Anishinabek peoples.

The Anishinabek were the middle-men of the Fur trading era. They traveled and traded among many native Nations on Turtle Island, as well as the French and English. Readers learn of the unity among Native communities and how they related peacefully among themselves.

RBP also enables Native youth to explore their roots as it shares Aboriginal wisdom with a world audience.  The characters are mischievous and the audience learns enjoyable life lessons from their numerous pranks and mistakes.

Rabbit and Bear Paws' has a large -- and ever-growing -- audience of enthusiastic fans.  The books are endorsed by John Beaucage, Grand Council Chief of the 42 communities of the Anishinabek Nation. The communities verify that RPB is ďan informative and entertaining way for North Americans of all ages to learn more about First Nations history, cultures and traditions.Ē

View the BEAR WALKER slideshow below!!
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