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Physical Activity Kit
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Physical Activity Kit boxIt looks like fun and games. It's all that, and exercise, too!

PAK is a new series from the Indian Health Services. The seven-part series combines traditions and fun to promote exercise among American Indians and Alaskan Natives.  PAK is designed to serve newborns to Elders.

PAK's toolkit is based on best and promising practices. While the activities are culturally appropriate for Native communities, others might find them  useful. PAK can be used in schools, communities, worksites, Head Start programs, elderly centers, and youth programs.

Quotes from the community:

"PAK gives me ideas of what I can use as physical activities with my students or groups."
"PAK games are always easy to conduct.  Having participants laughing and smiling during activities makes it worth our time."
"It is nice to get people to participate in some aerobic activity because they think they are just having fun.  It is not until after that we tell them they were actually exercising and then you see the light bulbs go off."
"Our children enjoy the PAK activities and donít want to stop."
"I like that PAK is geared to all ages so that way as a trainer I am able to identify which activities to use based on my audience."


PAK Book 1: Young People
 "Turn Around Game"
Instructor: Theresa Clay, HPDP Coordinator, Navajo, NM

Contains fun and interactive physical activities for school-age children to use in the classroom or group settings. The physical activities include individual, partner and group activities.
PAK Book 2: Mt. Pathways Challenge
"Yellow Bead Trail"
Joe Law, HPDP Coordinator, Portland IHS, Klamath Siletz and Northern Cheyenne

Focuses on a person's progress through five trails with increasing levels of physical activity.
PAK Book 3: Modified American Indian Games
 "Lakota Relay Race"
Instructor: Alberta Becenta, HDPD Consultant Navajo, Rockville MD

Contains traditional games modified to increase activity while retaining the original nature of the games.
PAK Book 4: Exercise Breaks
"High & Low Stretches, Rag Doll, Dragon Trail"

Instructor :Donovan Abeita, Personal Trainer, Acoma Pueblo and Isleta Pueblo

Contains simple and short duration (2-10 minutes) activity breaks that can be done in a small space with no equipment and set-up.
PAK Books 5: Young Children and Exercise Breaks
 "Personal Space & Animal Walks"

Instructor: Joe Law, HPDP Coordinator, Portland IHS, Klamath Siletz and Northern Cheyenne

Contains physical activities and movement for infants, toddlers, and preschool children.
PAK Books 6: Not Available
PAK Book 7: Older Adults
"Warm-Up, Cardiovascular, Strength, Cool-Down"

Instructor: Freda Carpitcher, HDPD Coordinator, Oklahoma Seminole Nation

Contains physical activities from the Healthy Body Awareness program which is a physical activity and nutrition education program for Navajo elders.

PAK Book 8: Resources
"Fitness Testing"

Instructor:Donovan Abeita, Personal Trainer, Acoma Pueblo and Isleta Pueblo

Contains titles, descriptions and web links for physical activities resources.

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