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Tribal College Journal 2011 student writing competition

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The Tribal College Journal is published by the AIHEC [American Indian Higher Education Consortium], an organization of 37 tribally-controlled colleges and universities. 


This year's TCJ  annual writing contest drew more than 90 submissions from 73 Native students. The top three entries will be published in the Fall 2011 issue of Tribal College Journal.

Student winners come from 11 different tribal colleges and universities and represent several tribes.  Their educational paths range from liberal arts and new media to indigenous health science and nursing.




Top Three Entries:

"Trial Day" by Manih Boyd, College of Menominee Nation

"Pamatesēw" by Racquel Boyd, College of Menominee Nation

 "The Reunion" by Brandon LaMere, Little Priest Tribal College

Honorable Mention:

"A Rude Awakening?" by Steven Asay, Salish Kootenai College

"Why?" by Todd J. Brier, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College

"Maki's Plan" by Brandon LaMere, Little Priest Tribal College

"Son" by Claudell Martin Tacheene, Diné College


Top Three Entries

"A Crystal Clear Dream" By Mary Flatmouth, Little Big Horn College

"Homecoming" by Tamsen Star O'Berry, United Tribes Technical College

"Pollen Road of Life" by Brian Sloan, Navajo Technical College

Honorable Mention

"Love for an Alcoholic" by Kim Dickson, Leech Lake Tribal College

"Never Give Up" by Zachary Long, Navajo Technical College

"The Fight" by Staci Ann Kaye, Haskell Indian Nations University

"Motherless Intuition" by Rosanda Platero, Navajo Technical College



Top Three Entries

"Reservation Guide" by Darcy MedicineHorse, Salish Kootenai College

 "Nights 'Round Here Devour Us" by Anna Nelson, Institute of American Indian Arts

"The Place Where White Skies Are Formed" by Claudell Martin Tacheene , Diné College


Honorable Mention

"Ancestors' Revenge" by Tricia Fields, College of Muscogee Nation

"Sometimes Mountains Need to Cry" by Donna Hall, Institute of American Indian Arts

"The Five Short Loves" by Darcy MedicineHorse, Salish Kootenai College

"200 MPH Unicorn" by Steven Jared Whitfield, Haskell Indian Nations University


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