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Lost City Magic and
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Oklahoma: Bobby and Jeramy Neugin are professional magicians based in Lost City. The father and son team are the only Native American professional magicians in the world.

Their company's name is Lost City Magic.

The Neugins combine Cherokee stories with their magic.

“We’re Cherokee. And the only Cherokee magicians. We study our myths and legends to incorporate them,” Jeramy said. “

Several of their illusions come from Cherokee, N.C. area legends.

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“Giant waspers came out of a mountain and ate kids and elderly people, God made lightening strike the mountain so men could get in and burn the waspers,” Bobby said. “We have dirt from the mountain from which we produce live waspers.”

Other Lost City Magic stories include the Dragontail Mountain Range, the Smokey Mountains and the Devils Courthouse giant cyclops.

“The little people came here with the Cherokees from North Carolina, they come in and clean house," Bobby said.  "We have a straw from one of their old brooms which Jeramy turned into a figurine of a little person he can make stand up,” Bobby said.

The Neugins' offer a variety of original tricks and illusions in a wide range of formats: storytelling, mentalism,  paranormal recreations, parlor and stage magic, and more.  They perform at private and corporate events, weddings, schools, cultural shows, and other venues.

"We are known for never doing the same show twice, and every performance brings new illusions to our show," Jeramy Neugin says.  "People are wowed by what we’ve done. We do tricks that aren’t done in North America. We’ve studied magic from other magicians and other countries.”

Lost City Magic is a member of the Society of American Magicians. SAM includes famous magicians as Houdini, David Copperfield and Penn and Teller.

You have to be nominated,” Bobby said. “It felt good to receive this honor.

Perform your own Magical Illusion courtesy of Lost City Magic! 
Magical Illusion From Lost City Magic

Lost City Magic

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