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January 1, 2011 Volume 4

6 Sounds Humans Love Most
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1. Hydrotherapy
The sound of water has a great ability to calm our nerves and lull us to sleep. Water's relaxing effects --waterfalls, ocean waves, rainstorms -- may lie in their primal rhythms. These rhythms help people regulate their breathing, quiet their minds, and remember happy times they’ve spent in nature.

2. Snap, Crackle, Pop
Certain repetitive sounds have the opposite effect water does. Each sonic burst is a mini-pick-me-up. These noises include dry autumn leaves, hard-packed snow, loose gravel crunching underfoot, and bacon grease popping in a frying pan. The rhythm of these sounds are more staccato and invigorating.

3. Light My Fire
A crackling of a fire hypnotizes most people into a drowsy, quiet state. We may love fire sounds because of humans’ age-old fascination with fire. It was one of their first tools and helped them keep warm, cook their food, and even herd animals. It's also where humans gathered to socialize.

4. Laugh-In
An infant’s delighted squeals or a toddler’s giggles makes everyone smile. A child's joy is contagious; it frees adults from stress by reminding them of their innocent and carefree times. Parents feel reassured that their child is well and happy, and that they are making good child-rearing decisions.

5. Noise Pollution
One of the most healing sounds is white noise, a combination of all sonic frequencies playing at once. It's named after white light, which is a mixture of all colors. White noise absorbs background sounds and creates a steady, more calming buzz, like a fan or radio static. White noise helps one sleep, treats tinnitus, and helps one concentrate by blocking out distracting sounds.


6. And the Winner Is …
In 1935, Harvey Fletcher and W.A. Munson investigated human hearing. Theirs is the most renowned study of it's kind. They report that people’s favorite sound is the human voice. Our voice frequencies are 300-3,000 Hertz, the ideal range for our hearing.
The only question is, did our voices evolve to suit our ears, or was it the other way around?


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