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Pendleton blanket sales benefit American Indian fund
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Aicf 20th Anniversary- Martinez Blanket

Unnapped. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton.
Dry clean. Made in the USA. 64" x 80".

Legendary Southwest ceramic artist Maria Martinez (1887-1980) is renowned for her black-on-black pottery, re-creating an ancient art form until then seen only in museums.

In the Tewa pueblo of San Ildefonso, New Mexico, she was known for making the thinnest pots in the fastest amount of time. She shared her traditional techniques and skills with her family, her Pueblo and the world, in keeping with her belief that an individual could not succeed without supporting the group.

Maria Martinez won many awards and helped create both demand and respect for beautiful, well-made pottery. In doing so, she enabled others to make a living at the pueblo.

At the time of her birth, just thirty families lived within the pueblo of San Ildefonso. Today, artists and galleries in the area thrive as a testament to the legacy of Maria Martinez.

Colorado: Pendleton Woolen Mills has presented two financial gifts to support American Indian college education.

The first of more than $15,5000 was gifted to the American Indian College Fund. The money were raised from the sales of blankets designed for the AICF.  This money goes into the Pendleton Woolen Mills Tribal College Scholarship Program. This program offers scholarships to American Indian students in tribal colleges and universities in Washington and Montana.

The second gift of more than $83,800 will go to the Pendleton Endowment Tribal Scholars Program. This program   provides scholarships to Native students attending any U.S. tribal college or university.

Since 1995, Pendleton Woolen Mill's has helped more than 400 students pursue higher education.

"We are always inspired by the individual stories of struggle and triumph of the students who receive the scholarships," said Robert Christnacht, manager of the Pendleton Home Division.

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