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HEADLINES April 1, 2011

Noah Billie, Seminole

"The rule of indigenous environments: where there are indigenous peoples with a homeland, there are still biologically rich environments." Bernard Nietschman

Managing Water for the City of the Future
Volume 1   

 Fire and Ice: Melting Glaciers Trigger Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes

Global Temperatures (2500 BC to 2007 AD)

Amazon Drought: Greater Impact on Warming Than USA in a Year

Participate in the Largest Midwest Earthquake Drill

 Scientists: Solar Storm Could Have the Power of Katrina

The Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Plants

Now USDA Has Deregulated Genetically Engineered Bio Fuel Corn

Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct

 Volume 2  

Angel Goodrich: Finalist for V Foundation Comeback Award

Math & Science: Native Stem Students Too Few

 Native American Tribal Lands Could Produce 17.5 Kilowatt Hours of Electricity from Wind and Solar Power  

White House Education Officials Hear from Tribal Colleges

Pendleton Blanket Sales Benefit American Indian Fund  

Lunch Events Building Bridges Between Native and Non-Native Students at UM

John Gritts Selected as NIEA Elder of the Year

Volume 3

Navajo Man Helped Save the Environment

Henvey Inlet First Nation Snags Major Energy Contract

Svalbard Seed Vault to Take Peruvian Potato Samples

 After Big Drop in 2010, Monarchs Make Comeback

Irreplaceable --The World's Most Invaluable Species

Managing Water for the City of the Future

BP Payments May Not Save Indians' Livelihoods

 Volume 4   

Is That a Banana in Your Water?

Wearable Garden Creates Food For Bees

Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions

Garden Brings Ancient History to Life

Native Americans Use Art to Tell Our Stories

Barb Abramo 1943-2011

How Dumb Are We? 


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