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September 2010 Volume 4

2010 Native American Student Artist Competition Winners

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Indian Education has selected the winners of the 2010 Native American Student Artist Competition. This year's contest celebrated the importance of education in Indian communities.  Entries were to relate to the theme Bringing Honor Through Education.

817 students from 33 states submitted works in a variety of media. Submissions were judged in six different grade levels. Prizes were awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and every  student received a certificate of participation.

2010 Art Winners
Pre-K- Kindergarten
1st Place: “Buffalo School” by Gavin French (Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians), Kindergarten
2nd Place: Untitled by Cheyenna Tsosie (Navajo), Kindergarten
3rd Place: “Learning through Traditional Ceremonies” by Anthony LaFontaine (St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin), Kindergarten
Grades 1-3
1st Place: “Aiming For Our Future With Education” by Joah Fourkiller (Cherokee), 2nd grade
2nd Place: “Celebration of Tradition and Education” by Aubrey Brown (Cherokee), 3rd grade
3rd Place: “Learning in the Arms of Culture” by Ally Chambers (Cherokee), 2nd grade
Grades 4-6
1st Place:
“Our Future is on the Horizon” by Kylee Vaughan (Cherokee), 6th grade
2nd Place: “Cornerstone of Knowledge” by Caden Unger (Cherokee), 5th grade
3rd Place: “Student” by Xavier Herrera (Mohawk), 5th grade
Grades 7-8
1st Place: “Sequoyah's Dream Fulfilled” by Paige Fourkiller (Cherokee), 8th grade
2nd Place: “Sequoyah's Vision of Prosperity and Hope” by Mariah Hooper (Keetoowah), 8th grade
3rd Place: “The Crossroads of Higher Education” by Michelle Holiman (Cherokee), 7th grade
Grades 9-10
1st Place: “Growing in Education” by Lindamarie Wise (Creek/Seminole), 9th grade
2nd Place: “Gifts to Honor Our Ancestors” by Chelsea Roehl (Aleut/Chugach Native), 9th grade
3rd Place: “Spirit of Graduation” by Senobio Baltierra Jr. ( Pascua Yaqui), 9th grade
Grades 11-12
1st Place: “Traditions Passed Down” by Macklin Becenti (Navajo), 12th grade
2nd Place: “Bringing Honor Through Education” by Kurvin Aguilar (Santo Domingo Pueblo), 11th grade
3rd Place: “Teaching History” by Cara Martin (Cherokee), 11th grade

Honorable Mention
 “Passing on the Tradition” by Hayley Strom (Quinault), 12th grade
Untitled by Kelly Ponyah (Lakota/Hopi/Dine), 7th grade
“Mirrored Dancers” by Kristin Stalcup (Cherokee), 11th grade


2010 Writing Winners
Grades 6-8
1st Place: “My Honor, My Education” by Josiah Monk (Choctaw), 6th grade
2nd Place: “Education is a Life Long Journey” by Darian Meissner (Tlingit/Haida), 7th grade
3rd Place: “Education and Honor” by Desiree Lapahie (Navajo), 8th grade
Grades 9-10
1st Place: “Uncle Lloyd” by Autumn Billie (Navajo/Acoma/Taos), 10th grade
2nd Place: “Pueblo Girl” by Amber Lopez (Hopi/Pueblo), 10th grade
3rd Place: “Why Education is Important to Native Americans” by Lemanuel Loley (Navajo), 10th grade
Grades 11-12
1st Place: “Heart Learning” by Berdina Nieto (Santo Domingo/Kewa), 11th grade
2nd Place: “Proud Future” by Angel Brandstetter (San Ildefonso Pueblo), 11th grade
3rd Place: “Educational Rhythms” by Olivia Mermejo (Pojoaque Pueblo/Picuris Pueblo), 12th grade

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