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November 1, 2010, Volume 2

Native Musicians in the Groove
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Native Musicians in the Groove is a finalist in the Multicultural Non-Fiction Category of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.  It is geared for readers ages 9-16.

Ten musicians are highlighted: Gabriel Ayala, Shane Yellowbird, Crystal Shawanda, Mato Nanji, Michael Bucher, Blackfire, Leela Gilday, Jamie Coon, Mary Youngblood and Four Rivers Drum. Their music ranges from classical guitar to punk rock and  transcends borders and cultures. It speaks directly to the hearts and minds of listeners.

The author, Vincent Schilling, has ancestry with the St. Regis Mohawks. He is also the author of Native Athletes in Action and Native Men of Courage.

Native Musicians in the Groove is published by Book Publishing Company, an independent press located in Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.

Native Musicians in the Groove is part of Book Publishing's Native Voices and 7th Generation area. Native Voices  preserves the history, culture and stories of Native people. 7th Generation presents Native children’s books for a variety of age groups. Both areas highlight the beauty and wisdom of Native cultures and promote discussions of today's issues.

Check out Native Voices in the Groove!:

Visit the Native American Music Award to hear the musicians featured in Native Voices in the Groove:

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