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 MAY 1, 2010   VOLUME 3

Who Owns The Rights To The Food You Eat?
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Genetically Engineered (GE)
Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" seed line now accounts for 93% of soybeans and 82% of the corn produced in the U.S. However, people across the world are concerned about Roundup Ready, because the seeds are genetically engineered (GE).

Should you be worried?  In the U.S., we are depending on a single corporation for our food supply.  It's happening globally, as well:

More than 75% of the world's soybeans are now genetically modified.
More than  is 50% of cotton is GE.
Over 25% of maize (corn) is GE.
Seed prices have skyrocketed.
In 2009, Monsanto raised corn seed prices 32%.
2009, Monsanto raised soybean seed prices 24%.
 70% of Monsanto's revenue comes from the sales and licensing of seeds.

Those who support GMOs say:

They enable our planet to sustain 6,000,000,000 people.
They can help poor and unproductive farmers.

One of many concerns about GMO (genetically modified organism) crops is that it reduces boidiversity.  Like a billion computers on the same operating system, a billion plants with identical genes can be destroyed by one virus, (or fungi and bacteria.)
People are very concerned that control of our food would be given to a single firm. 

Should the world trust in a few mega-corporations for the food we eat? Many countries don't:

Chine has declined help from Western firms in favor of public research.
India has refused to give Monsanto approval to plant a GMO crop. They say the lack of public trust it and "inadequate" science.

Here in the U.S., the Obama administration is taking a closer look at the lack of competition in agriculture. This includes the dairy industry to livestock to commodity crops, like corn and soybeans." 

Monsanto has the right to profit from innovation and investment, but farmers and consumers are claiming rights, too. This includes the right to choose and control what they eat and grow. 

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