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 MAY 1, 2010   VOLUME 4

RezHeadz Entertainment presents "2010 Rezolution Tour" with rap artist "Smoke"
By Lailani Upham
Condensed by Native Village

Oklahoma: Jason Nichols (a.k.a., "Smoke,") is the first Native American hip-hop artist to reach the Top 10 music charts world-wide. 

He is also passionate about promoting wellness among Native students. When he told his record company that he wanted to work with Native youth, they said "It wasn't lucrative."

"I had a real feel to do something (for Native youth)," Jason said.  So he went independent and now performs in RezHeadz Entertainment's "2010 Rezolution Tour." 

Smoke says hip-hop is a portal that bridges gaps and gives the youth an upbeat outlook on change. His music preaches a message of wellness to students.

"It is my goal to provide our young people with a message that not only inspires and motivates, but also shows that through dedication and perseverance anything is possible," he said.

Jason's RezHeadz tours are making history. Last year's tour, "Motivation On The Rezervation," covered over 120 Native communities across the U.S. and reached nearly 100,000 Native peoples. Smoke says they are just getting started.

"This year we have implemented several new programs that not only inspire and motivate, but also challenge our youth to take action and become leaders," Nichols said. "Here at RezHeadz we have found a way to tap into the core of the subculture and educate to a new tune."

Most of Nichols time is spent in South Dakota. His work deals with:

suicide prevention
 gang intervention and prevention,
 one-on-one mentoring
 employability skills
art of entrepreneurship
economic development in Indian country
 team building

Nichols' performs for schools, organizations, and events. He is known as a dynamic artist and contagious motivational speaker. Smoke engages and inspires his audiences with humor and clarity.

Nichols' RezHeadz Entertainment company also promotes other native entertainers and athletes. One is the comedy tour, "Going Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam."  "Going Native" is now airing on Showtime


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