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 MAY 1, 2010   VOLUME 2

Pendleton Launches Endowed Scholarship Program with American Indian College Fund
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Oregon: Pendleton Woolen Mills has donated $39,000 to establish an endowed scholarship program.  This scholarship gives financial help to Native students attending one of the 33 tribal colleges in the U.S.

The American Indian College Fund (AICF) partnered with Pendleton for the endowed scholarship.

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Pendleton also manufactures blankets for the American Indian College Fund. Royalties from these sales go to the Pendleton Woolen Mills Tribal College Scholarship Program. This program supports American Indians students at:

Northwest Indian College Blackfeet Community College
Fort Peck Community College Little Big Horn College
Chief Dull Knife College Salish Kootenai College
Stone Child College Fort Belknap College

The Bishop family is in its sixth generation of managing Pendleton Woolen Mills. Since the mill opened in 1909, their company has woven hundreds of thousands of

Daughters of the Earth Blanket

trade blankets purchased by American Indians. They continue to weave Pendleton jacquard fabric for Indian Trade Blankets.

"Our heritage is integrally tied to the Native American," says Mort Bishop II from Pendleton Woolen Mills. "They were our first customer. Our remarkable friendship over 10 decades is one that we hold with respect and appreciation. Pendleton blankets are woven for an entire culture, which gives us both tremendous pride and responsibility. This new scholarship fund is one way we can continue to help young people in tribal colleges around the country become stronger through a quality education."

"We are thrilled that Pendleton Woolen Mills has chosen to expand its commitment to American Indian education by establishing an endowed scholarship program," said Richard B. Williams from the American Indian College Fund. "Pendleton is known throughout Indian Country for its commitment to making quality blankets and apparel, and it continues to build on that reputation for its commitment to a quality, culturally based education for Indian people."

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