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 MAY 1, 2010   VOLUME 4

New book catalogs Louisiana French
By Judy Bastien
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  • Brown: French or Cajun French spoken by 2030% of the parish population.

  • Red: French or Cajun French spoken by 1520% of the parish population.

  • Orange: French or Cajun French spoken by 1015% of the parish population.

  • Yellow: French or Cajun French spoken by 410% of the parish population.
    French or Cajun French spoken by less than 4% of the parish population.

A new book has been released called The Dictionary of Louisiana French: As Spoken in Cajun, Creole and American Indian Communities. Nine editors and researchers spent 10 years compiling the 892-page book.

Since the book's release, people have begun contacting the editors to report new and old words and phrases 

"The interesting thing coming out very quickly, with 10 years of research, is that
there's still a lot out there," said Amanda LaFleur, assistant editor. "The dictionary has stimulated conversations and reminded people of other words."

The project also affirms Louisiana French as a true and legitimate language, despite its differences from modern standard French,

"It's not just preserving French," said Barry Ancelet, an expert on Cajun folklore. "It's preserving French for this context, the way we use it."

Grants from several organizations helped keep publishing costs down to make the book affordable.  Louisiana French editors also declined their royalties, As a result, Louisiana French is flying off the shelves.

Dictionary of Louisiana French


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