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Native Americans to Welcome World Christian Conference in June 2010
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Jeff Yellowhair - Kiowa

Michigan: A global gathering of churches will be held on June 18-28, 2010 at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Planners for the World Communion of Reformed Churches are inviting Native Americans to participate in a special pow wow planned for Tuesday, June 22 at Ah-Nab-Awen Park .

The pow wow is one of several Native activities planned for the 10-day global meeting.  Native Americans will provide exhibits, conduct a talking circle, and participate in workshops scheduled for conference delegates. A prominent Native American will be invited to present a keynote address at one of the sessions.

The gathering's theme is "Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace. " One thousand people from 250 churches and more than 100 countries will attend.  Among the international delegates will be indigenous peoples from other countries. The planning committee hopes the Native American community will welcome all guests to this land on behalf of North America's indigenous peoples..

The Goals of the Native American involvement include:

increasing the international profile and visibility of Native American peoples, culture, and traditional spirituality;
* providing information for delegates who deal with indigenous rights and social justice issues;
* providing opportunities for the local community to join in this international celebration of indigenous culture.

Levi Rickert from the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation will be coordinating the Native American events. Levi is the former executive director of the North American Indian Center of Grand Rapids. He is now president of Wamimi, Inc., an American Indian-owned consulting company.

"This world conference will allow us to accurately showcase who we - as American Indians - are in contemporary times to delegates from around the globe," said Rickert. "I am pleased the conference planners reached out to our community and am excited to be an event planner to this conference."

The Reverend Mike Peters from the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians will also help with preparations. Peters is the Ogimaw of the Four Fires Ministries.

"I am honored to be asked to be an event planner for our participation in this historic event. My desire is that the world, not only see the beauty of our culture, but that they hear our unity on the critical issues we face as American Indians," Reverend Peters said.

For further information:
Mr. Levi Rickert 616/299-7542
The Rev. Mike Peters 616/855-6311

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