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 MAY 1, 2010   VOLUME 4

National Museum of the American Indian Announces Eight Recipients of the Visual and Expressive Arts Program
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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian named the eight recipients of the 2010 Visual and Expressive Arts Program. The award supports arts activities that increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of today's Native American arts.

The museum received 38 applications requesting a total of nearly $500,000. The award recipients were selected by a panel of museum staff and outside experts.

Exhibitions and Publications

“Pieces of Home”
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Wash
The exhibit addresses the concept of "home." It features mixed media, wallpaper, traditional basket weaving, painting, video and performance and installation art.
 The artists are:
Sarah Sense ( Chitimacha )
Maria Hupfield ( Wasauksing )
Kade Twist ( Cherokee )
Jason Lujan ( Chiricahua Apache )
Kimowan McLain ( Cree ), Nicholas Galanin (Cherokee )
Merritt Johnson (Mohawk/Blackfoot )

 “It Wasn’t the Dream of Golden Cities”
Museum of Contemporary Native Arts,  Santa Fe, N.M.
Supports the creation of a site installation for the 400th-anniversary celebration Santa Fe's  founding. The exhibit is on behalf of the indigenous people who are the original stewards of this land.
Installations/exhibitions are by:
 Kade Twist ( Cherokee )
Steven Yazzie ( Laguna/Navajo )
 Raven Chacon ( Navajo ), Nathan Young
(Delaware/Kiowa/Pawnee )

“American Indian Women Artists: Beyond Craft”
Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside, CA
This art reflects American Indian traditions of women’s work.
The artists are:
Anita Fields ( Osage )
Teri Greeves ( Kiowa )
Pat Courtney Gold ( Wasco )
Margaret Wood ( Navajo/Seminole )

"Art Without Reservation”
Museum of Arts and Design in New York City
The series honors the centuries-old Native heritage of the visual arts as part of everyday life, yet challenges traditional stereotypes. The catalog highlights 100-150 new works by contemporary Native American artists. 


Expressive Arts

Cherokee National Theatre Company
Rebecca Hobbs ( Cherokee ) and Roy Hamilton (Cherokee ) will collaborate on 14 original songs and music to accompany a musical play called 
"Nanyehi." Nanyehi is the true story of Cherokee Beloved Woman, Nancy Ward. Ward became a Warrior Woman and a Cherokee leader in the 18th century.

Bronx, New York City
Funding will help co-produce "The Return of the Condor," the life and legacy of Manuel Quintin Lame, Lame was an indigenous Colombian rebel from the early 20th century. Coopdanza and Cristina Cortes will produce an interdisciplinary performance art and dance-sound-video installation.
 Kapalakiko Hula School
San Francisco
Patrick Makuakane and Puakea Nogelmeiera will begin a new dance theater work featuring specially commissioned chants and songs in the Hawaiian language. Kapalakiko will celebrate the historical connection between Hawai’i and the city.
Dancing Earth Creations
Santa Fe, N.M., w
Funds will help develop a improvisation for its large-scale work, Of Bodies Of Elements. “Invokation” will balance performance practices with the ritual roots of Native dance. Dancer/choreographer Rulan Tangen will work with indigenous collaborators.

Visit the museum’s website at this summer for information about next year’s awards.


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