Oral Roberts' Last Sermon Delivered To Local Native American Church
by Jeffrey Smith
Condensed by Native Village

Oklahoma: Oral Roberts' crusades took him around the world, but his final sermon was delivered at a tiny Native American church in rural Tulsa County.

He had come to Oklahoma ago for the inauguration of Oral Roberts University's new president. Afterwards, he insisted on traveling to Morning Star Church of All Nations, a tiny Native American church in Hectorville. His visit was unannounced.

"Everyone was just taken aback; you could see it on their faces," Pastor Negiel Bigpond said.

Oral Roberts was a fan of Bigpond's book on Indian women, called Women Warriors. He wanted to meet  with Bigpond to discuss their ancestry.

"He was proud of his blood; he kept saying I'm very proud of my bloodline, my Cherokee blood," Bigpond said.

Pastor Bigpond was hoping Oral would talk for an hour. Instead, Roberts stayed for three. 

"When I entered the building, the presence of God filled my soul," Roberts explained.

Bigpond was deeply moved. "It was just like was unloading volumes and volumes of experience and motivation. Not a speech, but wisdom and knowledge.

The Morning Star congregation honored Oral Roberts by presenting him with the Warrior's Robe. They told Roberts that there's no greater Warrior than what you've done for Christ.

For the members of this Native-American church, it was an experience they'll never forget.  "Him coming here was an honor, him coming here was a way of thanking the native people,"  Bigpond said.