Rosetta Stone releases Chitimacha language
Condensed by Native Village

Louisiana: Rosetta Stone Inc. has released the Chitimacha language version of Rosetta Stone® software. The software will be used exclusively by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana. The last fluent Chitimacha speaker died in 1940, but the tribe is trying to revive its language.

Rosetta Stone teaches new languages by linking their meanings and structures to real world objects and events without translation.

“We are honored that the Rosetta Stone Endangered Language Program can help the Chitimacha reclaim a piece of their heritage and cultural identity,” said Marion Bittinger, program manager. “We are optimistic our work with indigenous groups will be a step toward reversing the tide of global language extinction.”

The Chitimacha Cultural Department began its language revitalization program in 1997 with recordings and field notes made by linguist Morris Swadesh in the 1930s.  The information enabled some tribal members to immerse themselves in their language, its structure, and the difficult sequences of sounds. This working knowledge carried over into the Rosetta Stone project development.

The Chitimacha Tribe owns exclusive distribution rights to the Chitimacha language software.

Chitimacha Word Set

English ( French Chitimacha
One  Un Unku
Two Deux Upa
Three  Trois Kahitie
Four  Quatre Meca
Five Cinq Hussa
Man Homme Asi or Panš
Woman  Femme Kitca
Dog  Chien Waxni or Kiš
Sun  Soleil Tcaa
Water Eau Ku