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 APRIL 1, 2010 Volume 2

Seeking high-achieving, low-income Native American high school juniors
By Eva Thomas
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Native American students are in high demand at America's top colleges and universities. Questbridge is helping Native students attend those colleges.

QuestBridge is a nonprofit program that links low-income students with educational opportunities. They provide the National College Match program for high school seniors and the College Prep Scholarship for juniors.“

“We want to diversify the type of students who apply to our programs. Native Americans are a group of students who are desired by colleges,” said Taylor Altman from Questbridge. “Our partner colleges are looking to increase the number of Native Americans applying for admission, and we are trying to facilitate these efforts.”

QuestBridge often works with organizations such as the Bureau of Indian Education. They offer brochures, make phone calls, and send letters and e-mails encouraging students to apply for QuestBridge programs.

QuestBridge has partnerships with 27 colleges and universities throughout the country

QuestBridge efforts are proving successful:

In 2008, there were 36 Native American applicants. This represented 0.8% of the total National College Match applicant pool.
In 2009, there were 539 Native American applicants. This represented 3.5% of the total applicant pool.
In 2010 there are 79 Native American finalists for the National College Match, -- 59 more than in 2009.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the increase of Native American applicants to the National College Match,” Altman said. “This year, we had 11 Native American students who were offered admission and full scholarships to our partner colleges.”

QuestBridge receives 5,000 - 6,000 applicants for the National College Match program each September. The 11 Native American students in this year’s National College Match come from Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and Washington state.

Questbridge encourages Native youth to apply for the 2010 College Prep Scholarship. The CPS enables high-school juniors to attend summer programs, admissions counseling, conferences, and all-expense-paid campus visits.

Other awards are available through Questbridge including a Native American Award for students wanting to preserve their tribal traditions and heritage. 

National College Match program
Pairs outstanding low-income high school seniors with admission and full scholarships to the nation’s top colleges.m

 College Prep Scholarship:
Helps outstanding low-income juniors who want to apply to top-tier colleges.”

Native American Award
For students wanting to preserve their tribal traditions and heritage.

Other Quest for Excellence Awards

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