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 APRIL 1, 2010 Volume 3

The Pentagon Launches Plan to Master Lightening
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In Greek mythology, it was a weapon of war. Now the U.S. military is looking to tame lightning.

The Pentagon's new project, NIMBUS seeks to understand


How lightening  starts,
How it grows,
How it travels across such great distances,
 Where it will strike.


Scientists consider lightening one of the major unsolved mysteries in the atmospheric sciences. Lightning is dangerous and destructive. Strikes cause over $5,000,000,000 in damages each year.  NIMBUS hopes to find way to protect against those damages.

In the past, Pentagon officials showed interest in lightning, including "ball lightning." The Pentagon has funded  efforts looking at whether ball lightning could be used as a weapon. They also funded work to create a "lightening gun" -- a weapon that shoots bolts of electricity.

One company has already built a prototype of a lightning gun. They named it "Stun Strike."

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