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 APRIL 1, 2010 Volume 4

Governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford Announce “Milagro at Los Luceros” Initiative

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New Mexico: Governor Bill Richardson Robert Redford will collaborate on a unique project called “Milagro at Los Luceros.” The focus will be on training programs in the film, arts, and the environment fields. Programs begin this spring and include labs, workshops, and discussions. They will operate year-round.

The State's Department of Cultural Affairs, Film Office and Redford are working together on the project.  Redford is an acclaimed filmmaker and environmental activist.

“It’s extraordinary for a person the caliber of Robert Redford to collaborate with state government to create a new kind of initiative that will address film and film arts as they relate to jobs and jobs training,” said Governor Richardson. “It’s a great gift from Robert Redford to the state of New Mexico.”

“I have always wanted to explore new ways to enable underrepresented voices- Native American and Hispanic in particular- to tell their own stories in their own ways on their own turf,” said Mr. Redford. “I also believe in arts as an economic driver, and I look forward to helping a new generation of storytellers prove that with me and with the state of New Mexico.”

The project headquarters will be in Los Luceros which is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The state's Department of Cultural Affairs owns and operates the 148-acre property.  Its historic nature and integrity are being preserved for cultural, artistic, environmental, and educational activities.

The name “Milagro at Los Luceros” refers to “The Milagro Beanfield War,” the 1988 film directed by Mr. Redford. It was  shot on location in Truchas, New Mexico.

Programming Launch, April 2010
Events will include:
Screenings of The Milagro Beanfield War
A low-rider parade celebrating the film
An art contest to design the Milagro logo

Writing Workshops:
Spring, Summer and Fall, 2010
“Designed Obstacles”
One-day story workshops under the creative direction of award-winning Screenwriter Joan Tewkesbury
A 5-day Magical Realism Screenwriter's Lab
Using themes of Native American, Hispanic and African American culture.
A Screenwriter's Lab and Native Intensive Lab
For scripts written for New Mexico landscape and using themes in Native, Hispanic or magical realism. Under the Direction of Chris Eyre
Actor's Lab
Working with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) under the Creative Direction of Robert Redford.
It is the first Actor's Lab designed specifically for Native and Hispanic actors. It will be used as a national training model for diverse populations.
One-day Audition Workshops
Held around the state to develop and enhance auditioning skills.

Think Tanks
osting creative thinkers and leaders from inside and outside the film industry to design a marketing and distribution plan.
A Visual Paradigm for the Brain: The Camera as Storyteller"
Academy Award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler discusses the science behind filmmaking.  
 Gathering of native filmmakers
August 2010
For those attending the Smithsonian’s Annual Native Showcase during Indian Market.
public screenings and discussion programs  
Gatherings on the topics of science, health and the environmental, falling within the Los Luceros mission and guidelines will also be developed.

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