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March 1, 2009 Issue 195 Volume 4


Michael Bucher’s ‘Dirty Water’ music video delivers strong message
By Vincent Schilling
Condensed by Native Village

 Virginia: Cherokee musician Michael Bucher has released a music video from a track on his independent album “Seven” titled, “Dirty Water.”

Dirty Water delivers a straightforward message: The popular Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota is causing Mato Paha, also known as Bear Butte Mountain, to deteriorate.  Mato Paha has been a sacred ceremonial site to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota people for generations.

Bucher, who still speaks and understands his Cherokee language, had an uncle who told him to “protect the sacred sites and burial grounds of our people.”  Michael took his uncle’s words to heart when he became a musician. He uses his talent to educate and raise awareness about the desecration of sacred lands, prayer mounts and gravesites.

“Even though Indian country has come a huge distance, if we don’t continue to protect what is right for all of us and educate all who we can, no one else will,” Bucher, said.

Bucher explains that he is not against anyone that owns a motorcycle. He himself has ridden one for 30 years. “I’m not anti-biker. I’m just anti-anyone who doesn’t see and act on the significance of Bear Butte as a sacred site and behave accordingly.”

Bucher does not suspect Sturgis will ever suspend or discontinue the motorcycle rally. He just wants  Bear Butte Mountain to receive the respect and reverence it deserves.  He remains optimistic.

 “I spent a few days in South Dakota out on the streets and literally passed out flyers," Bucher said. "The bikers there were extremely respectful.  Of course, as I was leaving, The Broken Spoke, (a local hangout for bikers) which is near the base of Bear Butte, was packed. But, there will always be hope.”

Bucher’s Dirty Water video has received national recognition, including a nomination for Best Short Form Video at the 2008 Native American Music Awards. In 2007, his album, "Seven" received two NAMA  nominations and was a multiple nominee and winner at the Native-E Music Awards last September.

 Michael Bucher:


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