Native Village Youth and Education News
February 1, 2009 Issue 194 Volume 4

Bordear 2005
Oil on canvas
Carlos Jacanamijoy, Inga (Columbia)
"I heard a wise woman talk at a conference. She spoke of being removed from her culture, unplugged from it, disconnected and set aside like an old toaster. But she was always a toaster and the day came when someone plugged her back in and the electricity flowed. She became functional again - and the tool of her reawakening was her language." Richard Wagamese. Ojibway


Rabbit and Bear Paws Wins IMAGINENATIVE Award

Nottaway Tribe Honored with Painting

Amazon Deforestation Drops in late 2008

New Pink Lizard Found on Galapagos Islands

Large Crowds, Bald Eagles Flock to Keokuk

Native Solar Power Lights up US Military

American Indian Composers Go Classical

Native Americans Outraged Over Twilight Action Alert

Akwesasne Team Wins Rising Stars Division

Brewers, Potawatomi Announce New Deal


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