Celebrating the Rich, Diverse Cultures of The Americas' First Peoples
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August, 2015
Opportunities Highlights

Animas/San Juan Rivers Water Prayer
Santa Fe Indian Market
Protecting Tribal Children and Tribal Culture
Indigenous Music Awards
2015 Native Youth Health Summit
The Indigenous Peoples World Games
International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums
USFW Wetland Restoration Grants
Unity of Nations: Contemporary Interpretations of Native Arts
Tribal Climate Adaptation Workshop
Black Hills Unity Concert
Seeds of Native Health Capacity Grants
Libraries Highlights

Saving Worms And Making Dirt
Indian Ag YouTube Channel
Digitalized Historic Tribal Newspapers
This Is What Michael Jackson Sounds Like In Quechuan
Environmental Impact Of Federal Recognition Of American Indian Nations
Zona Loans Arrow
Bobby C Billie Addresses European Invasion
Waabooz: Birth Of An Ojibwe Superhero
Gathering of Plants/Plant Parts By Federally Recognized Indian Tribes For Traditional Purposes
Practice Lakota On Facebook
Resiliency Among the Salmon People
Five Fascinating Facts About Redwoods
2015 Memorial Event honoring Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo
August 20, 2015
Deadline: August 16, 2015
Janesville, WI
Join us in Janesville, or share a message on this special day.
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Grandmothers Council
Official Internet Youth Forum
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Other Women Elders in the Grandmothers' Circle:

Wilma Mankiller,  Gloria Steinem,  Tenzin Palmo,    
Luisah Teish,   Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi,   
Carole Moseley-Braun,   Alice Walker,
Helena Norberg-Hodge  

For the Next  7 Generations
 Documentary Film about The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Native Village Resources
Native Voices ART GALLERY
Art And wisdom
words from the circle
Native Quotes
Native village news Archives 
opportunities archives

 Inspiration Highlights
What Does It Take To Be An Elder?

 More Military Honors for the Leader family
Iroquois Constitution

Messages From the People Highlights

Sovereignty: Teacher Background Information
the extinction of languages
Happy Birthday Song in Cherokee
The History of Sherman Indian High School
Fast Facts for Teachers
Talking to Your Children's Teacher about Cultural  Relevance
Native Education 101


editorials  Highlights

Top Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth

This Month in Native American History 
By Phil Konstantin

Blackberry Patches Moon

Acorn Bread Moon

Inupiaq culture
By Mary Anniagruk Sage
Messages to Youth from Leonard Peltier
 Supporting the Leonard Peltier Defense offense Committee
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"For the Next 7 Generations" Film
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" Wings & Seeds: The Zaagkii Project"
Native Plants and Pollinator Protection Initiative

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National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture
American Indian Center Indianapolis
"Native American Teens: Who we are"
(Nickelodeon/ PBS)

Rabbit and Bear Paws
graphic novels
 Featured in American Indian Report magazine YANAN-HP

You are not alone network 

Tribal College Journal of American Indian higher education
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Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary (In Support)

bronitsky and associates
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Catching the Dream scholarships
Formerly "The Native American Scholarship Fund
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Native American Music Awards
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